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I am talking about the FRIG.  I did a search and found that tomatoes are meant to stay on the counter.  Ha., didn't know that.  I knew that about bananas, squashes, onions and potatoes, garlic, etc.  Seems that all other fruits (including dates) are supposed to be in the refrigerator.  Is that true?  I am calling out for your experience and expertise, folks, as my frig is PACKED.  

Love and light,


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Well I'm not sure what's best for the fruit but I only keep my berries, kiwis, and lemons in the fridge. I keep my pears, bananas, apples, melons, and peaches on the counters or in paper bags on the counters. I've tried keeping pears and bananas in the fridge away from fruit flies but it just slowed the ripening process so I had to take them out, and they ended up really ugly. 

Right, I leave the watermelons out of the fridge, until I cut it open and if I don't eat the whole thing (which I usually don't), I put it cut up in bowls covered in the fridge.  That makes sense to me to keep doing.  But I did put melons (the smaller canteloupes, etc) in the fridge... Out they go.  Thanks!

I keep most fruits out and veggies in.  Only fruits I refrigerate are berries and already ripe fruits.  Keeping unripe fruit in the fridge messes with the ripening process.

How does it mess with the ripening process?

Read this article on ripening and refrigeration.  It explains why some fruits should be kept out.    

Fruit is not "supposed" to be in the frig, lol.  Where do you think it grows??  In the hot sun!  What about before refrigerators and other forms of artificial preservation existed?  If you go to a farmer's market, they are standing outside for hours in the heat with their product...and before that it was sitting out in the field....

Yeah, some things will last longer and won't necessarily sacrifice be negatively affected if kept in the frig, but there isn't any produce that NEEDS to be refrigerated.  Having said that, the items that will change texture and lose flavor if refrigerated are just as you noted: tomatoes, onions (spring onions and scallions are usually alright), potatoes, avocados, naners.  I guess the first things I would take out of the frig if I needed more room would be tropical items like pineapple, mango, papaya, kiwi, and then melons for sure.  The only things I refrigerate are greens and berries because they are so perishable.

Basically if you want to postpone the ripening process, stick it in the frig, if you want to speed it up, keep it out....or if you prefer eating cold fruit, which apparently some people do :P

Hope this helps  :)

Thanks so much.  That is exactly what I was thinking today, why I posted this question...  I was thinking, "hey, I didn't buy the fruit from a refrigerated section of a store, so why do I need to refrigerate it now?"  Then I searched the net and learned what I did about tomatoes, but what you said here rings true for me.

I can see why the need would be to refrigerate now...if one is afraid it will go bad too soon (is that EVER a problem for people who eat so much so fast that they run out?)...or if one likes it cold (which I have noticed that my preference changes...especially if it is summer or winter.  Brrr, couldn't imagine wanting cold ANYTHING then!  

But...the mangoes were taking FOREVER to ripen...because I have them in the fridge?  Ha.  Amazed the insanity, giggle.  Really. Ha.

The herbs were in a fridged section, so were the veggies in Whole Foods Market, so they can stay in the fridge.

Really, THANKS.  

+1 Poppy, 

Great minds think alike. I said a similar thing about farmer's markets!  I love the smell of a farmer's market too:-D

Peace, PK

So, I was browsing past posts from Raw Vegan Life on Facebook and found this image:

If we think about it, when we go to a farmer's market, no produce is refridgerated and smells so good exposed to sun and or natural air!  

Most of my produce stays out except lettuce greens and or very ripe berries I am not ready to eat.  Even then, most of the time, my berries stay out.  I eat the most ripe or spoilable items first.  

If a fruit needs more ripening like tomatoes, I keep them on the table in front of a sunny window.  

For the ripe and ready fruits, I have a cool dark pantry.  I like to store produce in wicker weaved baskets and or boxes with holes or openings to allow circulation of air and to inhibit moisture buildup, rotting, and or mold growth.  

My staples are bananas of course, apples, and oranges.  The apples and oranges can be stored for weeks at a time.  

Dates are my vegan candy and I can store them up to three months at a time in a sealed container in the pantry.  

Peace, PK

Ok, I made this list:

Counter fruits until ripe, then frig few days are:
Stone Fruit (peaches, pluots, nectarines, plums, Apricots etc)

Harvested ripe, will not get riper/sweeter - so put directly into frig:
Apples (coldest part of frig)
Berries, cherries, grapes, figs

Ripen on counter - no need to frig:

Dates <- can be frig or not, depending on preference

i haven't used a fridge in 2 years.   needless on this lifestyle.

at the most i just have a pan of water to soak the base of leafy greens that i clean every few days.

i say nothing belongs in a fridge.



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