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so about 10 months ago, i started this lifestyle. before that, i was on the anti candida diet my naturopath had prescribed. i was on that diet for around 10 months. for about 8 of those months, she prescribed to me a herbal tincture that i would take morning and night with food. the herbs were cascara sagrada, wormwood, and pau d'arco. i would wake up with stomach pains every morning needing the toilet. 

long story short, i started the HCLF vegan lifestyle, and at first was going to the toilet after breakfast and lunch, and it was great. my skin was never dry, always smooth, no pimples or bumps. after a couple of months, it all changed. my digestion became terrible, i was constipated, and started getting pimples again.

this has been going on for months now, and I've tried EVERYTHING, thinking i was doing something wrong with my diet/water intake/sleep patterns etc. NOTHING has fixed it. some days ar better than others, and ill go to the toilet once  a day for a couple of days, in turn my skin gets a bit better (therefore I've related the two). but i still don't go often enough, and i still have days where, for no reason that i can come up with, i just won't go to the toilet, then its a cycle and it will be a couple more days of constipation. its all a cycle that gets better and worse as you can imagine.

anyway, just recently I've put two and two together - could the laxatives from months ago be causing this? could my body have become dependant and now, no matter all the right things i do, im still constipated?

if this is the case, im wondering if anyone knows, 1) how much longer do i have to suffer?! 2)is there anything i can do to regain my intestinal muscles that keep things working? 3) .... i just need HELP! Lol, this has driven me crazy for months. im sick of preaching such a healthy vegan lifestyle and when people look at me I've got acne, dry skin and a belly full of poo! ugh.... yuck :(

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8 months of laxatives could definitely have caused some damage to your body's natural digestion process. I suffered from an eating disorder back in high school (8 years ago) and my digestion has still never been the same. There are days when I don't poop. Sometimes two days. With the massive amounts of fruit, veg, and fiber I eat, I know diet isn't the issue. I've always wondered if I have IBS. However, some people just go less often than others, and once a day is normal for some. There's no way of telling how much longer you have to suffer, but I can say that fiber is great for strengthening digestion. So, eat as much as you can! Obviously you are if you're on raw till 4. Perhaps include oats and beans in your diet too- those will give your intestines a good workout. :)



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