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So i went to the market last saterday to get some more persimmons but they only had the large one's. I didnt mind, i thought great! bigger the better. But they take forever to ripen, i wonder if this is because my kitchen is very cold this time of year?

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persimmons take ages to ripen :(

<p>I've heard something about putting them in a paper bag with a banana that is ripening as this produces the natural gas ethylate which speeds up ripening times. I know this works with papayas and avo's. Maybe give that a go. :) 

great i will! thankyou :)

<p>I've just bought some beautiful large persimmons and I'm going to try it too, hope it works, don't want to wait, they are so sweet and lovely. :)

You CAN put them in the freezer for 8-10 hours and let them unthaw and they will be ripe. They are sweeter if allowed to ripen naturally, however, they are still delicious with the freezer method.

<p>I'll try that too and see how it works, thanks.

+1, you can freeze-thaw ripen them in no time.

cool! thanks for this tip!



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