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What do guys need to know to become the man that gets the girl he desires most?

What about a man makes you want to get to know him better? 

What do guys do that turn you on?

Answer any or all for the men here on 30 bad.

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Confidence, genuine kindness, outgoing, a handsome face. Not like every one else, a good sense of humor.. pretty much :P

well basically all the qualities I have -_o


I like men who are a bit shy, quiet, very kind, who are "different", who have humor and interesting things to say....

You know, i think it is going to be different for all women. We don´t always get attracted by the good guys or those who have lots of qualities. I think, the unconscious plays a big part in why we particularly like s.o, so we don´t necessarily know it ourselves.

I think you should focuse on being healthy , happy, and on discovering who you really are. Be yourself and you will attract women :-)

I agree, shy , different, probably because I feel different myself.  I appreciate when men listen to what I have to say and show a genuine interest in what I have to say.  

I agree with being healthy, happy and discovering who you are!  That's how I met my husband!  I dressed the way I wanted, wore my hair the way I wanted and was pretty much (finally) comfortable with myself! 

I will add that if that someone hasn't noticed you (noticeably) yet, it doesn't mean she wouldn't.  Just like at work, you have to let others know what's great about you!  Why would she be interested?  Invite her somewhere and have an intelligent discussion with her.  Then, LISTEN to what she has to say! 

Remember, you may just be attracted to her life energy and she might not really be appealing to you after all!  Whew, what a relief!  :)

Interest in health and wellness. Being vegan is a big one for me.

Confidence is the number one thing a guy can have that attracts me to him. It doesn't matter so much what he looks like or does for a living, as the amount of confidence he has in himself. It's an immediate attention grabber that I just can't throw off...even after we have left eachothers presence, his confidence has left its  imprint, and that alone makes me not be able to get him out of my head. Persistance is a twin brother to confidence, keep in mind. Just know the difference between properaly applying persistance and just being obnoxious and pushy.


Other things that turn me on to a guy is Honesty with himself and life in general, a keen sense of humor and a inner knowing not to ever take life too seriously, knows how to have fun, likes to try new things and keeps an open mind, has a big heart and a 'go-giver' attitude.....ofcourse good looks are a initial attention grabber and never hurt to have, but everything else I mentioned are much more important in the long run. Looks really only get someone so far if the character is not there to pick up the rest.


As far as specfics that turn me on is a guy with a laid back attitude. He will make known what he wants, but doesn't obsess over whether or not it will happen. The 'go-giver' also comes into play, if he puts himself fully into the act of giving, because he enjoys it and doesn't do it expecting something in return, that will make me want to give back to him 100x more.....this doesn't just apply to sex, it goes for everything. Other turn ons; Licking lips, nibbling on my ear, kissing my hands, up my arm to my neck are all immediate turn ons. As long as the setting and mood are right.

Nothing sexier than a man who knows how to take good care of himself, imo.  I've found that men who can take care of their own needs are good at loving others.

Also, as a Mom of 3, seeing a man who can be present and respectful with children a good sign.

What attracted me to my husband was his abilty to make me laugh no matter how angry I was, his incredible kindness - would always help even when he didn't have to - and his care and concern about me and our life together.  He's a keeper!  :-)

Kind to animals, funny, gentleman, outdoorsy (is that even a word?) but most of all, I can fall for any facial features or body type if the guy has the right voice.  The "right" voice is hard to describe for me, it doesnt have to be deep but that helps but it does have to resonate with me.  The "right" voice will make me melt and pretty much make me speechless!

His scent is a big one for me. I can smell it if he eats animal products and that's a major turn off. After that, his sense of humor, intelligence, his shine. Nothing more attractive than a man who takes care of himself. Strong convictions and living a life on purpose are also high on my list.

Absolutely Vicki! My girlfriends think I'm incredibly picky for wanting to be with a vegan guy but having been with meet eaters I have to say it turns my stomach, their saliva and emissions are a huge turn off. 



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