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Does anybody know if it's possible to find this fruit here in LA or even if someone is selling it online? I've heard so many great things about this rare gem but haven't come close to finding it. I believe it's currently in season and I'm desperate to try it!


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YES! I found one last month at the SuperKing Market (in Orange County). Super King caters to a middle eastern and Asian crowd. This is the only supermarket I've seen this fruit at. Try the middle eastern markets in your area, the fruit is totally worth it. When you find it, pick a firm one. Then let it sit on your counter until the bottom of the fruit becomes flat. I know this sounds weird but trust me. This will take about 4 days depending how warm your place is. Once the bottom is flat it's ready for the easy removal of the skin and delicious deep orange yumminess awaits inside. Good luck! It's definitely worth the hunt.

Thanks so much for the lead and the ripening tips! I've been trying to track this elusive little jewel for months. Definitely gonna try the Super king market, fingers crossed they still have it.



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