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Over a week ago, I crashed on my bike and bashed my knee on asphalt. It didn't hurt excruciatingly badly; it was just a bit road-rashed, as was to be expected, so I composed myself and continued biking (my friend and I were heading back to her house). When we got back, I cleaned it up a bit.

The next day, I woke up and, walking around on my leg a bit at first, decided that it'd be alright to run a few miles with my friend (I LOVE running). I was running slowly (my friend runs slower than I'm used to, since she's more distance than I am), and it didn't hurt, although my gait was off, of course. I didn't think that I had any knee injury at that point.

But after that, my knee got worse (for the next day or so). It got swollen and I limped more. I didn't realize that my knee might be a problem until I went home the next day. 

Now, more than a week after the incident, the swelling has (fortunately) gone down (almost completely), but I'm still limping and can't bend my knee, especially if I try to fully straighten it, without discomfort.  

I really, really, REALLY, hope that I don't have any problematic injuries having to do with cartilage or ligaments (etc.--but I doubt that there's any kind of bone injury, because the pain doesn't seem intense enough for that--I feel like I would've known if I'd fractured something). Does anyone have any experience with these kind of knee injuries? Is there a way that I can tell if I have a cartilage/ligament issue without seeing a doctor? (I hate going to the doctor, and I'm afraid that they'll either tell me to stay off it for a long amount of time, prescribe meds, or, if there's a serious issue, operate AND prescribe meds.) What should I do to help my leg heal (if that's possible), and when can I run/bike again? (I miss it! I've been kayaking and swimming with just my arms for exercise, but I feel like I'm not really getting enough, and my legs are my favorite muscles to use.) I know that it might be impossible to really answer this question, especially without being able to see/x-ray my knee, but I'm going to give it a try anyway.

Any comments, thoughts, or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

[Oh, also (if it makes a difference): I've had a knee injury once before, although I'm not sure which knee it was in. I fell off a bike (haha) when I was younger (I don't know, eight or something??) and strained (stretched?) a ligament. But I'm pretty sure that those can heal?]

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It is probably time to see a doctor.  While we here at 30BaD do not advocate unnecessary doctors and or medications, we do advise people to seek medical care in medical emergencies.  90% of doctor visits are unnecessary, but they are necessary 10% of the time.  

If anything is torn or broken, you may be damaging it further.  

If you are having a medical emergency, please contact your local emergency personal and or seek and accept professional medical help.  30Bananas a Day is not a substitute for professional care.  


Now to facilitate healing:

Stop training the injured parts.

Make sure you are getting enough rest 8-12hours a day.  

Drink plenty of water to wash away toxins.

Eat a mono meal or two a day of oranges and or cherries.  These are great for building and repairing tissues, calcium for bones health, anti pain, and anti inflammatory.  

Eat 2+ pounds of greens a day to build strong bones and stay alkaline:


Good luck and peace, PK

Thank you for the advice! I'm eating cherries as I type this. :) Also, I've scheduled an appointment at an orthopedic (although the only one on our insurance plan is apparently less-than-great). I hope that it goes well, and that nothing is seriously wrong! 

Oh, and another thing: Since I can't use my leg, I've only been kayaking or swimming (just arms) for exercise. I feel like I'm not getting enough. Does anyone have any other ideas for cardiovascular workouts not involving the use of legs? :)


The good news is on this diet being low fat, focusing on cardio may not be as important as resting  your injured parts right now.  Cardio fitness is about 90% low fat proper diet and keeping the blood stream clear, and 10% exercise.  

To stay toned, 

You might be able to find some yoga or belly dancing dvds at your local library.  Both forms can help with toning.  Some of the belly dancing moves keep the arms above the level of the heart which can increase heart rate without running, jumping, etc.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

Whoa, I didn't know that diet had so much more impact on heart health than exercise! That's awesome (although, of course, I'll still run and bike in the future--I love those activities SO much, and it helps me de-stress). (:

I'll look into the DVDs. I actually already have a yoga DVD that I've never used (I meant to get into yoga, but I never followed through). 



I m Physiotherapist. First of all, PK is right in all. See the Doctor.

There are mainly 4 possibilities 1. one meniscus is damaged 2. some ligaments are dameged 3. the kneecap is broken. 4. nothing serious (what I hope)

If its 1 or 2 you dont see anything on the xray, so dont wast time with that get a mrt, there you can see all (do it even if its expensive) in this case a operation can be necessary. But from what you describe I dont think it is one of them.

It could be possible your kneecap got a crack (if it would be fully broken you couldnt walk). In this case just let it heal... -its not very dramatik it just needs some time.

Probably it will be 3 or 4. but just in case take the pictures!

And there is no reason taking drugs anyway...

Good luck!


Thanks a ton, Olly, for that information and advice. It's just what I was looking for. :)  I'm glad that it at least doesn't sound like anything serious to you. I'll make sure that the orthopedic takes an MRT and not an x-ray (if anything at all)--although honestly I don't know if I'll be able to get it if the insurance doesn't cover it. 

I have one question, if possible to answer: how long does repairing a crack in the knee-cap generally take? (At least, before a person can walk around and do physical activity with it.)


the standard advice for resting with a simple bone injury in Germany is 6 weeks. Usually in 4 weeks its solid. To get sure the doctor advice is 2 weeks more. This would be for sport, (means jumping, running,..). Of cours its also depending how big the crack is.

The other thing is, your body got a perfect warning system against damage. Its called pain. So listen to your body carefully what you should and can do. You can even learn a lot about your body of injuries http://feldenkraisblog.com/about-dr-moshe-feldenkrais/ . Also Dr Douglas Graham said a injury is a opportunity to train things you normally neglect.

Best wishes,


I think that pain might be a good indicator of whether or not it's ready to work, but when I first injured it, I ran (slowly--as said above, I was with a friend) three or so miles and it didn't hurt a bit. I wonder why it didn't hurt at first? I thought maybe it was because there aren't many nerves wherever I hurt it, but if that's the case, I guess that pain wouldn't be a good indicator? I don't have much pain now--I just can't quite fully unbend my leg; it feels like it can't "stretch" that far, and when I unbend it it feels kind of stingy (don't know if that's "pain"? It just feels uncomfortable, and burning). I'll see what the doctor says, when I see him/her this week. But yes, I'm guessing that I'll have to wait about that long. My knee definitely has some kind of issue.

And, since they're just about the only (cardio) exercises I can do, I've been kayaking and swimming without using my legs. It's definitely a great opportunity to build up some upper-body strength, of which I have little. Dr. Graham is definitely right about that. 

yes, pain is sometimes strange and difficult to understand. One thing is, its produced in the brain and not in the nerve endings. So it will happen, when your (subconscious) brain comes to the conclusion there can be damaged something and its not worth risking it (it wont hurt if you would run for your life for example). So the brain needs to collect information about the injury to give the right warning. As you do a lot of sport your brain is used to a lot of minor damages and dosent ring the alarm at the first sign.

good to hear, you dont suffer from pain.

You should straighten your knee once a day fully if you can (not more!), to prevent any lang term issus.   



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