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Anyone else hear this insane argument to discredit all of the ethical aspects of Veganism?

We do for sure.

What would be your response if someone made this claim to you?

We actually did an entertaining satirical video demonstrating why "Killing animals is the same as killing plants".

Hope you enjoy! We had a BLAST with this one!

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Thank you. I'm having relationship problems. Due to the unwillingness to respect my ethical beliefs, specifically today's fight was about eggs. The slaughter of baby boy chics is something that really upsets me, and I am met worth the same criticism as you. However, a banana is the fruit of the plant, and I think it would hVe been better to make a video of up-rooting a cqrrot, or cutting the head of a broccoli plant off, etc. I am about 99% fruititarian, due to avoiding killing plants for food, although not completely raw. This, I understand to be my own choice, and perhaps overkill in most vegans minds, but I'm allowed to have morals am I not? My morals against eating eggs have been called "moral excuses" "moral bullshit" because I became vegan before I started researching these types of things. I educated myself so that I may educate my boyfriend, which he "seemed" open to, but apoaremtly has harsh criticism
Against. All because he want to decorate Easter eggs next year. We are both atheists, at that. I suppose he thought buying free range and pasture raised eggs was good enough, which it is, because I respect his desires, and as an anarchist, support his decisions. He insists that because he isn't personally killing animals that it's okay to eat them and their products. I would have nothing against eggs and dairy if thèy came from. A Source that does not kill their male young and gives the animals a wonderfull life, but even when I say things like "find a source that doesn't kill their baby boys and I will decorate eggs with you" I am met with anger. Supply and demand causes the murder of animals, and its not just one or two farms, it's 99.9% of them in the world!

Today I was told that I am killing animals by using plastics/polyesters, which I thought was vegan. I did kit know they were no-products of the petroleum industry. Even so, it's oil. Spills that cause the deaths, not the oil itself. But by using plastic I am not vegan? Because I wear polyester that it bought second-hand, it is okay to kill baby animals?

I want to thank you for the laugh. I meant to show it to my boyfriend to ease some tension between us.

it's all about intention.  if you are knowingly paying someone else to kill for you or causing another to kill, like in the case of eating eggs or dairy- that is quite different than using plastic that is a waste product of petroleum that has been accidentally spilled.  And there is no ethical egg to find, even coming from someone's backyard- you must ask, where did they get their chickens and where are those boys that were born with the females, what will they do with their chickens when they no longer produce eggs?  Chickens lay lots of eggs for 2-5 years depending on breed and they can live for as long as 20 years.  Most backyard chickens will go to slaughter or are given to someone else who will slaughter them after they have worn out their usefulness.  then they buy more female chicks again while the boys are again "discarded".

There are many alternatives to traditional cruelty easter.  there are eggnots dyeable ceramic eggs, vegan marshmallaws that can be dyed, paper mache eggs to decorate, lots more fun stuff!   Or better yet why not spend the time doing something new and start a new tradition, hike in the woods and find bird nests, do a day of meditation or yoga workshop, something that represents the celebration of life or spring or renewal.

"Everyone fears punishment; everyone fears death, just as you do. Therefore do not kill or cause to kill. Everyone fears punishment; everyone loves life, as you do. Therefore do not kill or cause to kill."

-The Dhammapada

I think that is exactly what I needed to hear. I thought him telling me that I'm killing animals by using plastic was a low blow if I ever saw one. I had no idea what he meant at first. Exactly, the spills are accidental. People didn't even know what kind of horrors would result if the oil spring lose from it's pipelines. I doubt there is a single human being who is a psychopath who thinks "gee, that's the circle of life. Them animals were just waiting for their habits to be destroyed!" But many people think "those chickens got to die somehow" in reference to the murder when they do not lay enough eggs to be considered profitable. It breaks my heart. But, in my eyes, if someone is going to eat eggs, they hopefully don't come from battery cages hens, you know? It's our compromise. I wish he could see the truth. My boyfriend is very unhealthy. He has a major sugar addiction, and the only fruit he eats on anAlmost daily basis is peaches. :( I try to get him to buy juice instead of soda... But he rebels. It hurts that he doesn't care about his health even, never mind that he lacks compassion for the living souls of this earth. I'm fairly certain that my veganism will destroy us. It's a tremendous struggle for me. I know it hurts his feeling when I get upset with him about eating eggs... I just really wished he cared. :/ instead he puts me down for having morals. As if it's an unthinkable thing that I actually have integrity. Thank you for sharing your insight on my inner troubles.

What helped my husband to come over to the bright side was watching three manly men giving talks advocating vegan:

If that doesn't work get him to go on a 10 day Vipassana meditation course with you, that'll open him up! :)   https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/index

here are a couple of more 'manly' men:



in friendship,


I would look at them really strangely, then not say anything to dignify their statement.

Ask them: "Are you feeling OK?"

Rubbish! Plants have cell walls whereas animals have nervous systems where they register pain via the brain.

Animals can therefore react and escape danger. Plants are rooted in place and have evolved a variety of mechanisms to repel dangers i.e. toxic leaves.

I know right?! People can be so illogical when it comes to things THEY are doing wrong.  They start spewing straight nonsense.

nicely done, ryan and hunter! you three should go into movies and i have little doubt all of you win academy awards!

sometimes that which is most obvious is also most energetically denied and that is one of the best plant-vs-animal rebuttals i've seen.

in friendship,


Thanks Prad.  We are so happy about this video and all of the positive responses we have received!  We definitely want to do more of these satirical videos.  Let us know if you have any funny ideas:)


Ryan, Hunter, & Roar

My answer is simple:  You kill MORE plants to feed cattle than if you were vegan.  So technically by going vegan you're saving more plants AND animals! :D



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