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Have you noticed that? I visited my family the other day and my 16 year old brother and all his friends were there. These are not partiers, actually, they all play sports. But what I noticed is that they all looked like SHIT. Big dark circles under their eyes, pale skin, looked older than their age...  Of course they were all eating chips and drinking chocolate milk and cokes. I asked my brother what he eats on a daily basis and he said, "i pretty much live of chocolate milk and burger king."  Gross. Processed food is all these kids eat. Seriously. It's disgusting. These kids were all thin too, I assume from playing sports, but looked so unhealthy. I feel bad for this next generation, they are being poisoned by foods they have grown up on and will continue to eat this way and die early. 

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Well I know many who live long and healthy eating crap, it is more than just a food. And yeah there is lots of brain issue, once we are greatly connected to body and vital, nobody needs any change. But we live in a pool of bacteria, virus and so on...just a metter of time for most of us(who have the immune system compromise with decrease function of some of detox organs(thyroid, liver, kidneys, etc.)...

But also the body stores toxins in fat to prevent organs damage(so a lot of people fat eating soso then are not so bad as well, sometimes). 

Another issue is that once your do lots of sport and undereat your keep your mess long in limite so the organs are working ok, see the colaps of prosport people when they stop. 

Anyhow, once we fall and there is no cure, we wakeup. I wish there is smaller "power of doctors and pharmaceutic", coz it is just like with botox or lipolises, or what....once there is a chance to repair it and even quite fast and unpainfully, we think the same happen with inner body and so we are setting our mind free and even more wild.

But it is all ok, actually not at all, but we all got a journey and the results we crave change once we change our values that naturally change with ability and freedom of our selfs;).

hugs fruitfly


I have notices such things too as well as wrinkled skin and dry skin, and of course the classic acne.


In young athletes, sudden death, possibly the result of cardiac problems can be common.  Thin people can still experience hardening of the arteries, plaques, build up, strokes, and heart attacks. 

Thin people can also experience other problems like arthritis and osteoporosis and diabetes.


One does not wake up at the age of 50-60-70 and suddenly develop old age degenerative based diseases.  Many of these problems start when the person is young, although they might be subtle and or manageable at first.

Just some thought. Peace, PK

Also, the majority of his friends (including him) are on some form of ADHD medicine. It's ridiculous. His eyes look so tired and he has more wrinkes around his eyes than I do and we are 19 years apart in age!   When I was growing up there was processed food but it was not eaten to the extent that it is today. I remember getting fast food maybe once or twice a month. You couldn't buy meat from grocery stores, you had to go to a butcher. Soda was in bottles and there was no high fructose corn syrup. I remember my mom making me breakfast, packing me lunch and cooking dinner. Now, they eat sugary cereals for breakfast, fast food or processed lunchroom food for lunch, and burger king for dinner. When I was young there was no dollar menu.  My mom still cooks but he refuses to eat it. So, I think she is cooking less and less.

His friend has the darkest biggest black bags under his eyes that I've ever seen. They are worse than a 70 year old cardiac patient.  You can't talk to them though. They don't want to hear it and don't care. 

I hear you on this one!  I have two boys ages 18 and 21 and all of their college friends around.  My oldest is 6'1 and 130 pounds, with acne and dark circles under his eyes. He hardly eats.  He could live on pizza, chips and soda. Then, my youngest has the opposite problem, he can gain weight easy.  He is 6'4 and 250 pounds. He eats too much cheese, meat and chips.  A lot of the girls I see are overweight already and don't seem to care how they look( not all of course).  My son has a friend that lives on energy drinks!  This major caffeine addiction is so scary!  I have decided that all I can do is be a good example, remind them of healthy eating habits and let them come to it on their own.  My younger son does a better job of listening to my advice.  I got them to not drink soda at home anymore at least.  I said I will not buy it, if you want it, you buy it!  So, they drink fresh orange juice, apple juice or water.  I also buy the best quality junk food I can for them, organic pita chips etc.  It is not the best and not what I would eat and they know this!  But, it is better than they would otherwise do.  Alas, all we can do is be a good example, as you are to your brother.  They think they are invincible at this age!


It's not easy to say that these events are common. A relatively low percentage of athletes suffer this. 


Thanks for sharing this article. 

My original statement was intended to mean that being slim and or athletic does not make one immune to disease and death. 

Peace, PK

I wouldn't say they look like **** just because it sounds so mean but yeah it's true. The standard diet keeps getting worse and worse and kids (well maybe not boys but girls) are starting to look like adults really early.

At 15, someone thought I was my brother's mother. We don't look that much alike so I assume it's because of how old I looked due to my diet and lifestyle. I looked like a little 30 year old lol, and looked alot curvier than the average 15 year old. Very weird, it wasn't like this back in the days, say even 40 years ago. I don't know about acne but they were all slender etc. 

Companies selling this crap as food pisses me off. Luckily, my dad wouldn't allow us to watch any advertising growing up (he is my half brother). We were only allowed to watch one hour of TV a night and we had to tape it with our VCR and fast-foward through the commercials. At the time I thought he was ridiculous and overly strict. I'm happy he "tranied" me this way because I learned never to pay attention to advertising and have never been influenced by ads or commercials. It helped me to think outside the box. It's food, beverage, adn advertising industries causing the problems. Until that problem is fixed people will continue to eat like crap and kids will get sicker sooner. 

good job, dad. :) I don't think you mean that he is actually your half brother though?

LOL, yes half-brother. Is America it means a sibling from one parent but not the other. He is, of course, MY BROTHER but from my mom and step-dad. So, MY dad couldn't influence his advertistement watching. Which, maybe he would have given up on anyways considering there are ads all over everything now. 

Oh ok I thought you meant your father was also your half brother. I thought you didn't quite seem like the kind of person from some Mormon or other similar background so it didn't seem very likely =)

OH LMFAO! I just reread what I wrote. That sounds like I said my dad is my half brother. I'm dying laughing. Gross! 



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