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Thanks everyone for help! I really appreaciate it. I think that I've been overeating in comparison to my current metabolism. I used to have it working quick, but things have changed and I won't help myself NOW doing things right for myself YESTERDAY. That was the trap = I thought I needed to eat this much. I think I overworked my kidney.

Had my bloodwork done, waiting for the results. ;3


So, I've got another problem. There's probably something wrong happening to my kidneys (I'm not sure if it's kidneys; it's to the left side of my belly button). They start to hurt me when I should eat something. It happens really often because I recently have to eat a lot since I don't sleep enough.

What could have caused this? My top picks are:

1. Eating too much processed sugar. in March/April ate a diet consisting of juices (with fiber) plus lots of sugar (150-200g per liter of juice) during the day (it was about 2000-3000cal from juices only) and for the dinner I would have cooked starches. I didn't feel my best back then, I think that's because that was the time when I dehydrated myself. Plus SO much sugar. I was so desperate to eat a cheap diet (I'm still at high school and feel a little bit guilty for taking too much money from my parents just on food).

2. Dehydration. I think that I've been this way since I went to school in September. New school, new people, stress, not eating enough. And as the time passed by, it's got worse and worse. 

3. Drinking too much at a time. Since I'm trying to improve my condition, I started drinking lots of water a week ago (10-12liters a day I guess). I noticed that I got a little bit better overally. But then a few feeks ago my period started and it complicated my situation. I need a restart with my drinking habit now. Anyway, is it bad to drink 2-3 liters in such a short period of time as 1.5-2 hours? I tend to do that, especially in the morning.

4. Eating too little. It's crazy but possible. Usually I eat a 1300-1500cal banana+sugar (50-80g) smoothie about 7-8am, then about 10am-12pm another 1300-1500cal banana smoothie with sugar, about 2-5 1000cal rice or potatoes with some veggies. I ate this way yesterday, felt full after my dinner and went to bed around 7pm, fell asleep and then woke up because my left side hurt!! Nonetheless, I kept on lying down, desperate to fall asleep. After some time I got up and went to the kitchen to eat the leftovers from my dinner (it was about 700-1000cal).

5. Combined. Dehydration + eating too little + sleeping too little + very little sport (I forgot to mention that due to my poor condition I didn't move my body too much for the past few weeks). Or another combination.

6. Some disease. :c 

I'm going to get blood work tomorrow. It will be just basic blood work because that's all I have access to in my town. Do I really have to fast before? I don't think I'll be able to go there otherwise... I'll try my best today to eat and drink as much as possible but who knows what will be the results of all of that.

Hopefully anyone will find some time to help me a little bit. :) 

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10 to 12 litres a day I hope thats a typo!! if not STOP, you are probably causing yourself some serious damage!! kidney failure etc depending on your climate 3litres up to 6L per day,  and only ever 1L at a time 30 mins before eating and then 2hrs after eating .. there is such a thing as over hydrating and again it's more damaging to the body...  

But I am so dehydrated I think I have to drink this much. It was just a few days of drinking this much water and I felt better thanks to that... Harley once said that body can get (I don't remember the word) a liter of water per hour. Isn't that true then?

Wow! Unfortunately, it's not that cheap in my area. If it was, I would definitely eat fruit instead of sugar. I wish I could do that. Where are you from? 

What the fruit 12 liters!!!! On top of fruit which are water rich thats insane if you are dehydrated sodium will help keep hydrated. Think about it apes dnt force 12 liters in they take few sips

My digestion ain't as quick as it used to be when I was starting eating this way and fruit stopped hydrating my enough. :c The only thing I can help myself to get hydrated is water.

The fact that your digestion isn't as quick as it used to be could have other reasons. My digestion is super slow at the moment, and yes, drinking more water helps for me, but I never go above 6 liters of water a day. (Sometimes I drink 7 liters of liquid if I decide to drink a bottle of juice but yeah) And that is on days when I'm exercising A LOT, and it's hot outside. 12 liters of water is way too much, and it can flush electrolytes etc out of your body, which you really don't want to do.

I'd say if your digestion is slow, try to sleep enough, and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. (If you can't sleep, stay in your bed anyway), eat breakfast and dinner at the same time every day, try to avoid stress as much as possible, stop worrying about whether or not your digestion is slow. 

About the pain at the left side of the belly button, I also get that sometimes, but that's usually when I need to poop, or when my digestion has been slow for a while, so maybe it could be that? I'm not sure but for me it seems to be. :c

I recommend get to a doctor asap to get things checked out.  It may or may not be a kidney issue and many problems mimic other problems.  

Sometimes our thirst mechanisms and hunger mechanism can confuse the brain.  

As someone else mentioned, do not overdrink.  Most of us are not biking thousands of miles a week and do not need the water and calorie intake that Harley gets.  

Drink until you pee almost clear.  For me, that is only 6-8 cups a day.  

Skip the juices and eat a low oxalate version of the diet:

Juicing Side Effects

Oxalate Health Impact

Get most of your calories during the day from whole, raw, ripe, and juicy fruits.  Keep the RT4 meal small, and use it as a treat, not the main source of calories.  

Focus on nutrient dense plant foods.  Skip the processed sugars.  

  • Daily Recipe for Long Term Success
  • Minimum Calories: Females: 2500 Males: 3000
  • Whole, raw, ripe plant foods. (ie RT4: Steam potatoes: not a bag of chips.)  
  •  ½-2 heads of lettuce greens.
  • Get a palm of raw nuts or seeds.
  • Low fat: not no fat! (5-10% of calories average)
  • Simple meals. Rotate foods for maximum nutrient exposure.
  • Drink enough water. Urinate (almost) clear.  
  • Early nights with 8-12 hours for rest, repairs, and muscle fat burning.  Get some zzz before midnight.
  • Exercise and resist gravity 30 minutes. 
  • Sunbathe 30 minutes for vitamin D and healthy bones and teeth.  
  • Lower stress triggers.  Stress releases weight gain hormones.  
  • lOOk Outward beyond the self. Better the planet.  Do not self flagellate.
  • Avoid comparison traps. Be yourself and not your social media guru.  
  • Aloha to 30BaD's Science Welcome Wagon!

Good luck and Peace, PK



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Rock replied to Victoria's discussion Info on the death of my fellow faster?? anyone know any details?
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