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Hi all

I'm facing a tough situation where I really need all of your inputs!

I'm a new masters student at university of Southern California, they told me unless I get my MMR vaccination, I am endanger of other student therefore I can't attend school. I've been in the United States since 2007 and had my bachelors degree at University of California Los Angeles for the past 4 years, never left the states, and NEVER been bullied to get a shot like a animal without a saying. I told them the vaccination is not vegan, they didn't care, they told me it's university policy, no one will be an exception. I'm still fighting with them, but school starts next Monday, I'm really frustrated!

I felt helpless and being treated against my will, my believe.

Any help? Please!

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You will win this one! :)


Contact the state chapter found in the link above.

If they do honor religious exemption, this is a statement we put together with help from others on the net:


Based upon the teachings of the Bible, it is my religious conviction to not vaccinate. Public Law 97-280, passed by the 97th Congress of the United States of America, declares the Bible to Be the "Word of God" and directs citizens to "study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. "The Bible teaches that the truthfulness of an issue is to be sought and should stand on no less than two or more witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15). A diligent search for truth on the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations reveals there are many studied, informed and qualified witnesses who have found and teach that there are serious health risks involved with vaccinations. Even Senate Bill 732 before the 103rd Congress of the United States known as the "Comprehensive Child Health Immunization Act of 1993", made known the fact that there are risks to vaccines. The following words are from that bill: "Vaccine information materials should be simplified to ensure that parents can understand the benefits and risks of vaccines".

Therefore be it known that I choose not to be vaccinated. The Bible teaches that there are clean and unclean animals and acts, and that God's people are not to do the unclean. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that we shall keep the blood pure, and keep the seed from being mixed. Obviously, when genetic materials from bacteria, viruses, yeast, animals, birds, and other humans, (aborted fetal tissue), are injected into us during routine vaccination, the blood gets contaminated, and genetic changes occur. These changes, according to reputable scientists, can even lead to cancers. God warned not to do this.


All vaccines are made in violation of God’s Word. 
Vaccines are made with toxic chemicals that are injected into the bloodstream by vaccination. 
All vaccines are made with foreign proteins (viruses and bacteria), and some vaccines are made with genetically engineered viral and bacterial materials.
A conflict arises if you believe that man is made in God’s image and the injection of toxic chemicals and foreign proteins into the bloodstream is a violation of God’s directive to keep the body/temple holy and free from impurities.
A conflict arises if you accept God’s warning not to mix the blood of man with the blood of animals. 
Many vaccines are produced in animal tissues.
A conflict arises if your religious convictions are predicated on the belief that all life is sacred. 
God’s commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill" applies to the practice of abortion. 
When you believe that the practice of abortion should not be encouraged or supported in any way, a conflict arises with the use of vaccines produced in aborted fetal tissue.


My Buddhist religious objection to immunization/vaccines:
ALL childhood vaccinations include animal and/or human products, including:
Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin.
Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog
kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken
egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others. Also,
gelatin produced from selected pieces of calf and cattle
skins, de-mineralized cattle bones and pork skin.

Beyond this, ALL vaccines, without exception, are
tested on animals in corporate pharmaceutical torture
chambers across the globe. Even those vaccines that
predate routine animal testing, and so were not tested on
animals in their development, are today so tested batch by
batch as current supplies roll off the laboratory floor.
Whatever the debatable benefits of our national childhood
immunization program may be, the moral and karmic cost in ongoing,
unrepentant, intentionally-inflicted animal suffering,
mutilation and death is mindbogglingly, exponentially
higher. From my Buddhist perspective,
immunization represents a spiritual abomination of
unimaginable proportions.

Thank you so much for bringing me these information, I felt I'm not fighting alone here, that means a lot to me!

It says that Colleges may accept a personal belief exemption statement.  I would take this issue to the very top if needed.   Believe it or not, you will tend to get different information from campus representatives depending on their own personal beliefs.  After contacting your state chapter and talking to them about your situation, I would keep contacting different people on campus to get what you want.  We were told by one lady that we needed a religious statement signed by a clergyman "today" or our son could not attend college, then another lady at the school health office told us not to worry about that statement and that we had ten days to turn in just our signature without any statement.  I have heard and personally run into many similar stories of wrong information being given.  Don't worry, be persistent! :)  I am 100% behind you!  As are many others! :)

That's great advise, I will contact different levels of school personals to inform them my situation. Thanks, ednshell, and many others!

Get em!!!!!!!!!

brava, shell!  

We gotta fight for our right to stay healthy!

well get this they took my rights away to my son and forced him into their schools and forced vaccination on him against my legal forms.

sit with your need behind the frustration and find a shift .  and remember the school system was set up by the same bankers who set up the medical fraud system so imho it would not behove you to participate in their racket

just walk away .  like that Humugua from roard warrior says to people of oil city.   spare your live

Hey, sorry to hear your story about your son, there is nothing more sad than losing control of your life, body and freedom of choice.

And thank you for reminding me that the school system from high up is the same as our sh*ty medical system, they don't care. Believe me, I'm gonna fight to the end with them. So far I haven't heard anything from the emails I sent to various departments, I guess I will just go to school on Monday and enjoy my time there while they figure out how to deal with me. 

 Use the excuse to say it is against your religion They allowed exceptions for religious reasons.

I took the advise ednshell gave me, play the religious card.

That makes me sad though, as if being vegan is not enough to be taken seriously, only have to take it up a notch to a religious level, then "oh, I'm sorry if I offended you" "please don't sue me", and these are only reactions to cover their ass, not based on respect of other people's freedom of choice.

Plus, somehow we are the wired ones, cause we don't want kill innocent beings and refuse to conduct inhuman experiment on animals, we have to explain ourself, justify ourself all the way why we are who we are.

Good job mate!

Don't give in no matter what. If they throw you out sue them. Contact various alternative media and ask them if they want to cover the story. You'll win. Whatever you do don't give in!! It's not just about being Vegan, the MMR is ******* dangerous. Look up the death rate. Eugenics weapon.



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