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Hi all

I'm facing a tough situation where I really need all of your inputs!

I'm a new masters student at university of Southern California, they told me unless I get my MMR vaccination, I am endanger of other student therefore I can't attend school. I've been in the United States since 2007 and had my bachelors degree at University of California Los Angeles for the past 4 years, never left the states, and NEVER been bullied to get a shot like a animal without a saying. I told them the vaccination is not vegan, they didn't care, they told me it's university policy, no one will be an exception. I'm still fighting with them, but school starts next Monday, I'm really frustrated!

I felt helpless and being treated against my will, my believe.

Any help? Please!

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Get some legal advice from a lawyer sympathetic to people who question vaccines. There are some around including in the UK.

Yeah, thanks for the encouragement, I will absolutely not gonna let them push over this on me. I have written to a few places like student's right, religion/ethnic, and director of the health center, haven't heard anything from them yet.

So good you are alerting others to this gross injustice!  They may not know what to do or say, anything helpful take it, anything not helpful, dismiss it! 

If they desire to ignore the religious exception

1) Organize remote learning/ from home? see if that is possible

2) Withdraw from the Uni (having not started there will be no finances lost?)


I finished a degree recently, Uni is a racket. Heap of Gov/Corporate propaganda being pushed

Is it essential to have a masters for what you want to do?

I totally agree. Uni/degree is a racket. 

I choose this place because there are people doing really awesome researches, it's my dream to be able to work with them, and sometimes, getting a degree is necessary to "open the door" for that purpose. 

never take the vaccine.. if there's no way to get in without it, why the hell would you even want to be there, why the hell would you want to be in a indoctrination centre anyway?

FYI breaking news!

CDC whistle blower alleges government fraud to conceal MMR vaccine link to autism

We wanted to make sure that you heard about what may be the most important medical story of our lives: a whistle blower has alleged CDC deliberately omitted data from a paper investigating the MMR-autism link in order to conceal the very painful truth that the MMR vaccine causes autism. There is a total mainstream media blackout on the story so you will only hear about this outside the mainstream.

A senior scientist at CDC, Dr. William (Bill) Thompson, PhD, has been secretly talking to Dr. Brian Hooker, another scientist outside CDC. Dr. Thompson has alleged that he and other senior CDC officials falsified data in a paper they published in order to conceal the fact that the MMR vaccine causes autism, when given before 3 years of age. Even more alarmingly, the data CDC deliberately omitted from the paper showed that the risk of autism for young African American boys is 340% more than others. 
Not only did Dr. Thompson and current CDC officials engage in this criminal behavior damaging untold millions of children worldwide, if this is true, then CDC officials have perjured themselves in official Congressional Hearings. 
This information came to light in a video put out this week. Link here: http://vimeo.com/user5503203/review/103711143/91f7d3d4d8
Dr. Hooker has also published a paper containing the true data which shows the 340% increased autism rate for African American boys which can be found here:  
From what we know, major media outlets have been instructed to not cover this world-changing news. CNNi (not the main CNN) had a short piece up but it is down now. The Autism Media Channel website which broke the news is now down as well. 
Perhaps this whole incident serves as a warning that what we read in the media may be managed and merely what we are supposed to know, not truly the news. In addition, it certainly proves the old adage about power corrupting and absolute power corrupting absolutely, despite CDC's motto of "Saving Lives. Protecting People."
To be sure, if federal health officials have lied about MMR, what have they concealed about the dangers of all the other vaccines? And if they cannot be trusted with the welfare of our most vulnerable and innocent, can "they" be trusted with anything?
Dr. Thompson was escorted from the CDC campus a couple days ago and has not been heard from. Please share this information far and wide so that everyone knows about it, even if the mainstream "media" refuses to report it. Perhaps this may also protect Dr. Thompson.
It will be interesting to see how this situation will be managed or spun by the powers that be.
Please understand that this is fast breaking news but it is accurate to the best of our knowledge.


These are powerful news that is so advantageous to my situation, I won't forget to add this into my argument, thanks again!

But it's making me so sad and angry,  "Savig Lives. Protecting People." really?! what a ********.

Yes use it! 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead

Also there is one death per year in the U.S. from Measles: http://www.nvic.org/vaccines-and-diseases/Measles.aspx 

In comparison 150 to 200 people die every year from food allergies, over half of those from peanut allergy.  What is your school doing to protect those students?  And the list goes on and on of what people die of.  The school saying you can't attend because it would be too risky is utter non-sense!  Tell them you'll take this to court and the media if you must but you'd refer to just go to school without any further hassle.



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