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Hey everyone! I've been 100% low fat raw 80/10/10 for two months now. I eat a fruit meal for breakfast and lunch, 1000 cals each, then usually a small fruit meal of 200 cals, then a head of greens with maybe a tomato and celery or whatever I'm in the mood for, and a handful of cashews. My fat is always under 10%.

I keep breaking out. I've been waiting for my skin to start clearing up but it seems to get worse. Can anyone help me or give me some advice?

Thanks so much <3 <3 !

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Hey sara!

when I first started 80/10/10, my acne got even worse as well, after aprox 6 months it started to get better,its not completley healed yet but we have to be patient, dont we?. You can see it in a positive way, skin problems like acne is telling you that something is not right in your body,something need to get out. Your body is like a garbage bin which has to handle the nasty stuff we get in our system and now it wants to get these nasty stuff out.  I think its due to detox, so if you just keep doing 80/10/10 it will get better- we can tell by looking at those who been doing it for a long time.

To speed up and help I think this tips might be helpful. --> drink a lots of water, get your sleep, and eat a lots of greens :)

good luck!

i'm going to point my finger at the cashews. you probably don't need a whole handful of them every day, and cashews aren't even the best choice - i believe totally raw cashews are bad for humans (poisonous maybe?) and most of the ones you buy in stores have been heated/dehydrated. maybe someone else who knows more about this can chime in, or you can google cashews.

i believe sunflower or flax seeds would be a better choice.

and, to answer your question, it takes some people MONTHS to clear their skin. I've been 80/10/10 mostly raw for 4 months and my skin just started freaking out for no apparent reason. just have to wait it out.

<p>Totally agree, dump the cashews, they seriously make my skin break out, all nuts do. I have extremely sensitive skin even on 80-10-10 and have had to meticulously work out the foods that make me break out, these include dates, nuts in anything but super small amounts, high oxalate greens like kale and spinach, tomatoes in anything more than small amounts. Believe it or not smoothies also make my skin break out, something about the rapid break down of fructose without the whole fibre I think but I can only have whole fruits. Also make sure you are getting enough of the lettuce greens, they are phenomenal for helping the skin to heal, I have a couple of heads a day but absolutely no cruciferous veg or spinach etc. including celery, celery also effects me.<p><br data-mce-bogus="1"><p> What you're going through is a combination of detox and foods that your body hasn't healed well enough to process properly. When we come into this with a compromised digestive system we have to let our systems heal before they can handle even some raw foods, that's been my case. Rest assured though, I suffered acne and skin problems all my life and my skin is the best it has EVER looked, the texture, the clarity, the colour. If you cut out the suggested foods and it still isn't improving do a banana island for a week to see what happens, and then slowly introduce new foods. My skin tells me within a few days whether something is agreeing with it or not. Good luck. You can check my photos if you want to see my skin now, it was a huge issue for me. xx



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