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All over UK news today, if you sleep longer than 8 hours per night you are at greater risk of having a stroke, forming diabetes and gaining weight!! and other stuff too! cambridge university study! WTF

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I hope you're not actually worried about this..

Not at all it's just another case of propaganda scaremongering.. I was just putting it out there to see what peeps on here think!!

mcdougall would pick this up.. he recommends short sleep to combat depression.

lol science has a study that proves literally everything and it's opposite. I can't imagine how confusing life would be if we all took for granted that all of it was true haha

Yep Last week it was butter is now good for you!! we got it wrong..... sales of butter shot up because the sheep all thought oh I'm gonna eat loads of that because they say its good for you! what will it be next week? Smoking actually cures lung cancer!!

If that were true, cats would be extinct!

You never disappoint windlord...

Agreed :D 

Oh man that is so funny :D Thanks for sharing :)

Guess thats why monkeys living in tropics and sleeping 12 hours a day are falling over:-D)))))

Peace, PK

He definately needed a lay down!!



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