30 Bananas a Day!

Just wanted to share my "Combo Abombo" Experience from yesterday...

Night before last, i was craving "sushi" like no other, and made myself 4 nori rolls with zucchini, cucumber, nori, carrot and i decided to use up the last of my pickled ginger. Well, mistake i made was the pickled ginger, and dipping it in Wasabi, spicy mustard and nama shoyu. BIG MISTAKE!!

I had finished a banana smoothie previous to that and ate the "sushi" very late in the PM (around 9-10ish) 

I woke up in the morning and made my normal smoothie (banana, oj and berries) which doesn't exactly meet food combo requirements, but never ever made me feel sick before. 

I got to work and noticed i was feeling VERY bloated in the upper portion of my stomach. VERY bloated (like 7 months pregnant) it was poking out so far i had to hide it with my coat so i wouldn't get people asking me how far along i was. 

My stomach was hurting SO MUCH that i even went to the bathroom and vomited. (let me preface this with the fact that i have only been LFRV for about 1 month and have felt very good in this month) 

The entire rest of the day i was sick. Nauseous, VERY bloated, couldn't keep even water down. getting a slight headache and very ill feeling. Hard for me to even work. 

I get home and go to bed. today i feel slightly hungover (maybe 15 hours of sleep was too much) but i am realizing, NO SALT. only SODIUM from celery, tomatoes etc. I really shouldn't have done it, but it taught me a lesson. 

Food combining is VERY important. I didn't realize until yesterday that i need to take it more seriously. I was saying "well im still in transition".. but you can't be in transition forever. 

Breakfast today is 1/2 a large watermelon. Going to drink tons of water today, and properly combine food. 

Just thought i should share. Very bad deal, don't wish it upon anyone. This is the first time in the last 35 days or so that i have been eating LFRV that i have felt HORRIBLE. 

I should ALSO add that since then i have some canker like sores in my mouth, the tip of my tongue feels raw and i have some vision issues (like it screwed me up royally) i ALSO forgot that i added FAR too much Avocado into the sushi rolls (like 1.5 avocados into 4 rolls. 


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Absolutely!  Good food combining will give the results we are looking for when we go lfrv.  When using combo abombos, even if one does not have any overt symptoms, they will get less calories and nutrition from poor assimilation, fermentation, more toxins to deal with, harder on the organs, damage to the delicate lining of the intestines, less energy, etc.  It's a waste to poorly combine foods.



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