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Been having a bit of a rough week, emotionally.. and just felt the need to rant a little bit. I've been raw for almost 2 months now. My parents took me to the doctor out of concern a few weeks ago, and surprisingly (to them), she said it was perfectly healthy if done properly.

I have explained this raw vegan diet to my mother multiple times, but she still doesn't seem to get it.. Raw Fruits. Raw Veg. Raw Nuts/Seeds. PERIOD.

She and I were watching TV when a commercial for "5-Hour Energy" came on. After the commercial ended, she asked, "you would never drink that, would you?". All I thought was WTF!?!? Later that afternoon, she made herself tomato soup with some "grilled bread and cow excrement" sandwiches. She had the nerve to ask if I wanted any soup! Do people know what the word RAW means?

A couple weekends ago, when I was at my dad's, he made himself a ham and cheese omelette, and asked me if I wanted "a bite". What should I do end this bullying?

I also don't understand these people who claim that people who eat healthy have "orthorexia". Since when is eating based on human nature an eating disorder? Are people that insecure with themselves that they have to rationalize their own destructive eating habits by accusing healthy eaters as the ones having a problem?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.. and I apologize for the rant, just need to get all that off my chest.


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Aghh!! I understand your pain, it's the exact same thing in my house too! My dad is constantly asking if I want pancakes every Saturday morning. For like 8 months now. We were at a restaurant in Chicago a few days ago and he ordered a cheese and egg wrap and asked if I wanted the other half. I know he knows, he just wants to pick on my nerves. And don't even start on my brothers they just ask stupid questions out of the blue to me. 

I think the whole orthorexia thing is stupid too, give me a break eating healthy is just being smart not having a disease haha oh society. And my dr. is totally against it and I don't even want to bring it up to my coaches yeesh. 

Sorry just realized your rant made me rant sorry for not being helpful, but just to let you know your not alone. I hope everything works out eventually and they see how healthy and happy you are!

<is drinking a blender full of banana smoothie TOO! Ahh! sisters! together! Yay! I love this place. 

AND brothers! AND those without labels! I heart you 30bad people.

Haha, don't worry it helped! I love your rant

I've gotten this a lot from peers. No need to worry. People have a history of fearing what they do not understand. It still surprises me how angry my lifestyle makes people. If anything, the way I live is more helpful to the environment and other living things than the SAD, so why do they find it so troubling? You just need to continue on with what you know is right. Don't let others uneducated remarks bother you. If it makes you feel any better, I am very proud of the way you are living and you have many others here that feel the same. Cheers! :)

Hi Jake, funny, I've only jus seen this after posting my very own rant on a similar line. I'm afraid it's like the analogy of the crabs in the bucket, you know the one, where one crab tries to climb out and all the others try to claw him back in. I've had some very similar experiences, not from my own family though, on the whole they have been very suportive and some of them have even become high carb vegans, still cooked, but hey ho.

But some of my so called 'closest' friends have reacted in some very unsupportive ways. I hate to say this but some of my girl friends are acting as if they're jealous, it's not nice. But you are definitely on the right path and even your doctor said so, so hang on, you've got guts. Say strong and I'm sure your example will win out in the end. Rememeber, first they laugh, then they fight, then you win! :)

Thank you! Very well said!

The mom of my bf often ask me if i want some of her cookings........... grrrrrrrrr i keep my composure now but in the beginning i was not. now i just try to remember the huge amount of brainwashing people of her generation has gone through and many generations before hers too. she just wants to help and that's the way she knows how for decades. I can't expect this to turn around in a few months... so recently i've been asking her frozen fruits which are totally i mean totally out of this world and i make her laugh and so happy when she gives me some. i hope this can make her understand giving me fruits is the way to go.



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