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I believe a blockage occurred in my soul when I was a child. This happened when my parents told me that it was okay and in fact good for me to eat animals. Intuitively my child self knew that this was wrong, but I was helpless against the authority and power of influence that my parents had over me.

A child's soul is pure and unaltered by social or emotional conditioning, and therefore has a mor
e intuitive sense of true/right or wrong.

I think of the child self and true nature like a bell and your conditioned self like a siren. The bell (your true nature) would ring loudest when you are a child, because you are the closest to your true nature. The siren (your conditioned self) would become louder the older you got and the more conditioning that you absorbed. The louder sound is likely to be the sound you listen to and the behavior that you are likely to adhere to. Whether they adhere to it would also depend on other social/environmental factors. For example; a child may choose not to honour their true nature because it may have a negative impact on the child that would be more damaging temporarily to the child's spirit such as being hurt or ridiculed, than acting on their true nature. For instance, being loved is probably the most important thing to a child and most children would do anything for the love and approval of their parents. To go against a parental command would be to create alienation, pain and suffering, something of which children are less able to handle and deal.

So back to the blockage. What I believe happened was my capacity to love animals was severed by my my soul/spirit in an attempt to shelter 3 or so year old me from possible alienation or punishment from my parents, doing this protected me from temporary harm, but also quietened my true nature (for every action has an equal and opposite reaction).

Anyway now I am an adult and the energy I draw from no longer come from the approval of my parents or other people, I have realized that there is nothing more important that honoring your true nature (your inner child).

I awoke one day and realized that animals are not ours to own, nor is the earth, the water the wind and the sky, that we are all part of an entire living and breathing entity and we; the caretakers of this earth have a duty and responsibility to create the least amount of harm to ourselves and to others (others includes animals).
When I did realized this I no longer had a desire to taste the flesh of another sentient being. I have no hunger for consuming the flesh of a creature that lives, breathes, has a central nervous system (therefore is able to feel pain) and that includes fish, has a family and is able to reproduce, is able to feel love and pain.

When this door opened so too came all the love! All the majestic, powerful, beautiful feeling of love and all the things I had suppressed in my childhood. I want to eat things that are designed for my body. I want to eat living things, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and try as many variety's as I can. I want to see life on earth, not death, destruction or decay. I CHOOSE LIFE!

So practice fine tuning your internal dial and to listen in to the most important radio show happening deep down inside your soul, the tiny bell that rings inside us with all the truth the love and the light and happiness that we deserve, because truly remarkable things do happen when you follow your true path! I hope everyone is having the most wonderful day today! xxo

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I still haven't been able to find a copy of that movie, I would love to see it!

You may be able to get it at your library. If not you can order it here: http://www.peaceablekingdomfilm.org

Thank you so much, I just purchased a copy!

great post. I have always been a animal lover but only gone vegan this past year i dont want to be a hypocritical and eat what i love.

im finding very hard at the moment getting my partner to understand we have 2 young girls (1) & (5) the 5 year old does not want to eat meat but dad thinks she is missing out on something if she doesn't he believes its unhealthy!! its a constant battle in this household.I want her to have freedom of choice.

the childs right! she knowes whats best for her. dont neglect it. she is not spoiled by the negative habits of society! god bless the children!


Tnaks for share this!!!

 3 years old i realized that the meat on the dinner table was a chicken (an animal) a dead body, and i stop eating it for 2 years. This is some family story, because i can't remember. 

Growing up,  i hated humans and was really angry with all the cruelty people is capable to do. I stop eating meat when at 14 ys old, of cores my family worried about me , and i remember been very difficult at that time, i was in Guadalajara Mexico, so everybody was eating meat around me, no one vegetarian support. 

When i was 18 started college, Biology in Brasil, hoping that i could lear or do something and help animals.

 But OMG the university was killing me, the things they where  teaching was so helpless to me, Biology now they care more about genetically modify things, massive productions or something very specific, and i was loosing the reason why i was there. And all this teachers thinking they where so smart,  most of then careless about animal wellness, and even there own health. And yea Give up, no one really understood how sad that was for me, to give up a dream, to feel lost on a mission.  I get into Chinese Medicine. Something really helpful. I learned about human body and nature and elements. But still i felt that is something more to learn, of cores is always more to learn!

Finding people that have similar ideas it's really what i need. My vision about human haven't change allot, however i find beauty in human now, i am not angry any more about been this wonderful specie. But i do want changes and i'm starting with myself and yes be the best i can be knowing that i am not by myself. 


Such awareness in your sharing, MG.  

Blessings to you.

Thank you windlord! Blessings to you too!

well said and right on 

Thanks banana boy! :-)



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