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I believe a blockage occurred in my soul when I was a child. This happened when my parents told me that it was okay and in fact good for me to eat animals. Intuitively my child self knew that this was wrong, but I was helpless against the authority and power of influence that my parents had over me.

A child's soul is pure and unaltered by social or emotional conditioning, and therefore has a mor
e intuitive sense of true/right or wrong.

I think of the child self and true nature like a bell and your conditioned self like a siren. The bell (your true nature) would ring loudest when you are a child, because you are the closest to your true nature. The siren (your conditioned self) would become louder the older you got and the more conditioning that you absorbed. The louder sound is likely to be the sound you listen to and the behavior that you are likely to adhere to. Whether they adhere to it would also depend on other social/environmental factors. For example; a child may choose not to honour their true nature because it may have a negative impact on the child that would be more damaging temporarily to the child's spirit such as being hurt or ridiculed, than acting on their true nature. For instance, being loved is probably the most important thing to a child and most children would do anything for the love and approval of their parents. To go against a parental command would be to create alienation, pain and suffering, something of which children are less able to handle and deal.

So back to the blockage. What I believe happened was my capacity to love animals was severed by my my soul/spirit in an attempt to shelter 3 or so year old me from possible alienation or punishment from my parents, doing this protected me from temporary harm, but also quietened my true nature (for every action has an equal and opposite reaction).

Anyway now I am an adult and the energy I draw from no longer come from the approval of my parents or other people, I have realized that there is nothing more important that honoring your true nature (your inner child).

I awoke one day and realized that animals are not ours to own, nor is the earth, the water the wind and the sky, that we are all part of an entire living and breathing entity and we; the caretakers of this earth have a duty and responsibility to create the least amount of harm to ourselves and to others (others includes animals).
When I did realized this I no longer had a desire to taste the flesh of another sentient being. I have no hunger for consuming the flesh of a creature that lives, breathes, has a central nervous system (therefore is able to feel pain) and that includes fish, has a family and is able to reproduce, is able to feel love and pain.

When this door opened so too came all the love! All the majestic, powerful, beautiful feeling of love and all the things I had suppressed in my childhood. I want to eat things that are designed for my body. I want to eat living things, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and try as many variety's as I can. I want to see life on earth, not death, destruction or decay. I CHOOSE LIFE!

So practice fine tuning your internal dial and to listen in to the most important radio show happening deep down inside your soul, the tiny bell that rings inside us with all the truth the love and the light and happiness that we deserve, because truly remarkable things do happen when you follow your true path! I hope everyone is having the most wonderful day today! xxo

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Thank you so much! I feel the same way. I do believe that we are awakening though. There's too much evidence to suggest that going vegan is the way forward. The truth will come out sooner or later :-). Have a good day!

Thank you too, it's so nice to receive validation, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

thanks so much for sharing your truth, your feelings.  For me this resonates strongly, although I cannot now consciously remember any moment as a child of this break.

when I went vegan almost 5 years ago, I almost immediately felt the love gates open, and began to understand that all living things are my brothers and sisters, my family.

All living things deserve to live naturally and happily, with love


Thank you Brian.

I remember it well. It was the first time I went fishing with my dad (his name is also Brian). I think I was 3 years old. It had been a wonderful day and my dad took my older sister and myself out on his dinghy with buckets and fishing rods. I don't think I knew what fishing really was. I was excited, we were going to "catch" a fish. The sunset was so amazing on the horizon, it had been a clear blue sky that day, so the sunset just gave that deep yellow to orange, all the way to blue; the full rainbow spectrum. We sat in the boat (it had to be quietly) and waited for my dad to catch his first fish. Moments after, he had caught one and I was overjoyed! He took the hook out and put it in the bucket. I was ecstatic! I had my own little fishy to play with and I loved watching it swim around in the bucket. Then he caught another. Yippee!! I had two fish friends and then three. I remember swirling my hand into the bucket and touching them. I thought they were beautiful. I had given each one a name and loved them and saw them as my new friends. My sister then decided to inform me that they were going to be killed and eaten. I was horrified, not my new friends, and I burst into tears.  I begged my dad to leave them alone. I was grief stricken. After the sun had set, my papa decided to head back before it got too dark. I cried all the way back to shore, I can't remember what happened after that, I possibly blocked out the skinning and filleting stage. It was a very traumatic experience though. Sorry if that was a long read, but I think if we think hard enough, there usually is some pivotal point sometimes big, sometimes small, that drives us away from our true nature (not to harm animals).


And i have killed a lot of animals... rabbits, chickens, fishes, insects. And i newer liked it. To do it I had to take on some kind of "this is nescessary" attitude. Some kind of hunter gather mentality. But when i pictures the blood streaming from the rabbits trout or the life leaving the eyes of the chicken, i feel SAD....

A way of go through it was to say thank you to the fish and be grateful that it would give me its life, so that i could live... This hits some very old patterns in me....

wow... that is quite traumatic. :(

VERY touching and loving!! Made me cry. So true and so good, you are a very sentient being! I have very big love to children, animals, nature, water and earth. And no we should not eat our fellow companions here on earth. They too come from families and have loves and fears. This vegan dimension of spirituality just recently opened itself to me, or i opened me to it. But no matter and no doubt vegan is the way. Perhaps if you or your child is starving, and in danger to die, and there is no other alternative, but i myself am not in such a situation. Respect earth, respect, life, respect nature. amen 

Beautiful post Melongirl.....


I shot a bird with my rifle when I was young... it didn't kill him + he flew around in circles on the ground because one of his wings was broken. It took me 3 or 4 more shots to finish him off. I felt sooo baaad! I felt so ashamed. I felt so guilty. I felt so sorry for the poor, little thing. Killed for no reason.


I very much dislike fishing, bird shooting, pig slaughtering, cow massacring, sheep killing etc etc. 


I'd love to have a cow/pig/sheep or two one day and treat them with love + compassion + respect.

They are all such beautiful creatures. So gentle, so alive + so harmless.


My 'true nature' abhors the hurting or killing of any sentient being but 'social conditioning' has taught me/us all that killing everything that moves + eating it is essential for our survival. So stop being such a wuss + get with the program.


But, I don't like the program any more, so I'm taking the red pill.


I'll follow my inner guide now..... my own heart.


I, too, am reverting back to the deepest truth of my soul which is wounded by the pain + suffering of animals...



Thank you for sharing! Really beautiful written! Your writing took me back to experiences of mine from my past with how I myself have been treated when I couldn't and later in my teens - didn't dear to stand up for my own truth - facing my parents, especially my dad and other authorities. 

The past 4 years I have been doing a great deal of energy healing work with professional healers in healing my emotional body. Now, taking my process further in healing more of my whole being I experience by transitioning fully to a raw vegan diet, how much love I feel for all living creatures. To be honest, I have suffered for too many years how painful it has been to be disconnected from the feminine part of me. I have been tought through physical experiences that I am weak when I am soft, compassionate and other aspects of the feminine intuitive side of me as a woman and human being - where I actually have my strenght.

So I cannot say thank you enough to God and what is happening to me now in my life - the self love and love, respect and compassion for other humans and animals. I feel so grateful for finally experience how important the raw vegan diet and lifestyle is for me to continue to evolve and grow on this path. And in this way contribute to more peace on earth.

I'm so grateful, also, for finding my raw vegan coach who told me about this community where I now meet other likeminded people. And it means the world to me.

The connection and experiences of love - within myself and in meeting with others - are opening up my heart more. The raw vegan path is a path in cleansing out so much from the bodily system. I had now idea of me going to experience the transition to raw vegan being such a change. Love,Lena.

Hi Lena,

It's so wonderful to walk this path with you. It's amazing how our whole life changes when we come into alignment with our true selves. <3

This reminds me of a story in the documentary "Peaceable Kingdom". Wonderful post. Thanks.



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