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  I promised I wouldn't post again for a few days.... but I just had one more quick question. 

  How many calories are lost when juicing? I am not much of a calorie counter but I would like to start marking them down for a month or two because my brother was curious what I am eating on a daily basis and how many calories I am consuming. 

  Do you lose many calories when juicing or only fiber? Does the fiber lost have calories? Can I live on a diet of juice? Just wondering :)



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God bless you, you lovable person you :)


Juice is great to give the digestive system a well deserved rest say one day of juice for beginner, green juice and loads of water, I've have done juice feasts like this, 12pm to 12pm, so i would eat bfast and then go until lunch the following day, feels great, and eat normal size meals following the fast (as opposed to extraordinary large meals)  Chris ^ brings up a great point !

I am very impressed by all the quick replies on this website! Thank all of you very much and I appreciate everything. Nice Video Chris, it is very useful. 


Hi Adam,  I thought I would jump in and give you my two cent worth of experience on this subject. There's a good book out there called Fresh vegetable and fruit Juices by N, W. Walker D. Sc it's simple and to the point. I've been juicing since 1991 with amazing results. It isn't the only think in my diet. I eat raw with fiber as well and as with juicing and eating raw I go on an off at periods of times. From what I know Fiber is magnetic which gives it value in acting as a broom for cleaning out the intestines, when food is cooked the food fiber becomes demagnetized. The calories and nutrition are in the juice, not the fiber. The fiber comes out as your waste. The fiber also acts as a time release in regards to the nutrients going into your body. The basic purpose of juicing it to give the body a break from having to break down the food from the fiber and also have the juice go imediatly into your system there by allowing your body to do the necessary repairs without having to spend it's energy on breaking the food down as it will already be separated from the fiber. The only way you would loose calories, nutrients etc is if the juicer you have doesn't get all the juice from the fruit or vegetable. There are juicers that are better than others. I have a champion which is quite good. The fiber that comes out is quite dry. If you eat the fiber that comes out there is no taste to it hence all the nutrients are out of it and in the juice. There is a way I use the fiber to make tea but as it is getting late as I write this I will end this here. In Love And Light my brother, Tim
You will lose 1 lb per day on the average, after all is said & done. You start out losing more lbs in the beginning, especially if your a male, then it tends to slow down towards the end. I started a juice fast/feast from going cold turkey (no pun intended) on cooked food & junk food (not recommended). You should gradually get your body use to it or you will have severe detox feelings/pains. If you're already vegan, than it shouldn't be much of an issue. You should only go in small spurts & not for long periods of time. That being said I am on my 48th day of just veggie & fruit juice, that I  freshly juice everyday. So far I am 49 lbs lighter. I wanted to go to 60 days, just because I get a little competitive & wanted to match/beat Joe Cross from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Although I might start eating at the 50 day mark, due to I wasn't nearly as heavy as Joe. Everyone is telling me to eat now; they're use to seeing me as the enforcer, thick & muscular. Now I'm down to my goal weight, which wasn't my intentions in the beginning, so I will introduce blending & eating fruit. The main purpose of this was not for weight, but for health, but it gets addicting seeing your weight drop, so be careful. But unless your really disciplined you won't have to worry about it, because it does take effort. I found this website after I started juicing, I would have started slowly introducing fruits & veggies into my body. But, I'm crazy like that & jump in head first. Sometimes that's good & sometimes not. But it's worked out for me thus far. At least I now have a clean sleight and will rebuild myself the proper way, natures way; God's fruit & plants.

Hey Godfada, 

    Awesome name and picture by the way!

     I was wondering what kind of juices you drink? Are you putting in more fruits than vegetables in your juices daily? I have been trying to do a juice with oranges and apples, about a quart at a time, but it hurts my stomach really bad. I don't know if it is all the sugars or what, but when I just do a quart of fresh veggies, 1 pound of spinach, one pound of kale, cucumbers, and celery, I feel great and it sits with me well. The only problem with this one is that it tastes something awful and I have to plug my nose to drink it. This makes it difficult to put these down every day. So what are some recipes that you do on a daily bases?

     Another question, how much do you usually drink on a daily basis? I drank about a quart of juice at a time, sometimes four quarts a day. So I am going through, not always but sometimes, a gallon of juice a day. Right now I am going two quarts fruit juice and two quarts vegetables to get my body used to eating so much raw foods. I never did find out how much Joe Cross drank daily, but that documentary was great!

     Last thing. I checked out your page and says you are from Mesa Arizona? I have family there. The Alati family, you know them? This is random, you don't have to answer that if you don't want. I was just curious :)

               Thanks for the message!


Thanks Adam,

I have found the same thing with juicing fruits. I get a bit gassy, upset stomach a couple hours later. I try to do some or all fruit in the morning. But the majority is green; kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers, green apple, carrots, a nub of ginger sometimes. I also use tomatos sometimes and try to make a natural V8. You really have to make sure the fruit is ripe or you will get an upset stomach. I had some melon (various types) , with green granny smith apples this morning & my stomach was fine. If I do pears, apricots, plums, etc. then I notice stomach issues for some reason. I should have looked at a few recipes before I started, but I just started juicing greens, then once I found 30 bananas I started to incorporate some fruit. But I can just do all greens or all veggies and if I add a nub of ginger or green apple or even a half of lemon then it makes it more palatable. I really now don't need any type natural sweetener, I just like the taste of plain green juice now. Also my sense of smell is through the roof. I can tell a person exactly what they are eating down to the smallest ingredient. It was somewhat hard in the beginning, you see I enter cook-off competitions. I love to cook, grill, BBQ, smoke, etc.. So now just juicing is so much simpler and unimaginative, but I'm trying to have fun with it. I did enter a chili cook-off while I was juicing, I had to I've been a previous winner in the past, so I had to represent. It was difficult making food without tasting it. For now I'm going to just stick with doing fun runs, weightlifting, boxing, etc. just being a plain fruity to keep me entertained . I don't recognize your families name, but I can almost be positive that I would recognize their faces. Good with faces, horrible with names. I forgot to tell you that I juice around 3 quarts a day on the average, four would be  better, but it's hard to fit  it in my schedule sometimes.

Is it okay to juice fruits and vegetables?

With a few exceptions, it is preferable to consume the whole food rather than to extract part of it and drink it. Drinking fruit or carrot juice without the pulp being present to slow the absorption rate of the nutrients can spike the blood sugar and throw your blood chemistry out of balance. It is far better to consume the whole fruit. One exception is fresh-squeezed citrus fruits, since a significant portion of the pulp is generally retained with the juice. The other "exceptions" are to blend fruits such as melons, and to make smoothies out of various fruits like bananas and strawberries. Liquefying the entire fruit in a blender turns it into a juice or a thick smoothie, while keeping the entire nutritional package together. Blending whole tomato, celery and orange together makes a thick, tasty, salad dressing.


Very informative thread.

My own experience

None calories are lost with juicing, it depends on how much calories the fruit and vegetables are

None fiber is lost with natural juicing

I think all fruits and vegetable can be juiced so a person can live on juicing but I never heard of this



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