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Right now I'm going to college, I graduate next May which is so great!  I'm majoring in international affairs with an emphasis on Middle Eastern topics and it's been really interesting and I love my classes.  I'm supposed to work a government job after I graduate...and I'm feeling a bit lost right now.  I really want to change the world but am struggling with what it means to work for the government; moving whenever they tell me and things like that.  I feel like I want to work in a raw restaurant and help people, like Arnold does from Arnold's way.  Obviously this would be such a change, and I'm just daydreaming right now.  Is it possible to have a corporate job and happily live this lifestyle?  Are the two conflicting?  What are other jobs to have helping people get healthy with LFRV?

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hi Mandy, the job does not matter, it is each individual that must be the driving force behind our lifestyle. of course, would i ever work for companies that promote animal testing, killing and experiments - no, but corporate America is big. i work for a company that has 24,000 employees worldwide and i am in the finance department, so yeah it's possible. and believe me, i do preach every day to my colleagues. some have actually cut back on meat and one has become vegan since we met (he was vegetarian). cheers.
thanks!  That's inspiring!
Go jobless and the club!



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