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One of my friends who is interested in becoming a vegan, and possibly a raw vegan is exploring all the little facts and such. One of her big things is that she thinks Jesus was a meat eater, and therfore she should be one...
Whether that line of thinking makes sense is another story, but I was wondering if y'all had any information on this?


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Jesus ate fish after the Resurrection, thereby showing his followers he was raised bodily. There may be other instances of his eating fish, etc in the scriptures as well, I'm not sure. He could have been an Essene as some claim, who were reportedly vegan, although I have some doubts of the veracity of some of the Essene documents that are published, not that I disagree with their philosophy, I just think there's a lot of sort of weak reasoning/historical-claims in some of the Essene stuff I've read.


Anyway, Jesus' deal was to show people that what was inside of them was what made them clean or unclean, not what they did. In other words, what's at your core, how you love people, is the most important thing. That said, He did follow the dietary laws of Judaism, because they knew that with a cleaner diet, lots of other things were easier as well.


So I think that Jesus would be down with 811 personally. But I wouldn't hang too much on who did what. If Jesus ate fish, that doesn't mean I need to eat fish to be OK with Him. I would counsel your friend against following any health gurus also. It's fine to read and consider what they are saying, but the most important thing is to study for yourself and see what works. That holds for diet, exercise, religion, everything really.


Jesus did not eat meat, in fact he did not eat anything, because he never lived. Watch 'The God Who Wasn't there' for more info.

I disagree.


I'll try to watch more of that movie, but so far, 15 min into it, it's just a lot of straw man arguments, I've heard again and again. I'd far rather see some real scholarship, even if it runs contrary to what I believe. I'll hang in there though, hopefully the movie will get some more real substance to it.


OK, I watched more:


I'm sorry, but I just cannot take seriously this movie. Are there nut jobs who claim the title Christian? Most certianly! I love what Ghandi said "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ." That was a very telling, scathing, and yet tremendously important statement, one Christians should take very seriously. But Quoting Jesus' parables and then attributing to Him a statement about killing people that wont follow him? That's nonsense, it's a parable talking about a fictional ruler, he was making a point about something else. That's just an example.

This is way off topic here, so I wont got into much detail refuting much of what I saw in this movie. I think it had some good points that are important to consider and keep in mind, for the sake of being honest with ourselves about what we believe if Christian. However, so much of it was this smarmy sort of patronizing, "look at the idiot Christians" or "Look at the crazy Christians" diatribe. I mean I may as well introduce my atheist friends to my faith by taking them to a Benny Hinn or a Jerry Falwell meeting, give me a break! If I tell you "you are a dirty sinner and are going to hell!" But if you repent, you can be good like me, will you take it seriously? Of course not! I wouldn't expect a reasoning person to. 

I guess the movie is reallly meant more as a "preaching to the choir" exercise for people already feeling bad about Christianity. I'm sad, because probably whatever they encountered was a gross charicature of what that faith is supposed to be about, like a lot of the people they put in that movie.

I may as well make a movie about the problem with atheism and only list Stalin, Pol Pot, Marquis de Sade, Ted Kaczynski, Ted Bundy as examples of atheism. It would be unfair no?
Anyway, from what I've read it seems that at least Jesus ate fish, and bread and drank wine. If you believe in Jesus as having been a real person, it doesn't mean you need to eat those things. If you don't believe that Jesus was a real prerson, you still don't have to eat those things.  :)

I agree, many people misuse the bible. I think that applies to a lot of things where people end up using something to make judgments by. Judgement isn't bad in and of itself, it's how we sort of figure out what is right for us or not, but misapplied, like if I decide I don't like something and therefore think you shouldn't like it either, etc, becomes problematic.

Yeah, I think that's why it's important to read the whole thing and then take it all in context to the overall spirit in which it is written, i.e. what is the thrust? It's so easy to pick one or two, or even several verses, take them out of context and then apply them in a horrific way, against the intent. Well, what I believe the intent to be anyway.


I personally don't mess around with trying to decide what is written in stone and what isn't, I don't think I can get my mind around all that anyway and it seems like a lot of people who do, end up acting in hateful ways towards others, which I think is against "the plan". I tend to use firmly held beliefs for myself, not try to apply them to others. I'm happy to share if asked, but respect people's right to self determine, which I believe is a precedent set by God as I understand God.


I could be wrong, I'm OK with that, I've been wrong plenty of times before and I'm sure it'll keep on happening :)


Anyway, I boil it all down to "God loves us like crazy" and I accept that even though Jesus may have eaten fish, it's OK for me not to. I think in the end, this diet cleans me up inside and out and I feel a lot more connected to people, to everything, when I eat this way. I have lots of energy and feel more happy. So I think it's a great way to eat! :)

The bible books of Mathew, Mark And Luke speak of Jesus and his life . The book of Genesis tells when God told Noah mankind would be allowed to eat meat. I think the book of Acts mentions a dream that the Apostle Peter had. The dream involved food that was unclean under the old Mosaic law covenant. The food was made 'clean' after the law had been fulfilled by Jesus. The food included certain meats. As someone else pointed out, they didn't eat as much meat as our society eats.
Of course, Jesus gave instructions as to how he wanted his followers to imitate him. Being a meat eater or a vegan was not the point of his ministry. The Kingdom was. Pretty sure that Abraham slaughtered a bull when angels visited him. I think the way our society does animals, comercially is cruel. Not natural and not safe. On the other hand our fruits and vegetables are poisoned too. It is a shame.



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