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One of my friends who is interested in becoming a vegan, and possibly a raw vegan is exploring all the little facts and such. One of her big things is that she thinks Jesus was a meat eater, and therfore she should be one...
Whether that line of thinking makes sense is another story, but I was wondering if y'all had any information on this?


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By no means I would encourage anyone to become an atheist! I am not against religion, I just personally don't believe in God. At least I don't call it "God".

I mean, there are greater aspects of being like Jesus, what he ate should be the last concern. Christians (most of them) are  lovely people who want to live happy lives. Sacrificing your life for faith doesn't really match up with the idea of 'happy', but Jesus did that. 

What happened to the idea of preserving and caring for the planet that God (or the Big Bang to me) has created? Eating meat is very eco-unfriendly!


Now we are getting somewhere. Yes the Essenes were real - agreed. 

Would they have had writings - possibly and more than that probably.

Jesus was not a raw food eater as I have shown so therefore either neither were the Essenes and this book is ficton or they were raw foodists and He wasnt part of them which would still make this fiction.

The Church didnt  suppress and destroy many texts that went against their dogma and limiting beliefs. The Catholic Church did and yes there is a distinction.

 You said "I believe many parts of the Bible are pure fiction, it is definitely not an infallible source of information..." well that is your personal belief and I would never trample on that
You are absolutely right. I just saw people jumping on the "Essenes" bandwagon when it most probably isnt true.

We do know that today eating Vegan is healthier for you.

If people dont eat meat because they just cant stand the thought of it then it is a personal choice and I in no way would judge them either.
Well in my opinion yes. Jewish tradition and customs both oral and written. Jesus was Jewish. They were written directly by followers of Christ in that century.

The Essenes say Jesus was a raw foodist which goes totally against the religion that God started and Jesus followed.

I am done. I have given enough information so I will now let every person be convinced n their own mind of what they choose to believe
I have read the NT very clearly. 

As I said be convinced in your own mind. The Bible says how He ate, talks about the tradition of the Jews. Christians believe He is the Son of God and sinless perfection therefore would not have broken the Judaic laws.

Obviously you dont believe this. I am convinced you just want to continue to argue and we can do circular reasoning all night. Seemingly you want the last word so have at it.
The Urantia Book......seriously. That bastion of Bible Translations.

I could easily tear that apart from a real Bible but like I said ou deserve the last word.

He never broke the Judaic Laws...not once. He showed the Spirit of the Law rather than the letter. Then we need to know the difference between Torah and Talmud. Then there are different schools of Pharisees. (not spies)

Anyway last word to you cause frankly....I have a hobby
The Urantia Book is not the Bible and I am not interested in debating a New Age book or cult.

It is supposedly a new revelation. I dont believe it so have no interest in debating it.

It is not nonsense to quit a discussion, it is a personal choice. I choose to quit. I have answered the OP's question sufficiently from the Judeo-Christian Bible which if her friend is a Christian is the one she will be asking questions of.

The urantia book is not a bible translation nor is it a paraphrase.

So I will not bite on your strawman arguments and red herrings.  Have a great night.

I don't pick abstract role models for myself, then base my lifestyle on a bunch of conflicting ancient texts. If Jesus existed and was really this extremely loving and enlightened person, then I'm sure they would have discovered the vegan ethic within their heart at an early age. No way someone that conscious could bear to harm or enslave other animals for sustenance. It's not an option when you're committed to kindness and mercy.

Shouldnt really be an issue. Christians are free to eat what they want. If they choose to eat meat - no issue. If they choose to be vegan - no issue either. 

This is not an issue for a Christian - only those that choose to make it an issue.
OK well my answer is this....we are free to eat meat or not eat meat. That is our choice.

Matthew 15:11 It is not what goes into the mouth of a man that makes him unclean and defiled, but what comes out of the mouth; this makes a man unclean and defiles [him]. 

hmm... something keeps whispering in my mind: 

you eat, you get eaten

Still not sure what it means. But I feel that in the moment of eating someones flesh, you sort of are eating your own, and you're being eaten. I feel liberated from the cycle by choosing not to. 


Even though I know I probably wouldn't care if someone ate my flesh if I was dead. BUT if someone stole my children to drain me for my milk, and then hack me up for burgers that some teenager would leave on their plate in favor of ice cream, I would probably look at the situation with my "head" tilted to the side, not really getting it..  Why eat my ugly dead body when you have an abundance of so much other stuff? 

Like apples. 


That was not supposed to sound so gloomy. The point is a positive one: we have the choice no matter what we call ourselves, vegan, christian, human. Those are all just labels that can wash away with the next tide. The real deal must come from within. I choose life. I am life. 


Now THAT's what I think Jesus would do. 


oh, and God save us from religion

These links might help.








St. Francis of Assisi 

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow man."



Christian Veg Assoc.





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