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I've done a 26-day fast before, and am now convinced that fasting is dangerous

This is not because of one single account, but after hearing story after story of a "fast gone bad," I no longer agree with fasting.


Firstly, some conditions WORSEN!!  That's right, they don't just not go away, but they get bad. 


Secondly I believe that the mindset you have to be in, in order to fast is kind of nuts - what animal would knowingly not eat unless they actually couldn't.  

Recently I had a fever and felt nauseated (my immunity is low due to a staph infection and possible flu) and I didn't want to eat for about 24 hours.  So I didn't.  But when I wanted to eat again...I ate!!


Just because fasting has cured an ailment, doesn't make it safe.  Any eliminative practice will "cure" things caused by toxins in the diet because it eliminates them.  And fasting definitely eliminates all of 'em.


Lastly, I have now heard of way way way too many deaths related to fasting for it to merit doing, except perhaps in rare cases or in a medical facility with all the equipment available if something did happen.


I agree with Harley when he discourages fasting and fully support his strong views in this regard.

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I think the thing that is often ignored during fasting but is so important is if the bowels are moving.  If you are fasting and your bowel movements stop all that waste is just stagnating inside of you and you are not taking in anything new to move it through. 

  You probably got dehydrated during the fast because your body was rehydrating and trying to pass old old matter inside of you that it could not pass on it's own unless you are blessed with very strong bowels.  If you didn't pass that during the fast you just feel terrible and auto intoxicate until you eat again and very little actual cleansing is accomplished.  The bowel is the main elimination channel of the body.  All the others are miniscule compared to it. 

  Often when people feel worse and then start to feel better on a fast it is after they have had a huge bowel release but they often don't talk about this...


yes, when i did my fast i barely moved the whole time and even spent most of it with my eyes closed in order to avoid too much stimulation.

the doubts on this thread with regard to fasting are the reason experienced hygienists always recommend that any fast more than a few days should be supervised by an experienced hygienist who knows what they're doing.


read anything by shelton, tilden or other notable hygienists, some of whom have supervised huge numbers of fasts in their careers.  shelton is said to have supervised 40,000.


there's a great case to be made that, generally speaking, fasting is the safest, most effective way to reverse disease. 


there are many important considerations in a successful fast.  one has to know the symptoms of a completed fast, the difference between fasting and starving (a crucial distinction), detox symptoms, times and reasons for breaking a fast prematurely... doing a fast by yourself at home, on your own whim, with little to no idea of what you're doing and what to expect, is likely to end up in having a bad or bewildering experience.  but be humble enough to recognize that it's because you don't know what you're doing that you've had a bad experience, not because the practice of fasting is inherently bad.  fasting certainly has it's place in proper hygiene. 


the fact that Dr Graham, who is so highly respected by everyone here at 30bad, runs a fasting retreat every year, should tell you that there is probably more to fasting than most of us with minimal experience and education comprehend.

If you have emotional and neurotic behaviors.


I would not recommend a fast but instead getting a grip on oneself  and putting things into perspective.


Very few people can say what animals do all the time.


I believe they do fast when need be and so should humans.


Take Care,

I agree. Fasting can be very dangerous.

G'day Julie.


Late last year I spoke to Alec Burton who runs a fasting centre in NSW Australia and is considered one of the most experienced and knowledgeable fasting supervisors around today.  

He told me that animals (except for some type of walrus or something during mating season) don't go on extended fasts.  

Animals often do though abstain from eating for a short time such as  24 - 48 hours.  I've observed dogs and cats doing this that I've lived with.

He also told me that fasting isn't recommended for everybody.  Also, though someone may have a chronic illness that could be healed while fasting, their state of health immediately prior to the fast is also important.  For instance he cautions against being run down in the weeks prior to fasting.


Of course not eating can be dangerous, that is why experienced hygienists recommend supervision by an experienced and knowledgeable supervisor, one that is highly respected in the field.    Often people don't do this and run into problems such as Megan described above.  Other negative accounts come form places with a poor reputation such as Loren Lockman's Tanglewood.  Also, some people speak of juice fasting and that isn't a fast.  Consuming only juice is actually a juice diet and that can lead to health problems.  I have even heard of some people having a small amount of food during what they call a fast.  That is a starvation diet not a fast.  


After saying all that, I have read many first hand accounts from people who have fasted without a qualified supervisor and have been fine and healed ailments.  The ones I read about had got their lifestyle factors in order first.  They didn't use fasting as a quick fix way to feel better without having to alter their lifestyle.


Fasting is defo not something that I would do without researching it first, appraising my lifestyle and being honest with myself about my motivations to do it.


Many people benefit from an extended fast, here are 3 more examples:

 "I embraced a hygienic way of life making my condition improve, and water-fasted 24 days in April 2009, which cured my condition entirely (even though mainstream doctors claim it is non-curable)."

"I embraced a hygienic way of life making my condition improve, and...


"After Jesse got the Polio Vaccination at the age of around 1 years old, he became almost completely paralyzed. Through fasting and a Raw Food Diet, Jesse has come a long way. Enjoy."  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVs2rcGH7gc&feature=player_embedded


"16 Year Headache Gone After Water Fast" - http://www.healthpromoting.com/blog/16-year-headache-gone-after-wat...


Alec Burton on fasting - http://www.30bananasaday.com/video/alec-burton-fasting-for-health?x...


Doug Graham on fasting - http://www.30bananasaday.com/video/dr-doug-graham-lecture-fasting



I don't doubt the benefits in certain instances of long term fasts, such as illnesses, but I am noticing that quite a lot of people are doing really long fasts and having problems like Julie said. It isn't something to be taken lightly, and I do wonder why LFRV's of all people, are wanting to do them. Is it always necessary and in some cases could it do more harm than good?

G'day kt.  

Maybe a lot of people eating LFRV fast because a lot came to the lifestyle to improve chronic conditions?   The people I quoted above all had chronic conditions to heal.  Then again maybe the amount of people eating lfrv who fast isn't disproportionate to the rest of the population.  The woman who had the 16 year head ache wasn't and I met a guy here in Port who fasted with Alec and one look at him and you could tell he defo doesn't eat LFRV.   

This forum and lifestyle attracts a lot of people looking to improve health though, and it is based on hygienic principles so it wouldn't be a surprise that a lot have fasted.   

And there maybe some who are just suggestible and fast cos others have done it or whatever.  I think some people aren't honest with themselves about their motivations to do a lot of things.



Get your b12 levels up with some injections if you got staph. Clint gets em all the time and eats loads of raw animal yet still has low serum b12. He is considering some b12 shots.


Elective fasting..not a fan. I do still advise Doug as the world leader though for anyone with genuine health issues and they want to learn how to eat proper. 


I dont know anyone that should fast but I do know lots of crew that are just dehydrated, undereat consistently, have low b12 from past health issues, have late nights and as a result aint active enough and think that fasting will cure em of these lifestyle habits. It never does.

yes harley, i agree that this was related to low B12 and have since been working on it and have been healing up steadily since.  i really appreciate you bringing that to my attention when i wrote my previous fasting blogs.
fasting for the sake of it can be dangerous sure

I think this post needs to be put in terms that are relative to the danger's involved, because I personally don't agree at all.

Example: crossing the street with your eyes closed is dangerous.

Fasting for long periods without supervision without ever having done so before of course has dangers involved. You need to know your stuff, for example, you have to take into account that you don't just do without food and then go about your normal daily routine as usual - your body needs rest. Dr G's fasting retreat has been mentioned a few times in this thread, and people who go on it may sleep for like 40-60 hours straight, plus massive amounts of sleep throughout the retreat. A fast involves a lot of rest, its not just about not eating calories.


I've never heard of any major conditions worsening through fasting (cancer for example), and the only way I could see this happening is if you fasted then the detox symptoms came and then you decided it was too much and broke the fast at the worst possible time to do so. But then you simply wouldn't fast in any serious condition without medical supervision. OR I suppose, if your body was so badly crippled by cancer or some other ailment that it had no chance in the first place and the added detox stress just killed them a little bit quicker.


I think that this pretty much says all thats necessary, but just in a wierd way: -

Just because fasting has cured an ailment, doesn't make it safe.  Any eliminative practice will "cure" things caused by toxins in the diet because it eliminates them.  And fasting definitely eliminates all of 'em.

In other words: -

Fasting for too long, or when the body is so fragile that the added detox may be enough to kill you, is dangerous. A safely conducted (medically supervised or short term) fast will cure/reduce problems caused by toxins in the diet because it eliminates them, thus removing the source of the problem. And fasting definitely eliminates all of 'em.


I think its also important to note that some animals may only eat once a day, and that many many species will go on extended periods where very little food is eaten. No, they may not consciously fast, but thats irrelevant.

I think it should also be mentioned that the Hunza have an extended period of around 2-4 weeks a year when winter is in full swing (or at least used to not upontil not so long ago) where very little food is/was eaten and the general consensus is that this is a contributor to there extraordinary longevity.


Fasting to reverse disease's or treat illnesses should be medically supervised. Short term detox fasts, such as a 1 week or less water fast I personally consider an excellent idea. I'm actually considering making short term fasting a regular part of my life (3-7 days) maybe 2-4 times a year. The city I currently live in is incredibly polluted, I've no way of knowing how many chemicals etc I'm ingesting through pesticides etc because I don't even know if there being used, and since I'm not currently 100% raw I consider fasting a good way to combat all this. I'll probably do coconut water fast's.



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