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I don't grow my own wheatgrass, but today I was in a health shop (pretty discouraged, everything is processed! ...the hell?!) and I bought a wheat grass shot. Then I went to the mall (I'm not really a shopper but The Girls need a new bra) and was really nauseated.

I had a full LFV raw breakfast of about 470 calories, at least 2 L of water, so I don't know if it was the wheatgrass, or the perfume samples wafting through the mall.

I normally have a stomach of iron. All I could think was "Please don't let me lose this $4 shot of wheat grass on the floor of the mall."


Also what are the nutritional stats for wheatgrass juice? Not on the cron-o-meter.

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just curious what's in your blended green salad for dinner?
I drink it, I feel better, thats what I need to know!

I don't consume wheatgrass. The last time I had it was around 1 year ago from a smoothie shop. I felt extremely nauseous and vomited not long afterwards. The taste was even more horrid coming back up! 

If any food causes vomiting it leaves my meal plan. 

lol, good philosophy. I always felt that way about sea food, jello, and wild rice when I was a kid. *heave*
100% agreed!
Although, is there a connection to the nausea affect coming from wheatgrass shots sold in shops vs. grown at home?
The only wild horses(i know of) are considered invasive species...
I drink wheat grass or barley powder mixed in a glass of water, almost daily, no problem, i use 1-3 teaspoons a day. When I visit my mum I drink fresh wehatgrass juice , also no problem. But i agree, that if you body is toxic or you have negative expectation about wheatgrass taste, it may cause womiting. Same with beets or beetroot juice. I eat them almost daily, no  probs, but for some may be too much. One way to reduce side effects of wheatgrass or beetroot juice would be eat a few apples straigth after, It says that pectin in apple pick up all the toxins that are dumpted following drinking wheat grass or beetroot juice, though I do not have a scientific reference to this claim. But you can read more on mini beet protocol. http://robertvon.com/
YES!!!!! I love wheatgrass...if you swirl it in your mouth b4 swallowing the saliva will help break it down and it'll adjust to your body. I grow all mine.

Been growing and drinking it for 35 years.  Down to 8 oz/day (from 1/quart/day 25 years ago).  Sometimes I juice the mature grass, sometimes the (intense) green sprouts (3-4 inches tall).

Used to do bedside delivery at 5 am, literally bedside--had keys to house, woke people up (yes, couples also) for their shots (actually, 5 shots, my customers had to commit to 5 oz/day, 5 days/wk) to qualify for my service).

If they did not drink it, they were replaced on the route.

I was living in Aspen (14 years) and my customers ranged from doctors, lawyers, nurses, waitresses, bank presidents, and rock band members.  (and Tom Crumb).  Interesting episode of my life.  I declined to expand my route 20 miles to include Goldie Hawn.  (Thereby denying myself the privilege of meeting Kate Hudson--well, maybe not that great of a privilege--she was only 5 years old at the time...)

I have my grow areas--and supply to friends as well--at no charge, just exchange of unspecified, random favors.  I also have a killer worm ranch in my basement--3 yards of dirt worth.

On some forums, I am "Wheatgrass".


Before I first went raw, I could drink wheatgrass and didn't mind the taste so much, and felt pretty healthy for doing it. A few months ago, (whilst unraw) I had a fresh shot at the juice bar and didn't felt too good. It upset my belly and tasted revolting.



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