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I don't grow my own wheatgrass, but today I was in a health shop (pretty discouraged, everything is processed! ...the hell?!) and I bought a wheat grass shot. Then I went to the mall (I'm not really a shopper but The Girls need a new bra) and was really nauseated.

I had a full LFV raw breakfast of about 470 calories, at least 2 L of water, so I don't know if it was the wheatgrass, or the perfume samples wafting through the mall.

I normally have a stomach of iron. All I could think was "Please don't let me lose this $4 shot of wheat grass on the floor of the mall."


Also what are the nutritional stats for wheatgrass juice? Not on the cron-o-meter.

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I never had wheatgrass and I probably never will:)

It's just not appealing to me.. I'd most likely throw up from it:)

It doesn't taste bad, kind of sweet. Just made me feel "ew".

Any time I've tried to drink Wheatgrass Juice I simply couldn't swallow it unless I held my nose, closed my eyes, and thought about something else.  Then after swallowing it I would have to spend the next 30 minutes or more fighting and resisting the urge to throw-up due to the extremely strong and pungent after-taste.


Wheatgrass Juice is EASILY the worst tasting thing that I have experienced in raw foods!  So bad in fact that even if all the hype about Wheatgrass Juice being a "Longevity" food was true I'm not so sure that I would want to live to be 150 years old if I have to drink Wheatgrass Juice on a regular basis for the rest of my life. 

agreed. 100%
I'm going to have to agree with what he said
I love wheatgrass.    I grow it myself and have a hand juicer.   It only costs me about 50 cents per large tray to grow, which yields about 4-6 shots.    I think it's extremely healthy.    I recommend "The Wheatgrass Book" by Ann Wigmore.    She talks about the amazing health benefits of wheatgrass.    I often take a few shots of wheatgrass and then go on long runs, and have tons of energy.    I have no doubt that it's great for my body and also helps me detox.     As far as the taste goes, I think it's fine.    My theory is that the healthier and more alkaline you are, the better wheatgrass tastes.     And if you're growing it in good soil, in natural sunlight, it tastes even better.    Of course, I don't drink wheatgrass for the taste, I drink it for the incredible health benefits.   Just my 2c.

sorry, it's bunk. Gram for gram, spinach far exceeds wheatgrass.
Spinach has:
8x the calcium
6x the magnesium
10x the potassium
15X the vitamin C
43x the vitamin A
8x the chlorophyll (if anybody still actually cares about that)


Freddy Patenaude wrote a great article here....

+ juicing has it's own problems

Is it okay to juice fruits and vegetables?

With a few exceptions, it is preferable to consume the whole food rather than to extract part of it and drink it. Drinking fruit or carrot juice without the pulp being present to slow the absorption rate of the nutrients can spike the blood sugar and throw your blood chemistry out of balance. It is far better to consume the whole fruit. One exception is fresh-squeezed citrus fruits, since a significant portion of the pulp is generally retained with the juice. The other "exceptions" are to blend fruits such as melons, and to make smoothies out of various fruits like bananas and strawberries. Liquefying the entire fruit in a blender turns it into a juice or a thick smoothie, while keeping the entire nutritional package together. Blending whole tomato, celery and orange together makes a thick, tasty, salad dressing.




Uhhh, calcium in spinach comes with oxalic acid which blocks 95% of the calcium from being absorbed.

Ednshell, your logic is faulty.    First off, spinach is also extremely healthy and is one of my favorite foods.    Just because spinach contains, say, more vitamin C than wheatgrass does not take anything away from the validity of consuming wheatgrass.    Secondly, wheatgrass contains more protein, vitamin E, vitamin B12 and phosphorous than spinach.    If you want to be intellectually honest you would have mentioned that.    


In addition, just because something has "more" doesn't necessarily mean "better".     I only mentioned that wheatgrass has more of certain nutrients than spinach to counter your argument, not to argue that wheatgrass is healthier than spinach.   Furthermore, I don't see how you can say spinach has 8x more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, since wheatgrass itself is 70% chrlorophyll (minus the water).    


You copied a paragraph that says juicing fruits and vegetables presents problems.    This says nothing of juicing grasses and therefore is completely besides the point.     I prefer smoothies over juicing for my fruits and veggies, but am obviously not going to throw wheatgrass in my smoothies.


In summary, by dissing something as healthy as wheatgrass by comparing it to something that is also extremely healthly is illogical and doesn't do anyone any good.    If you don't like wheatgrass that is up to you, but saying "it's bunk" (whatever "it" is) is simply ignorant.



Salt water on the wheatgrass?

I juice 8 oz/day, grow my own.  I'd never poison it with salt--have not felt a need to in the 35 years of WGJ.

sorry to go back to that part about juices compared to whole fruit, but i get confused easily..

..does that paragraph mean that we are allowed to drink pure orange juice or not allowed? because i love orange juice and thought it was ok to drink it on 811 :'(
Yes, it is ok. Any juice w/ enough fiber in proportion to sugar content is ok. OJ happens to be one of those.



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