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I'm 5'8 and since going vegan I have leveled out at 125 pounds. However, since going high-carb my weight has moved around more than normal - for example, yesterday morning I weighed in at 123 and today I was 126. Perhaps in the big picture 3 pounds isn't a lot but it's definitely not normal for me - usually my weight doesn't budge! Plus, I do a fair amount of modeling and keeping my weight/measurements consistent is important - is high-carb not going to work for me if weight fluctuation is normal, or does the body get used to it eventually?

Thanks for your thoughts, time, and comments :)

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nah might not work out so well in this way of life.  i have noticed  HUGE swings in my daily weight  .  Our food is heavy and watery  ....i do think its a part of the game big weight changes intraday and night.....doug

Thank you! I will keep this in mind.

Thank you!! :)


Because of the volume of water and fruit we eat everyday, it is very normal.  Durianrider has gained as much as 17 pounds in one day, and I can swim anywhere from 10-20 pounds up and down (edit here, meant to say in one day).  I calculate my base weight as what I weigh in the morning when I get up and after urinating.  I do not watch and obsess about scales though, and rarely weigh myself.  

Now as far as your base weight goes...

On a 5'8 frame, 125 pounds is too low.  You need some body fat, and ideally, a weight of about 145 or more is probably ideal.  We need body fat to cushion our bodies and organs from injury, and in the management of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.  

Also, since you are underweight, on this diet, given proper vitamins and minerals, underweight people will gain weight, adn obese people will lose.  Given the right conditions, the body will self regulate.  

Reasons for healthy weight gain include:

Nutrient Dense Calories
Volume of Water and Fruit
Proper Hydration
Intestines Contain Soluble Fiber and Fluid
Bone Density Increase
Muscle Mass Increase
Healthier Body Tissues and Organs
Increase in Healthy Body Fat

30BaD FADs: Healthy Weight Gain

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day

In conclusion, it is recommended to do this diet 100%, focus on health, and chain the scales up in a place that is out of sight out of mind.  

Peace, PK


Hi PK!

I am wondering why you think 125 is "underweight" for a 5'8 woman? My BMI is 19 which is above the minimum healthy BMI of 18.5. Sorry, I'm not sure where you are getting this. Even the chart you sent me says 126 is fine for a woman with a small frame, which I certainly have! 

measure your body fat %, the rest can be sorted out with a juice fast/water fast for a day or two before a shooting =)  unless you increase in body fat or muscle, everything else is fluids and faecal matter in the bowels.

I'm wondering why you got linked the attachment too, i believe BMI is incredibly inaccurate , my neighbour had a BMI of 15.5 and was SO active, bones weren't showing cause she was lean, not starving, just very very active and had been skinny/thin all her life. No weight loss/weight gain.

But anyway, i've been BMI of 17 when i was really active and honestly, i looked and felt my best. I'm at BMI 21 and i feel SO sluggish.


Not sure if you are referring to my attachment or not.  It is not a BMI chart, it is a weight chart for females.  

Peace, PK

I have heard that BMI is not as accurate as body fat as well, although personally I feel a lot better now that I have a BMI of 19 as opposed to the BMI of 17.5 I had about a year ago! I've always been naturally thin but a little bit of healthy weight gain did me good. However, I would have to literally STUFF myself in order to gain more weight, because I already eat a lot, more than most people I know!


Because in your original post you mentioned:

I'm 5'8 and since going vegan I have leveled out at 125 pounds.

Then you freaked out because you are jumping from 123 pounds (too low) to 126 pounds.

What you need to do is after sleeping, urinate.  Then step on the scale.  This will give you some idea what your base weight is.  If it is 123, it is too low. Start increasing your calories, and allow your body to do what it needs to do to get healthy.  

At this point I am not going to split hairs with you on BMI.  I am going to encourage you to get well within the healthy weight for your frame and gender.  In low body weight, bmi and body fat is only one factor.  There are other factor that come into play such as low muscle mass and low bone density and or inability to regulate fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.  

Peace, PK


I also mentioned that it is unusual for my weight to fluctuate - this has only been happening after trying the high-carb thing. And I do mean what I weigh in the morning, after going to the bathroom, before ingesting anything.

I would understand if I told you that I weigh 115 pounds that you would tell me to gain some weight. However, based on BMI, a healthy weight for someone who is 5'8 is anywhere from 122-164 pounds. This leaves a lot of room for different body types. 

I think it is very silly for you to be telling me to gain weight when I am perfectly healthy and active :) Just because someone isn't doing the 30BAD diet perfectly yet doesn't mean they aren't healthy! Thank you.



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