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I decided to leave regular college after the end of spring semester 2011 (this next semester) to travel and study instead with the University of Natural Health because the courses sound so amazing and interesting and I want to have the credentials necessary to help people and have them listen (although being a shining living example of what I teach will be the most important thing of course). Conventional college life just really doesn't suit me. I feel sort of trapped in a sense...like I am waiting to live my life the way I want to and pursue my passions (art, singing, music, writing, nutrition, health, fitness, helping people/animals/planet, all things creative) 

I love to learn and I want to know all about human physiology/biology and how it is affected by nutrition. Although of course the most significant thing is feeling what works. 


I recently enrolled to get my BS, MS, and PhDs in holistic nutrition and natural health and healing as well as my Naturorthopathic Doctorate and HD (to be hygiophysician)

Does it make sense to do this or is it something that was sort of made up and not recognized by possible employers/clients/society....???


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I am almost done with my HD and a phd in sports nutrition from the UNH and I think that it is worth every penny of it. I dont really care about how society views my profession because society as i see it is all f#^ ed up. You will attract your clients by being that shining example that you are. You will be self employed so you dont have to worry about that. The UNH is an accredited university, you will end up with a doctorates degree, and be able to start your own health practice out of your own home or rent an office if you want to go that route. Dont wait any longer to live your life, start living now!!! There is no time to loose.


      Much love and respect,



Congratulations on making this decision Bristol. All your passions sound perfect for a fun and rewarding lifestyle. Traveling and studying with UNH sounds like a great alternative to college to me (and I went through college).

I've heard many positive things about UNH. I wouldn't worry about the actual degree and the weight it carries, as I find the experience to hold much greater value. To this day, no one has really asked much about my degree, but I've definitely had put my knowledge/skills to the test.

Best wishes in your upcoming transition.

I'm looking to go a similar route myself. Thanks for starting this discussion, I'm hoping more people will contribute.
Thanks everyone! I actually feel a little better now. I just read somewhere that what they teach is actually psuedo-science, and is not actually based on true science...which made me really nervous though I was skeptical. I know I want to help people and truly know the science behind my own lifestyle. I have many many many passions and interests and having such degrees will enable me to pursue my other passions and interests while still having a job in something else I am passionate about (nutrition/health etc). THank you everyone and I cannot wait to become highly knowledgeable in this!


"Build your own road."

I am not sure what your job prospects would be after getting this degree other than setting up your own career.  If you are a walking talking example of what peeps want to be, plus this credential, you have good chances of success.

However, if it is possible, I would recommend trying to get both kinds of degrees.  I am not sure what your major is, and how far along you are.  Perhaps when you finish your travels you can finish your traditional degree as well.  That way, you have your natural health credentials, but also a traditional degree for those who put their faith in such things. 

Another quote of DR is:

"You have to use society to change society."

In Peace, PK



You're right PK :) 

I have a 4.0 gpa at my current college so maybe if I tell them I'm leaving they'll increase my scholarship lol. If that happens I can remain here while also studying with UNH. But I just don't fit in the college lifestyle. I feel like my life is on hold and I sacrifice everything else for school and end up not being as healthy and happy. I LOVE to learn, I just like to do it on my own. I'm still thinking about all this. Maybe I can find a conventional online college that's much cheaper than my current conventional college and I can do both UNH and conventional college at once. 


I want to be a traveling singer, visual artist, writer, and artist of every manner. I want to be healthy and glowing and happy and live where the sun kisses my bones and energizes me daily. Where there is color and fresh fruit and I am my energetic and vibrant self...I want to help people and be a nutrition counselor possibly for athletes as well...help people learn what a true healthy lifestyle is not only by knowing the science behind it deeply and intricately but also by being a living thriving example of it! 

Here's to life, cheers! 

You sound so much like myself. It's amazing what this lifestyle will open within us.

OK I don't know what  I should do...I have been reading about Fraudulent Degree Programs that come from online sources and I have to wonder if I just spent $6000-7000 dollars on a degree that will mean nothing and get me no where, not to mention all the work I am doing for it...

I don't know what to do to figure out the answers to such questions?

This is something I'm interested in and passionate about, but if it is a scam or something I would be better using my time to go study naturopathic medicine or holistic nutrition at an accredited college. I am not necessarily saying that this program is fraudulent at ALL. I am simply bringing it up and asking how I should go about finding out. I mean its probably too late since I am already enrolled and working on my first course but...akjlfufh help.  

I would NOT do the online degree for your traditional degree.  The people who hire from those places ARE those places.  Plus they are generally 'for-profit' universities and are more expensive than other colleges.  My boyfriend is a professor and has to deal with HEH (the online system) and knows they are a joke.  I agree that a traditional degree would be nice too, but maybe later and just take a couple of classes at a time so you don't feel so trapped.  I know what you mean by trapped.  I am about to start my second semester of law school and I am feeling very boxed in.  I'm actually panicking a little.  It's not good.  Just don't saddle yourself with tons of school debt, THAT is what will restrict you.  Please remind me to take my own advice.

Many of them are frauds; but I know several people who've gotten good jobs with online college degrees. Plus, some collaborate with institutions within your local communities. In other words they hook you up with a clinic or some sort of internship and you can use that as credibility to get other jobs in the area. But you have to make sure they are accredited by agencies approved by federal government and you have make sure the specific degree program you want to take will get you the licensing according to your state's laws.

As for UNH, I don't believe it is recognized by the governement, but that doesn't mean a degree from them would be valueless. I imagine the value would depend on the state you intened to practice in.

i would like to know what has been your experience with UNH as i am on the verge of taking it, though i hav enot paid up yet. your experience will make me decide. please help.

Hey Bristol


Lets be clear, the UNH course is a course you do for personal development and perhaps professional development in terms of increasing your understanding of accurate practical health information. But it is not the course if you are wanting an internationally recognised and accredited degree that you could use to gain you acceptance amongst the mainstream academic community, or acceptance into a new country if you want to move, or acceptance into an educational program at an accredited university.


There is NO university course that will be accredited, unless it is accredited by an independant governing body that other universities graduates are also members of. And there is no clinical course (eg. nutrition, naturopathy) that will every be accredited that has no mandatory attendance requirements for at least some part of the course, especially at clinics. Nor any university course that will be accredited if the university is not itself a recognised state run or private university with legitimate degree granting rights. Another factor you should consider is pricing. There is no degree course (except perhaps some European countries) where you could get a full degree for $7000 that will be recognised.


I havent done the UNH course, but I have heard great things about it. I think it could be a great course to do for  information purposes. But the actual qualifications themselves, I would not be doing them for. I would be doing it purely to stretch and open the mind. For professional development, you need to be looking for a degree course that will be recognised by any university.


If you are interested in doing a degree in Naturopathy or something like that, then you also need to think about what country you are in, what qualifications will actually be available, and what that will mean if you wish to emigrate somewhere else. For example, in the UK, there is only one degree based naturopathy course, and you just get a BSc. The other main course is a 4 year full time program, yet you only get a diploma, although you can opt to do a program where you get a Masters degree in Osteopathy alongside the diploma. The initials you get for the diploma are ND, but you wouldnt be able to go to America and practise, because a diploma is insufficient a qualification and you couldnt call yourself a Doctor either. 


If you study in Australia, most courses are also diploma based. In America and Canada, they are largely doctorate based. In South Africa, you get 2x BSc Hons but you can call yourself a Dr if you want to, as long as you work in South Africa.


Every country is different, so be sure to look into ANY program that you are looking for a qualification that will be recognised.


What you do need to realise is that on a conventional program, you will get an excellent grounding in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and clincal skills. But you won't always get information that you can use clinically that you will agree with, whether ethically or otherwise Eg. pro-animal products, pro-protein, pro-supplements. Some countries you are also required to be pro-vaccinations, pro-hormone therapies, pro-animal based extracts, pro-homeopathy and herbalism.


By comparison, a UNH course will provide you with excellent information that will help you develop an holistic understanding of health. And it will be in line with your understanding of NH and your ethics. but it will not be accredited.


Both courses have their pro's and con's and it really just depends what you're looking for from a course.


If you can afford it, some people choose to do two courses simultaneously, since the UNH courses are totally flexible and student led. So you could enroll on an accredited course AND do the UNH course to keep you grounded and to help you to keep asking questions and to look at things from both perspectives to enrich your understanding.


Take care


Adam x



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