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Is there any harm in switching back & forth between all raw and raw till 4?

Is there any problem with switching between all raw, to raw till 4? I have been on this lifestyle for ten months now and have gone back and forth between the two so many times, will this affect my weight loss (i haven't lost any yet)? I here people talk about consistency a lot and wandered if that applied to this? Also my skin is horrible i have so many pimples on my face still, but they seem to clear up a bit more when eating all raw...

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eating acid forming food i would not recommend.    get first clean then people find ways to tolerate i read but i prefer to stay fully fresh based on what i read, how much less energy and prep.   toxemia happens get thru it not reintroduce it , i say

Going back and forth in itself does no harm, but each time you eat cooked foods you are obviously going to harm yourself to a certain degree. However, depending on your circumstances that might be the best option still (Like if you simply cannot find fruit, but this is rare). 

It's probably mostly difficult mentally unless you are happy sometimes eating raw, sometimes cooked. If you really want to eat raw all the time, then you would probably benefit a lot from committing yourself to it 100% for a long period and get motivated by the results! It's easy if you want it, difficult if you still want to eat cooked! 

My best tips for long term success:

-Make sure you eat enough total calories.

-Keep the fat at or below 10% of total calories on average.

-Make sure the fruit is ripe! 

-Eat lots of tropical fruits like mangoes, custard apples, jackfruit, bananas, papayas etc. They are sweet and satisfying as opposed to only eating apples, pears etc which are more on the fringe of the human niche in terms of nutritional needs. 

-Avoid, without getting crazy about it, to the best of your ability all environments and situations where you might get reminded about cooked foods, especially via smell! I know that when I'm in a place by myself with no cooked foods around I'm so happy with my fruit, but the moment I smell that pizza - I want pizza! Basic neurochemistry that! 

Let us know how it goes!

If you're only eating raw till 4 because you find raw to be too difficult, I would say there is always harm in settling for less. It creates a victim mentality ("why is fruit so expensive? why is it so hard to eat enough? why do I still crave cooked carbs after I haven't eaten enough? why is the world against me?) and makes you feel like you don't have control over your life. So, I think there is something to be said for fully committing to whichever lifestyle YOU truly want to live, and not just doing whichever is convenient at the time.

But, as for physical harm, the harm would mostly just come from eating cooked foods period, not in switching back and forth (as fruitsnherbs said)

I like the idea of being in a routine. I eat 100% raw right now and the fact that I have a variety of set "day meal plans" that I go to depending on what fruit is available means I don't even have to think about anything....

I think going back and forth would create conflict. For me I always thought it would be best to go 100% raw to establish the discipline, routine and learn from mistakes. Then go to RT4 if you want to try that later. So try each for a sustained period of time then you  can compare. But yeah I wouldn't mix and match them personally only because cooked vegan foods make me sick. But some people can handle it a lot better than me, so it depends on you and what you are trying to do.

Routine and mental health (both mentioned by others) would be main concerns. If you can keep a healthy mindset and still be able to feel you are loving yourself enough to choose optimal foods when they are presented to you then I don't see a problem. There are definitely some benefits to eating all raw that you may not experience as much with cooked food such as energy levels in the morning and quicker digestion. I think that being able to eat either one of these is better than what is likely the alternative diet.

As for the pimples that could be the result of a few things. I won't go into them all here now but some examples would be that raw allows faster recovery and thus clearing of skin or something in the cooked food you eat is causing your skin to react. I personally get acne from most nuts raw or cooked.

I think switching back and forth can do harm.  Doug Graham said it may be why there's so much teeth issues with raw-fooders....because the body's inflamation goes up and down.  When this occurs with the gums(receeding gums) it can trap bacteria.

I go back and forth, but only once every 2-5 months.

you imagine mixing baking soda and vinegar on the teeth.  unwise.  you'd loose enamel

I find that for me I'll have days where I'm fully raw and only care for raw fruits and veggies, and then I'll have days where in the evening I'm feeling for some cooked rice, baked and steamed potatoes, or some other high carb dish. This is what I find works best for me and fits into my lifestyle so I if what you're doing is working for you, then by all means continue eating raw on some days and raw till 4 on others.

In my experience, it can.  When I was going on and off all raw I ended up getting colitis like symptoms.  I'm pretty sure it is because you completely clean out your insides on all raw and then when you introduce unnatural cooked foods, your insides can get much more irritated.  I had to go on raw for a LONG time to clear this up.  So, I don't recommend switching between the two.  I don't mean to scare anyone, but this was my experience  

Awesome explanation! :)

yea we see auto immune disorders as the body tries to protect itself and has more non usable waste to process and less nutrients to gather from

Depends on what you mean.  The rawtil4 plan includes one day of fully raw and you could easily make that two or more.  I like what others have said about routine and consistency.  If you eat one or more raw days every week on the same days it will probably work out as long as you are okay with the foods you eat. If you do a few weeks on raw and then a few weeks on raw til 4 then I think you will run into digestive issues.

12. One day a week should be 100% raw to give your body a cleanse, I suggest the start of your work week or the day before.

The 'Raw Till 4' diet 7 day food and exercise planner



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