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I don't think that there's one. In Spain, we have Jamón Serrano and people always say that is recommended to eat 100 grams a day. They say that is good for your cardiovascular health and that lowers cholesterol. I'm like what? It's full of sodium plus we all can healthy fats without killing animals.

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I must have some proof to say that. According to doctors they say that it lowers bad cholesterol. I personally DON'T agree with that. I prefer taking those same nutrients from plants rather than killing an animal.

HAHAHAHAHA what kind of doctor have you spoken to? Most animal fats contain BAD cholesterol

It's a unique type of "bacon" (sorta) which belongs to Spain. This is what I've found, if you can translate it to English.. http://www.sportlife.es/nutricion/articulo/jamon-serrano-bueno-o-ma...
True that. I will watch the video as soon as possible. I actually heard about those doctors. But my question is that how can be this truly possible? I don't want to convince that Jamón de bellota is good to anybody, but how can I respond to people when they say to me that studies proof? http://www.efesalud.com/noticias/el-jamon-iberico-bueno-para-la-sal... Here's a better one. When I reunite with people to eat lunch or dinner every time comes up this types of conversations. I know how to respond to %99 percent of this comments but then they're like oh but pork bacon is good for you, successful doctors have made their investigations bla bla bla. I can always say something but ethically. But who cares about animals? They just ignore. And if I'd say "People love to hear good things about their bad habits". I wonder, those who say that Jamón is healthy... Do they only eat that or do they other type of animal products? Do you think you're healthy by eating those? There isn't a study that says that burgers or milk is ealthy for you.

For a purely health point of view, the healthy amount of animal fat in your diet is… ZERO.

There’s an overwhelming amount of Medical and Scientific data to back this up, just do a little research.

As for experts saying things like the person you pointed out, if you do a little digging you’ll find that they are linked to companies that profit off animal products in some way.


Is there any animal fat that is healthy?

Short answer: NO

Long Answer: NO

Hahah great answer.

Lol! :)  Yepperdoodles!

the one you don't eat

Lol. Well sure, I think they're right! The cholesterol and saturated fat is great for when you're suffering from sub-clinical scurvy from not eating the proper amount of fruits. The fissures in your arteries formed from inflammation and lack of proper collagen formation are poorly repaired by a protective layer of plaque, made of animal protein, cholesterol, and saturated fat, keeping your arteries working somewhat normally despite the fact that your cardiovascular system is basically disintegrating.

So if you have chronic sub-clinical scurvy (like most people), yes, clearly the proper treatment is a large serving of bacon, and a side of pork chops and gravy. You must keep those arterial plaques forming and hardening to keep from dying of an aneurysm! :D

Gotta love that 18th-century-inspired science...

Great answer! ;)



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