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Is (temporarily) incorporating some cooked carbs still 811?

Hi all, 

I have been on 811 since the New Year, after being high fat raw for 1,5 years. I started this raw journey mainly for weightloss, but, as it turned out, I reversed 5 serious medical conditions:


1. Obesity (BMI 31, 70kgs at my heaviest, being 1m54 short)

2. Early Fibromyalgia (and extreme joint pains as a result)

3. Hypertension (for which I was medicated, all through high fat raw too)

4. Chronic Fatigue

5. Hypothyroidism


On high fat raw, my conditions improved, yet I was still in the danger zones, on all of them. 

After 3 months of 811, ALL my conditions cleared, I am at a healthy weight (BMI 24) and I'm off the blood pressure meds, and there are no signs of the other conditions.  


This is me now in April 2011:


And this was the old me at 70kgs, in the summer of 2009:


So, as you can see, I came a long way. I have been setting out to eating 3,000kcals a day, my staple has been bananas, because they're easy to get in The Netherlands in the wintertime. Then some tender greens, some other available fruits, no nuts and seeds. Whenever I snack, I have datorade or some sultanas and a bunch of water. 


I went from vegetarian to vegan too when I went 811.


However I have to work hard to get in 3,000kcals, sometimes I eat less because I simply can't eat more. Other times I eat 3,000kcals and will still be hungry. I realize that this is a process, since my body is adjusting to having more carbs. I drink 2-3 liters of water, I measure my hydration levels to the number of times I have to pee in a day, which is around 8-10 times a day and once at night. 


I have been extremely sedentary, with my conditions it was difficult to exercise, because of the pain and serious lack of motivation. Now I am on the rebounder every day for about 20 mins, and I briskly walk everywhere in my Shape Ups. This is a huge difference with the way it used to be. 


But now I am finding that my body needs to have a bit of a break, after that many changes in only 3 months. It's been hard keeping up, and I've also living under high stress. So, I've been incorporating some cooked carbs too, quinoa, couscous, brown rice, a bit of pasta. Also, I've been eating some cooked beans and legumes for dinner. 


This makes things easier for me, because I am the proud mother of a thriving vegan/ high raw 3yr old. This way, we share dinner together, and I do not have to make 2 different things. My daughter eats the most fruits and veggies out of all the kids in her playgroup, she loves green smoothies and asks for one every single day, but in the evening, she prefers some cooked foods, which is okay by me. 


I know Doug wrote that, if he has to choose between a high fat raw meal, or a low fat cooked, he'd go for the high fat raw. But, to me, the high fat raw doesn't taste good anymore. I would rather eat some cooked beans or legumes and couscous then a raw crackao smoothie. (And yes I know beans and legumes are more protein than carb, but it's usually the only protein I have, I eat fruit mono-meals for breakfast and a large green smoothie for lunch and datorade or more fruits or some sultanas for a snack when my daughter comes home from playgroup).


I always have a large salad with any cooked dinner.


Everything I eat is certified organic.


Now is my question if this is still considered 811? I'm high raw, the bulk of my kcals are from carbs, mainly simple carbs (fruits) but also cooked carbs. For me, this is working, for the 100% raw thing was just going too fast, I couldn't keep up. My body needs some time to adjust to not having to carry around the excess weight and high bloodpressure and all the other stuff.


I'm open to suggestions for change, even though I am feeling really good on eating the cooked stuff for dinner, I realize it might also be convenience or addiction.


In love, health and friendship,


Usha x 

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Thanks Hellicat. I would love to go 100% raw again but it's just too much for my system to handle, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. I will get there, just making sure I do stay vegan and 811.

Hi Mary,


Thanks for your reaction!


I am still very high raw. It's important to me to stay vegan, and 811 (high carb) because it just makes sense to me. I fear that if I force myself to stay 811rv, that I won't be able to stick to it, at the moment...

Hi Usha,


You're doing awesome!  Please don't nitpick yourself.  You've found something that works great for you, so keep on doing it.


You have Doug Graham's preference backwards, however: he would take the low fat cooked over high fat raw.  This is also what your body is instinctively telling you to do, so trust that and go with it.  I would like to add, though, that even if Graham had said he would take high fat raw, he is not you, living in your body, so trying to mimic every single thing he does is not what this is about.  Find what works for YOU (this is your journey to health), using people like Doug as a guide, not someone to be copied.  So far, it seems like you are doing that.  Good for you!  I'm just trying to urge you not to ever EVER beat yourself up for not being 100%. 


I would highly recommend the book Raw Food Controversies by Fred Patenaude.  He covers in detail the exact issues we are discussing here and what he has chosen to do for himself that brings consistent results.  I think you could really relate to his story - I know I did.  


You're awesome, Usha!  Keep on rockin' girl!



Thank you Heather... 

I am still too much "in my head" over 811.... Yes, I do realize that. I am too hung up on counting calories, and eating enough that I even sometimes eat just for the sake of making my 3,000kcals a day. I *know* I have to loosen up there. It's also because I am in a high stress situation that is zapping me of energy, hence I want to make sure I get carbed up sufficiently. BUT it's a challenge in The Netherlands in the wintertime, It's spring now, so hopefully we'll have more options of fruit and I can go back to 100% over the summer.


I have no cravings or anything, just that for dinner I like to add some cooked things, also because I am making them anyway for my daughter.


Fred Patenaude's book is on my list, I have to see if a bookstore here is willing to order it for me, so I save shipping costs... money is quite tight at the moment...


Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot!! 






here is a direct quote straight from the 801010 book by dr Doug Graham... 

" I do realize, however, that for various reasons some people find themselves unable to eat enough fruit to make a low-fat raw vegan diet feasible for them. For such people, I must admit that eating in the 80/10/10 proportion, regardless of the food choices, wins hands down over habitually partaking of the high-fat foods popular at raw potlucks, restaurants, festivals, retreats, and workshops. If high-fat raw or low-fat cooked seem your only options, choose the low-fat option, every time.''

I hope this helps.


Hi Gernot, I'm not at home at the moment and my copy is at home... I remember there was a passage where he was talking about choosing between low fat cooked and high fat raw, and in my mind he said raw was the preference over cooked. I see now I might have confused a few things huh...


....shows you the state I am in...


Geez. I am too freaked out about it, I should deffo loosen up. Eating like this is supposed to be NATURAL, not going about it in a state of frenzy. 


I guess what's underneath is I am terrified that my conditions will come back. That's what's behind it, now that I'm talking about it. 


Good thing I started this thread. ;-) 

What page is that on?
page:132 if I'm not mistaken.
it is a process and a journey. in the past, on my journey, i have tried eating other foods, like oats and rice, and other grains, and of course when i was just beginning dairy and meat. but through experience i have really come to realize the superiority of fruit, and as i become healthier, even more so! i think that this is really a personal journey, of learning, it is good to aim for a goal and to achieve it, just keep your eyes upon it and let it come at the right time.
Thank you, that is helpful!
Thanks Kelly that means a lot!
Thanks Jacob!



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