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Last month my period only lasted 2 days and was very light. I've been doing 80/10/10 100% for 8 months I've been thinking about it on and off. Most people would account that to low body fat and or undereating (which i'm neither of) but....


I've heard about other females on this forum completely stopping their periods. I also heard that periods are another way to get rid of toxic waste and primates only get periods once they're lead into captivity and fed against their natural diet, they're also able to reabsorb bi-products from their menstrual cycle. and when I think about it, it would be a burden in the wild, since predictors would be able to sense us much easier.


What are your thoughts on the subject? I'd love to learn more.


Discuss. :)

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I'm sorry for the late comment.

I am 100% lfrv! :)

I am about 110.

I do exercise (like biking and jogging), but haven't been to the gym in a while though, so no heavy weightlifting which I used to do.

Before I was eating so much fat, it's embarrassing! (bu****,coconut oil, chi****, other putrid substances) I was also cold everyday despite always running and eating calories (not from carbs).

I was eating about 2000 calories per day, now I'm going for 2500.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing though. I went under a lot of stress during summer, as I still had classes. Now that I'm a full time student, the load just keeps increasing!

Although I have to mention that Freelee gets her time of the month, too, and she is oneof the fittest people I've ever seen.

Lindsaycat,  Thankyou so much for posting that article!  I have been missing mine for months and was concerned I was malnourished because I always thought having a reliable period every moth was healthy and not having one meant I wasn't ovulating at all.  This new perspective gave me tons of reassurance - thankyou!

I cant believe I  as a man should  know more about your menses than yourself ! Read Victoras Kulvinskas book and his study on menses , and to answer question,  no you are not supposed to bleed like Western women, and those who follow their diets do, you are not meant to walk from diapers straight into tampons and hygience towels with wings and then into Tena Ladies, no you are meant to bleed profusely,  only a drip of blood only barely visible, the whole aim is to keep your body clean its  for you to conceive later in life a miracle of birth in a clean womb, its an outlet the body uses to get rid of poisons, hence the nauseating smell some  women have when menstruating, Tampons and Hygienic towels were not for millions of years in excistence!    and using it as as unnatural as for me as as man to put a tampon up my arse  , its not meant to be  , its unnatural! Only if you want to live the western way,  eat the western way,  smoke , drink Sodas,  alcohol  wheat,  white breads , sugar,  vaccinations bad air etc life in western civilisation is not GOOD for women at all, periods shouldnt be there, anybody who goes on our fruitarian diet will see it deminish your blood will become lighter every week , month and year,  meaning cleaner blood and your body wont use your vagina as an outlet for poisonous  substances in other words,  a healthy woman doesnt menstruate , you will become light headed , healthy vigorous and clean from inside you will notice as other women say about their sisters eating ` so  called civilised diets that they have a huge Pms problems and abdominal pains,  this is a diseased body paying the price for unnatural living, live li fe the way its meant to be ,  and no more tampons and diapers same with incontinence  dripping its  to much food,  distended stomach pushing down on the bladder , this should never happen , if one eats fruits and raw food this never ever happens  no Tena Ladies! no tampons! no hygienic towels  Ever!! Thats everybodies woman birthright! In the 19th Century women started menses at age 18!! Nowaday they start at 9/10 years and parents thinks its cool their child is becoming a teenager! No , it means your child will have more chance of having all sorts of cancer later in life, your body is adapting to unnatural living.. 

Great Figgy! Im so happy for you!! My ex wife took her PMS and period problems out on me and my kids, she was a bitch to say the least , i told her that her body was unhappy and that toxins are responsible for everytjhing and that she shoukld eat more lightly do colonics and detox and become  Vegan  like me , she just wouldnt we are divorced cause her tantrums got to me and the kids it was horrible  it was war of the Roses ! And belive me i never ever wanted to fight and Quarrel, never! But i knwe when her periods came we all knwe in the family, i showed her books , but she only said±YOu Fuckin MEN!! You condescending lucky bastards etc etc , well it was enough for me , Now I am happy alone, but i feel very sorry for 99.9% of women who dont know whats happening in theri bodies and see it as normal to bleed profusely , becoming irritated insecure persons  always spraying themselves with perfume and useing perfumed Sanitary napkins to hide their smell, use acne gels etc all women should be strong and proud of their immaculate beautiful bodies and sex, there is nothing wromng with them , its the liefestyle , they live like men eat like men drink and smoke like men work like men, no rest , junkfood, etc , every women s birthright is a healthy body Thanks Figgy for telling other women that you should only have a few drops of blood nothing more! Enjoy your weekend!

I've not had a cycle since March this year :( I understand that people say 'well as long as your ovulating' but I'm NOT ovulating either :( I'm terrified about ever being able to get pregnant :(

KittyKat you should be afraid of finding a man with good sperm nowadays with most of the men living so far away from nature hurting their Dna with booze, meat , drugs salt, sugar , processed foods, animal fats milk, Hydrogenated transfats  smoking etc  than you not being able to get pregnant cause of not having your cycle, most probably your body is reorganising itself,  and maybe you havent noticed cause youre  becoming cleaner from the inside , if you eat healthy  and you look after yourself you probably didnt even notice   the few drops of blood , and believe me getting pregnant is easy dont worry about it to much, its been done for millions of years, if you eat like you do , dont worry ,!!its worry and stress that  is not good for the body, YOU WILL get pregnant its nature, its life, if unhealthy people get pregnant why shouldnt you! , go on with your diet dont be afraid excercis,e breathe  healthy air , eat well ,rest and sleep well and nature does what it does best, the aforementioned things are the only things you can do , nature knows best  so if you help nature , it will help you!!

Thanks Robbie I hope you're right!

You are damn right, Robbie! Thank you for sharing your opinion, it fell on fertile soil.

Your not alone! I think I've only had my period a handful of times maybe even fewer! I had a physical yesterday and my new dr told me to lay off the exercising. She said I was exercising to much and creating too much testosterone. WHAT?! Since when is exercising a bad thing! And I don't even do it every day! Any holistic practitioners out there educated in HCRV lifestyle?? 


Hi Heather!

Check out Freelee's vid she posted today.




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