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I've been drinking a lot of sparkling water (no taste, just natural sparkling water like San Pellegrino) lately and I really like the taste of it. Is that OK? Or is it bad for you?

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normally sparkling water have fluoride inside that is very poisonous, so.... ;-)

? Really I never heard this? It's just carbonated water right? - I actually heard it's not good for you really but a little bit is ok, but I don't know. It's CO2. I don't see why or where they add fluoride but maybe I'm wrong ? San Peligrino for example is bottled in Italy but it's at the source it's a spring (they do fluoridate in a few places in Italy).

I think the co2 steals calcium from your bones...I'd say it's ok to have sometimes but not all the time.

Consider that some of these drinks have added sodium/salt, so use your judgment

I think they're just talking about sparkling water does it have sodium added as well? If so that's crazy...!

San Pellegrino! I loved that water! :)) That and acqua Panna are the only I rely on when traveling in Asia.. Although I usually avoid sparkling, its amazing knowing where its coming from! I drove by the spring many times in Italy.. Its near Milan.

A fact that maybe you'll find interesting is that rain water takes about 30 years to filter from the Alps to the San Pellegrino spring.. But unlike most people think the water isn't carbonated when its coming out from the spring :) They just apply the carbonation process using the natural thermal springs that are in the town of S.Pellegrino ..

One of the few natural carbonated waters is acqua Claudia, which isn't generally exported.. It comes from central Italy, near Rome in the Lazio region (the city is called Anguillara Sabazia) an area rich in geothermal activity, the reason why its carbonated is that the chemistry of the water at deeper levels contacts the volcanic rocks which gives both the water a strong mineralization and further enriches it in natural carbon dioxide..

I love my water and I think its extremely important to drink the correct type! Demineralized water is just useless in my opinion and others add even chemicals to clean it.. Which I think is crazy! :) and what I found extremely difficult when I was living in Asia or even now here in the US, that I can't find spring water anywhere!! Which is why I rely on acqua Panna hahaha :)

Oh btw, one last thing, since lately I've been learning most things from people who the rest of the world doesn't even consider or they classified them as third world countries; in Ethiopia (Africa) we used to give the children of the villages our bottles of water (since it was crazy hot there!), do you know what they did with it? They emptied them and kept the bottle.. They didn't drink our tasteless chemically clear water, they where sure glad they could keep the bottle (which is what they needed most) and filled it up with spring/stream water which was more of a yellowish color.. Well I guess that had some taste to it, which is why they liked it! :)   

Haha, really? Well, as long as they got the bottle :O haha

if the water source runs past or over florite  "a mineral" it will get flouride in it

Some, like pellegrino have a bit of sodium, but negligible in most cases. Some, like many seltzer brands and some club soda brands are totally free of salt, and are just water and carbon dioxide. Our bodies are incredibly adept at removing excess carbon dioxide. We have things called lungs. And the amount of co2 in a glass of seltzer (that we don't burp out) is trivial compared to what we breathe out each day, so don't believe the calcium argument.

Wow, didn't know that. Thank you!



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