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Hi again,
As I can't afford organic fruit and veg I have only been buying the regular supermarket variety. But is this still okay?
Will my food still have enough good stuff left in it, and not too much poison basically?
Ie. will the good still outweigh the bad?

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Do you think they feed organic stuff to animals..? NO.

Most non-animal sad foods aren't organic either..

Any fruit/veg diet is much better and less toxic than any sad or other diet.

Of course organic is even better, but do your best and don't worry about the rest..:)

I buy organic greens from Whole Foods, but most of my fruit is conventional from Costco.

Yes!  Definitely much better than SAD.  I'm able to get only a few things organic - bulk dates, garden greens and veg, and wild berries in season.  Otherwise I have to make do with conventional.  Would prefer organic for obvious reasons but am thriving on non- and you can too.

Thats a great analogy Melissa. Do you(or anyone else) think this would apply for veg as well? where I live we only have one small organic shop and in the last year they have had celery for sale once and lettuce twice. There is no farmers market either so if I want to eat greens they are the conventional sprayed variety. Im really reluctant to put them in my juicer.

I eat conventional and I am doing all right:D)))

Organics are a fraud in many cases.  Many of the fruits and greens are grown on nutrient depleted soils, get cross contaminated by other crops, and almost all fruits are sprayed by pesticides by their middle man carriers on the way to market.  For me, paying almost double the cost for sometimes sour and inferior fruits was just not worth it.  

Peace, PK


So true, PK.  I ate some organic cherries and woke up in the night with cramps in my feet . . . just like I used to get when I ate non-organic fruits and vegetables.  But how do you go back to the store and convince them they've been ripped off, or they've ripped you off?  And I'm not too pleased about the $9 "organic" pineapple I bought that was completely unripe, or the $8.50 "organic" pineapple I got the next week that was rotten throughout.  Or the organic watermelons I bought that were tasteless . . . I could go on.  I have often wondered how people manage to stay fruity, because I seem to be unable to find really delicious fruit on a regular basis.

Thank you so much guys, that makes me feel much better!

Hey, I'm on a budget too and just use the whole clean fifteen dirty dozen idea to help me. I've heard that fruits with a thick rine don't allow as much of the pesticides in. So if you could, maybe buy fruits like bananas, oranges, melons non-organic, and keep everything else organic. But I've also heard that yea, just doing this kinda diet vs sad diet is much much better.

If you know who smoothie girl is on youtube she talks about one of these studies that concluded that people on a vegan based diet were much much healthier/less prone to disease (one of these types of things) than sad diet people. And the people in this study weren't consuming organic food.

Walmart has a organic section :D, its on the cheap. Also if you get a sams card its even cheaper haha. Farmers markets have great deals too (and you can barter).

yup its fine.
Of course it's better. Where do you think they get the stuff to make SAD food? Processed non-organic grains, fruit and vegetables slathered with chemicals and preservatives. Going non-organic fruit won't let you escape the pesticides, etc (but you can minimize it by eating only certain things non-organic like bananas, etc look up the dirty dozen) but it will let you escape the chemicals and preservatives.
My concern is the long term pesticides consumption. When SAD eaters eat the non organic stuff, they cook the heavy metals and other poisons literally off the produce. Also, SAD eaters do not eat enough quantity of fruits to worry about that aspect of agriculture.

On the other hand, I still have Michael Arnstein's videos in my head about the dangers of high volume non organic fruit consumption. Remember him pushing his dad in a wheelchair? His dad was a high fruit eater possibly, and he was making an important point about minimizing the pesticides exposure.

Workers who apply these poisons have to wear complete protection, or else they will be ridden with many types of cancer. These poisons have to stick to the flower or the fruit so that the rain does not wash them off. How on earth are you protected if you eat fruit all day for a few decades in large quantities? Peeling fruit helps, but considering that the flower will actually become the fruit, encasing and retaining the poison ladden seeds, it makes no sense to think that eating large quantities of heavily sprayed figs or apples etc will keep you healthy, or healthier than steamed veggies.

I was shocked to find out that Wild Blueberries are sprayed heavily too!! Just a little research and I vowed not to eat those blue gems, unless they promise not to spray them with 58 different chemicals that cannot be broken down by the fruit, by the pests or humans. Some mildly toxic sprays are common, which I am aware of, thus washing fruit is a good practice.

I know, I will get blasted here for the above, but I felt the need to contribute in hopes to prevent a mass consumption of poisons via commercially sprayed fruits. If just one person reconsiders buying more organic fruit, I feel we are going forward in supporting our farmers and orchard keepers to keep it sane and healthy.

Good post. You have highlighted a number of my own concerns and a few more. But what can we do? If a person does not have access to organic fruit and veg,like myself, is there any way to nutralize/mitigate the effects, such as soaking them in water or H2o2 , or some other method along these lines?



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