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I recently looked at photos of myself from adolescence and honestly I think I see in them what my ideal weight is, but I cant tell if that is an unrealistic thing to think about? I was probably about 110 lbs back then, but these days it is hard for me to get below 150...(same height)

I have been high carb vegan for a long time now and have seen so many health improvements! I really am not focusing on the weight, but on health and fitness but at the same time I would like to get a general idea of where I can expect my weight to go to after a long time 100% 811rv. I started a 100% 811rv challenge at the beginning of this month, and have been totally great on it with the exception of one meal of baked sweet potatoes when I ran out of ripe fruit about a week ago. I havent been on a scale but my pants are like falling off in the last 2 months, so I am encouraged.

Looking at these photos though I cant help feel a certain desire, but I dont know if it is a bad voice in my head telling me such a thing is possible.....

any thoughts from folks who have been 100% a long time. What is your weight in comparison to your adolescent weight?

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+1, Well said Chris! :)

simply , yes

actually i started puberty at 8 so i was pretty much developed at 13......

How hold are you now ?

Don´t think its unrealistic, I know someone who had 120 pound when she was 20 or 21 and whn she was 19 she had still 106 pound. I think its possible.

How much did you grow since you was 13 ?

I am not sure if you can get back the weight as you was 13, but in youth you gain the most weight and maybe it was more than was necessary and you can loose it now again, but should be difficult.

When I was biking, after having 2 children, I weighed less than I did when I was 13 with more muscles, too! I went from 155ish to 112, I'm 5' 5.5" and that is my goal.  So, even with muscles (which weigh more than fat and are smaller than fat) you can lose the weight and be "super skinny".  It's slow going now, gained weight with baby #9 and am back around 145...I really need to make time to exercise (which I feel like exercising on this diet) and just drop the weight already!  Hope all goes well with you and stick with it...it's nice to know of someone else that's in the same place as me!

Please, don't let weight become an obsession.

thanks everyone for your kind responses....we will just have to see what happens over the years and i will be grateful with whatever path my body chooses toward health and fitness

To tell you the truth I'm thinking it's a little un healthy. But I guess it depends on how developed you were.

Where is the photos?

Its both possible and impossible depending on what we can see visually.

Freelee not possible. Me not possible but for many people its possible. Depends on the person. Show us photos if you want a 100% answer.

No scanner at my place but I will post photos next time at the computer lab



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