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Is it stupid to put fillings in children's mouths when the child will grow and the filling won't?

Your thoughts?

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I have struggled with this topic.  Our dentist says that filling the baby tooth helps defend the growing adult tooth from decay but I have my doubts.  I don't know how you would really know.  That said, my kids have had some fillings.  The kid with the least is high carb vegan.  My oldest who is vegetarian (eats cheese, no other dairy, no meat, no eggs) and my daughter (who eats occasional white fish and egg but no diary or other meat) have had a few more but less since not eating meat regularly.  Just like any other health issue, in my opinion healthy foods and lifestyle have more affect than anything.

when the child grows but the fillings wont? is ur thought that teeth grow in their width etc as well??? r u talking about the second pair of teeth or the first that will fall out with 5-13 years????

first teeth dont grow in their size. they stay the same. imo totally rotten teeth may affect the new teeth underneath in the jaw.
fillings in new not fully grown out teeth (if u mean that) should also be no deal. teeth r fully formed in the jaw before growing out of the gum. as far as i know.

fillings dont fall out of teeth coz teeth grew after setting a filling. never heard of that.

but some say remineralation ( is that a word ?) could cause a filling to get pushed out a tooth. no idea if thats the case.

most/nearly all kids i ve seen with cavities were caused on the front teeth by excessive acid juice drinking at nights with a babybottle. or on the back mollars coz of bad brushing techniques or no cleaning at all of the fissures.

Like Mary I have struggled with these issues and I don't know how you can know for sure the right thing to do.  The dentists tell you that if you let a cavity go it can effect the tooth below it or become infected and kill your child.  However my friend's Mom from Japan says that in Japan they would just let kids' cavities rot until there was no tooth left and the adult teeth came in fine.  This actually happened with my son who refused to let a dentist work on him.  He had two baby teeth that just whittled down to nothing and he now has healthy cavity free adult teeth where those were and only one cavity in his whole mouth.  Oral cleaning 3 times daily, brush and floss and a good mouth rinse with something anti-bacterial will ensure no more cavities.  It is not natural for us to do this but due to our poor diet history we need to go against our instinct here and do it. 

When I was 14 y/o my mother took me to the dentist "for a check-up."  I had no pain, no visible cavities, and no problems in my mouth--that I was aware of.  So the dentist took X-rays (shot dangerous radiation at my mouth, brain and head) and told me that I had 8 cavities (not on the first visit, but over the course of 4 years). 

Every time I went to the dentist, I had no problems when I went in, and no visible cavities--but he used X-rays to find some cavities that were not visible--then he drilled away HALF MY TOOTH to fill cavities that were not visible!!!  Worse yet, he filled the healthy tooth with mercury-amalgam fillings--which are the worlds most dangerous poison!!!

As I grew, the fillings "became loose," and had to be replaced by hammering on them to loosen them enough to remove them, drill a bigger hole, and put in a bigger mercury-amalgam filling!  He cracked a tooth one time as he hammered and I needed a bridge to replace the tooth.  Soon the fillings became so large that they weakened my tooth.  The enamel had become so thin because the filling had become so large, etc., etc., etc.  I got absessed teeth from the loose fillings.

As the years went on I continued to have problems with those fillings.  Soon I needed root canals and crowns because the root had become infected from all the dirt the dentist deposited in my teeth.  Then I had problems with the root canals and the crowns and had to have them replaced; then I had to have the

 teeth out.  Then I needed to have implants.  Then the implanted teeth became sore.  The titanium that was implanted in my teeth is another dangerous, heavy metal.  The accumulated heavy metal from my mercury-amalgam fillings and my titanium implants had to come out!!!  I was beginning to get heavy metal poisoning!

After all my teeth had been sabotaged, destroyed and removed by my dentist, I had to have dentures.  But the dentures didn't fit right, began to hurt.  The new dentures were too loose and fell out of my mouth on occasion, so I had to have another, and another, and another set of dentures....

Looking bac, I have come to believe that dentistry is a scam!  It's a way for dentists to get rich and children to lose their teeth, over a period of 60, 70, 80 years.  My mother was a fool to take me to the dentist the first time because that's where all my problems started!  I had healthy teeth before I let the dentist sabotage them!!!!

Wow, sounds like you've had a monstrous experience with dentistry over your life.

When I was 15 years old I had NO cavities.  Then they put braces on me, the big metal ones, this was a long time ago.  A year later when the braces came off I had 8 cavities.  And you know what?  I haven't been back since then except for once when I had a chipped tooth repaired.  That was 30 years ago!!!  Really sets you wondering!

It's my humble opinion that if dentists really knew how to care for teeth and were willing to share that information, there would be very few dentists.  Same with allopathic doctors.

Baby teeth don't grow in size as the kid grows, the mouth grows so the adult teeth will fit, but that's it. Any cavity in a child's mouth should be at least monitored by a dentist, I'm an orthodontist and I know lettting baby teeth rot in the mouth until they crumble is not healthy or advisable, when teeth are left to crumble space is lost, space needed to fit the permanent teeth that are coming, not to mention the child could be in pain before the pulp dies, and cavities are an active infection. When space is lost either in the upper arch or in the lower sometimes the only solution is to pull one healthy premolar out, so don't do that, go to your dentist.

what about expanding the palete?  do you have experience with this option for lost space?

It's not aleays an option, I mean they are different problems. Expanding is needed when the space problem is transversal (i don't know if that is a correct word) and extractions when the problem is anteroposterior, pictures would explain ot better

ok thanks for the info., I just learned about this option for getting braces and thought wow, can we really correct the shrinking jaw problem?  do you use this palate expander regularly in your practice and do folks ever get problems down the line from doing it?

There are two types of expansion, one is dental the other is surgical for actually opening the palate, with the dental there are no problems because is just a teeth problem, the other one can have relapse or when its not performed correctly even bone necrosis, is not something a dentist not trained in ortho should do

ok thank you! :)

Teeth will not grow and or change shape whether baby teeth or adult teeth.  

I encourage people who need fillings to get them.  In the old days, and in some old societies, up to 1 in 4 people died from complications of dental decay, and average lifespans ranged form age 25-36.  Other leading causes of death were ruptured appendix and childbirth.  

Deep cavities can lead to oral, gum, bone, jaw, and eventual blood infections that could lead to death.  

It is better to nip it in the bud while the cavity is small, cheaper to fill than a root canal, and more convenient to save the tooth that have an annoying space in the mouth if tooth needs to be pulled.  

Even though I know if we were monkeys living in the wild we would not brush or get fillings, I encourage people to eat right, brush two times a day, and floss before bed.  Reasons include most people in modern societies have underdeveloped jaws and crowded teeth from poor maternal nutrition, poor childhood nutrition, and or poor dietary choices.  

Many of our mothers meant well, ate enough calories, and thought they were eating right or feeding us right with 3 squares a day.  But what they were feeding us was not healthy for long term health.  

This is not necessarily the fault of the person, rather the circumstances we have inherited.  

If anyone child or adult needs a filling, I recommend get it.  

Peace, PK



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