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I was hesitating a lot whether to post here or not, but I dont know how to handle the repulsion of my 15 mo against the fruit any longer.

I am almost 100% raw vegan, still breastfeeding my infant at least 5 times a day (quite a lot for me). Besides I feed him raw fruits and veggies. But what was the enthusiasm at first, changed to repulsion. When I give him any fruits he used to eat, I can see that he is not interested, but he is hungry and would love to eat...anything else, just not those fruit. He doesnt want to try new fruits, so he was always eating the same things as avocados, watermelon, bananas, grapes...

His father is not raw, even not vegan. He is vegetarian, with great amounts of fruits. He tries a lot to not eat cooked food before my son, but it is difficult and there are many disputes between us about food. When my son sees him eating something else, bread or pasta, he is mad about it. So my husband feeds him and he eats with great joy. He was always spitting out the fruit, every meal was a struggle, he just juiced the pieces of fruit and spitted them out. That doesnt happen with bread....

Now he is a bit ill, he just BF and rejects all the fruit but he would eat bread with eager. He would rather starve than eat fruit... Is it normal?

I read this article, which created great doubts about raw foods fed to children http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/blog/?p=2030 What do you think about his opinions?

Moreover, my baby is really small and very tiny, so I guess he doesnt get the sufficient amount of calories and proteins.

Therefore my questions are: Are here any mommies with really raw babies? How did u do that? Is it possible and healthy? How can I make fruit more interesting for my son? What are the tricks when 1 parent is not raw (even though he is not completely against the idea that my son is raw). Please give some recipes, tricks.

BTW I read Karen Ranzi s book Creating healthy children, but id didnt help.

Thank you so much

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it's not natural to be a vegan. Even "vegan" animals such as horses eat lots of insects and their poo, unlike us. If you want your child to be raw vegan and unsupplemented, tread very carefully, keep checking growth and teeth and find a good role model. I don't know of one. If you want your child to be raw vegan with a few small supplements, you now know what to look for. If you want your child to be raw and unsupplemented, then please assume they can't also be vegan.

"talk to us we have the supplements you need, to buy"  (made from animal products)

With a partner that is not raw, you're going to lose.  It's like having one parent that is fit and another that is not.  The chances are far greater that the child will follow the less fit example than the fit example, especially if the child is the same sex as the other parent.  Disputes about food are also pointless and will cause the child to rebel even more because they will associate the dispute with the raw food.  For me, parenting is about finding the balance between your needs and the child's needs vs what you want and the child wants.  By letting go of 'control' of your child and concentrating on giving the best example of health and happiness of yourself you will increase the chances of your child following your example one day.  Be happy with your example, if your partner is not happy with his example that is his own burden to carry.

p.s. at 15 months introducing a bunch of variety in the diet is not hugely important either.

p.p.s. Don't set a time limit for your breast feeding-ie that you have to do it for 'x' amount of time.  It seems you are setting goals that are putting pressure and stress on you that are unnecessary and reduce the quality of that experience for you and your child. Your worrying will undoubtably affect his digestion.

Disputes about food are also pointless and will cause the child to rebel even more because they will associate the dispute with the raw food.


I feel that this is definitely the case.

So I should give up my dream of a raw baby, shouldn't I? Nice. I can't. I just really can't give my son things I know are not healthy. Hm so what should I do? Someone can change my brain?

I believe that changing your own perspective is your only choice.  We can only change ourselves.

Who does the shopping?  If you are only buying healthy items, then you are not giving your child the unhealthy stuff.

My son at that age would go through periods of months with only eating one or two varieties of food as well as breast milk.  I didn't see it as a problem and I was a SAD eater at the time because I knew that the bulk of his nutrition was supposed to be coming from the breast milk.   If you're eating healthy then he's getting the best from you anyway.  Years from now you will look back on the breast feeding period as very short indeed in the large scheme of things.

Peter, great explanation of kids and 811  Thank you!

Hi Maria! We have a lot in common.  I am not 100% raw, but mostly, and the cooked food I eat is mostly steamed rice and potatoes.  My husband is not vegan.  My kids are 19 months, and 3.5 years.  You are not alone!  I know exactly how hard it is to watch your child want to eat things your husband is eating, and not be interested in yours.  Marriage is about compromise and I would suggest talking it over between you and your husband first, so you don't have food disagreements in front of your child.  Decide on what types of foods are ok for your child to eat, and you both need to be on the same page.  You may also have to make some sacrifices because your husband is not the same as you.  I feel if you push your way of eating, and your husband doesn't agree it will cause great conflict.  So you both may have to make some compromises. 

My kids love fruit, but they also love bread, pasta, etc.  I make home made pizza dough, bread, etc. so at least I know where it came from.  I would love them to be 100% raw, but unless my husband changes it's not going to happen, so I need to just do the best that I can.  And I am ok with that! 

Both of my kids really like frozen fruit, and often they will be more open to trying frozen treats over fresh ones.  This might help him/her get used to the taste.

If you make a sauce using dates, like a 'caramel' dipping sauce it may help, I know my kids will eat almost anything if it comes with a 'dip.'

It also may be a phase.  Both of my kids go through periods where they love a particular food, and the next week/month they hate it.  So it may pass. But the more you and your husband eat the fresh fruit/veggies infront of you child, the more he/she will likely eventually follow.

I have a blog with many recipes that my kids love, and let me know if you have more questions because I am in a very similar situation!!



i was raised raw in the 70s and i feel i am super healthy for it

IF only it was this natural hygiene i say it would have been even better. the more we know..

and of course i know if my mom didn't leave my dad in the dust before i was born i know it would have never been possible

thank goodness for strong independent women who don't compromise  and for support from people like ann wigmore and raw community



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