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I was hesitating a lot whether to post here or not, but I dont know how to handle the repulsion of my 15 mo against the fruit any longer.

I am almost 100% raw vegan, still breastfeeding my infant at least 5 times a day (quite a lot for me). Besides I feed him raw fruits and veggies. But what was the enthusiasm at first, changed to repulsion. When I give him any fruits he used to eat, I can see that he is not interested, but he is hungry and would love to eat...anything else, just not those fruit. He doesnt want to try new fruits, so he was always eating the same things as avocados, watermelon, bananas, grapes...

His father is not raw, even not vegan. He is vegetarian, with great amounts of fruits. He tries a lot to not eat cooked food before my son, but it is difficult and there are many disputes between us about food. When my son sees him eating something else, bread or pasta, he is mad about it. So my husband feeds him and he eats with great joy. He was always spitting out the fruit, every meal was a struggle, he just juiced the pieces of fruit and spitted them out. That doesnt happen with bread....

Now he is a bit ill, he just BF and rejects all the fruit but he would eat bread with eager. He would rather starve than eat fruit... Is it normal?

I read this article, which created great doubts about raw foods fed to children http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/blog/?p=2030 What do you think about his opinions?

Moreover, my baby is really small and very tiny, so I guess he doesnt get the sufficient amount of calories and proteins.

Therefore my questions are: Are here any mommies with really raw babies? How did u do that? Is it possible and healthy? How can I make fruit more interesting for my son? What are the tricks when 1 parent is not raw (even though he is not completely against the idea that my son is raw). Please give some recipes, tricks.

BTW I read Karen Ranzi s book Creating healthy children, but id didnt help.

Thank you so much

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Talk to Stephane and Clair, members here, from Southern spain. They are raising 2 raw vegan children. I meet both and spend some days with them, that are absolute healthy kids :)

Let go of your imaginations how your child has to look like, what size and what weight. Just give it the right food, trust, and let nature do its thing.

To become more confident, talk to Claire and Stephane :)

All best wishes, Peace and love.

Yes, our two son have been raw from conception, mummy is 100% raw too. They are both breastfed (17 month old and 3,1/2 years old).

They didn't show any repulsion to fruit, but they may get bored with eating the same fruit over and over. Winter time with lots of bananas, then our older one ask for other fruits, and we would get him some durian if we can, which he always loves. But we also don't force them to eat that or this, and if they want avocados, they get some, nuts too. It's up to them. But at home they don't see anything else to eat, so sure it helps.

Now, our older one, when out visiting friends or family, doesn't look at the food other people eat as food. He only wants his fruits, or pick some greens in the garden of our friends!

Our youngest one is not always interested in eating at all, just wants to breastfeed, which is a bit tiring for mummy... And some days he would eat a lot! Before two years old, they are still experimenting.

Both of them are well within the top par of the official medical charts, in case they mean something. So we don't really worry about them.

If your kid is already getting some taste for cooked or salted stuff, maybe you could try to wean him off that by switching with trying to offer him more fatty food (more satiating, and young ones need more fat in their diet than adults anyway). Don't be scared about your kid eating one or two avocado at once, my kids do, by themselves, and it doesn't prevent them from running around all afternoon afterwards, they get plenty of energy from it ;-)

Regarding Fred Patenaude comment, I think you could have the exact same article and comments with any kind of diet: some parents and kids do well, some don't, some stop along the way, etc. It's not a very scientific and well built article and analysis, just some kind of preconceived ideas all put together to say: maybe some do it, but most likely you are gonna fail...

That's a good idea about replacing cooked food with other fatty raw vegan stuff. Like an avocado dip for veggies or something. :)

My experience with kids, from raw parents and not raw parents, is that the ones who started eating cooked food mostly do it for the salt in the food. Remove the salt, and they stop showing any interest in it.

Also, I saw some parents who are afraid of their kids eating fatty food, and then those kids were/are always begging for some food, or when they can put their hands on some avocados or such, they just jump on it! Not on bread or whatever. Young kids really need more fat in their diet than adults, for proper growth and hormone production.

And I know many will disagree on that point with me here, but this is my experience with my two boys, and with some other kids I met from raw vegan, low fat parents.

Yes I have also read that children require more fat as well as more protein than adults and somehow this really makes sense to me.  Sprouts would be wonderful for this little guy perhaps.  Ahh there's so much information out there and it's really tricky as we all just want to do our best for our little treasures.

Peter, honestly, I cant imagine BF until he is more than 4. Even 4 seems to me impossible. Maybe 3. No way, you cant imagine how tiring it is. He is able to suck like 30 to 45 mins each time before going to sleep. Noooo I dont want this.

Is there a possibility to buy a bread without salt? Hmmm

Kimberry thank you very much. BUT he has a period of hating avocados. He rejects them. A dip? he refuses everything mixed, ....no dips for now....

thank you Stephane, this is what I asked for, the real pieces of advice, THANKS

as for the fact of being bored, I think he might be bored because he gets only a very limited choice of fruits because he refuses to try the new ones. He would like to try, when he sees me eating it but when he smell it he is repulsed or I dont know what but he even doesnt open his mouth

Youre kidding? my son doesnt eat even one whole fruit at a time, not the smallest banana, spitting spitting spitting everything but bananas

He is unfortunately very curious and when he sees his father eating he wants to try it.

He is 15 months old and wants to breastfeed a lot, it is soooo tiring plus he eats like hald a banana a day. Maybe even 3/4 of a banana.

Karmyn Malone is also a great resource as well as Ann Osborne and www.lfrvfamilies.com

Other than that I don't feel I can give much more of a response without more information.  I have two daughters who are eating mostly raw and vegan.  I have also been a nanny and worked on food issues with lots of people, especially kids.  At that age kids are paranoid about food.  It will be a struggle sometimes because they are really still getting an introduction to food.  Especially if your child is eating bread(gluten, grains?) that food is addictive and damaging to the digestive tract.  Of course your child is going to want bread over fruit.  This is what it does to the body.  Especially if it is something that your child senses a conflict with and if it is something he is not being forced or coerced to eat and it is not given to him often.

I would say let him make messes of his fruit just to let him become more accustomed to eating them.

Also, let him help you make meals, smoothies, fruit salad, let him sit in a pool with a mango and make an event out of it.

Let him get into the routine and let him get into a place where you're doing something (like on a walk, at the park) and fruit is THE option.  No stress about it...that's just what you have.  Have him take "just a bite" and he will likely want more and more.   (I do this a lot)

Also, you may want to look into getting him with other kids who eat fruit or Copy Kids DVD has really been cool and gotten my kids to eat some things they hadn't been interested in before.  http://yogicare.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/i-bet-your-kids-will-eat-f...

My kids literally ask to watch this all the time and I sit fruit/veggies in front of them and they eat it all! 

Make sure he is getting enough veggies too and why do you think he's not getting enough nutrients, just because he's "small" or do you think he is "too small" and why, if so?

WHat more information would you like to know?

I will check the DVD...

I dont know anybody who would raise raw kids here in Brussels, I already searched on the Internet, but cant find anybody... And when we are in a park, the parents of other children want to give him all the time something "bad" like baby biscuits... So far he hasnt taken them...

I dont know whether he is too small or too thin.... Its just that my husband thinks he s too small... And people,,, coz everywhere the babies are soooo big

Hi Maria.  My 'babies' are big kids now and all three have gone vegan, by their own choice, even with a sad-eating father (of course once the oldest decided the younger followed suit).  Their first foods were fruit but once they were introduced to breads they showed the same preferance.  When they were old enough (and I had gone vegan) where I could explain about digestion and vitamins and health etc, it became a lot easier.  They still eat some pasta and breads but at every eating time there is unlimited fruit before anything else.  Fruit first is the rule never broken at our house.  The kids are a combination of hcrv and hccv. 

The biggest hint I can give in feeding kids fruit is to give them freedom of choice.  Choice about when they eat  - I have an open rule, they can always grab a raw fruit or veg, anytime.  I also let them pick out their favorite fruits at the grocery store.  My daughter could live on grapes, one son has citrus the most and the oldest will try anything, he's always picking out the oddest fruits.  This week it was lychees and unique fruits.  It gets expensive yes but I feel the more I spend on fruit the less I will spend on flours and pasta.  I do make their bread with wholegrain spelt and no salt.  I've weaned them from the salt in bread and pasta over time.  They're so used to the no-salt stuff that they reject most restaurant foods and will rarely eat what other's cook for them.  They now have a full understanding of how eating those foods will make them feel.

Have you tried yummy smoothies?  My kids favorite is pineapple, mango and raspberry, with water for right consistency.  And juicing citrus is always loved.  Also maybe relaxing more at meal time, putting fruit out and letting the child 'eat what they eat and leave the rest'.  I've gone crazy at times with my kids being picky or complaing - just do whatever you want with what's on your plate (within reason).  No pressure is the key.  And don't sweat it if they don't always eat what you put out.  Just keep reintroducing it, keep it on the plate.  Keep the mealtime relaxing.  Maybe if they want to share your husband's food  you could make it a  habit of having it only AFTER fruit, in a gentle firm way.

Hope you get some helpful hints that work for you.



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