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Is it possible to eat anywhere near to 10% protein on raw food?

There are quite some protein related topic nowadays, here is an other one.

I would like to gain weight. About 15% more. I am 188cm/60kg (6'2''/132lbs) so I am targeting about extra 8-10kg of muscle mass. I have been 60kg for about 20 years and looks like I don't gain weight no matter what diet I follow, though I've been vegan for about 6-7 years. To tell the truth, I didn't really stuff myself till dead nor lift heavy weights.

I have been eating raw for 3 months and according to cronometer I eat about 2800kcal/day of which 4.5% comes from protein. That makes 40g protein a day. Which amount seems to be insufficient to gain weight, I am still 60kg as I was before. I started to do exercises about 6 months ago, no heavy weight, just push-ups, abs and squats. As a result I look the same :) maybe my muscles are a bit more defined but not really bigger.

I concluded, that fat and carbohydrates will not become muscle (this may not be entirely true, but I eat 700g carbs), so I need more protein to build muscle. 40g seems to be perfect to maintain my current muscle mass, but it is low to build more.

My question is: how on earth can I increase the protein intake from 4.5% to, say, 8%? Toying around with cronometer I would have to eat 6kg of romain lettuce, lol. Together with various fruits that would make 3000kcal of which 8% would be protein and about 90g. That's a hell lot of protein, probably I don't want that much.

Can you please share a daily menu which is rich in protein? My daily capacity is about 3.5kg whole raw food.

Please note, I have watched several videos about protein and I've learned that normally we don't need this much - if you want to maintain your body mass. However, I want to gain weight.

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If you are already eating that amount then you just need to really push it at the gym. 

When I was younger I couldn't put on weight for the life of me and I was eating a lot of meat/protein. Then I get into Muay Thai and hitting the gym hard and jumped to 185 lbs with 8% body fat. That was years ago :) 

The cal count might look low but remember you are not a big guy. Your hunger will force you to eat more once you start training harder. If you are eating 80/10/10 and getting hungry eat more and you will start to build.

ah, thanks for the "Fruits Highest in Protein" link, I was looking for something similar!

PS: apparently this guy only ate fruit to get his build

Jericho Sunfire but he says he is a breatharian now.


Yeah who knows... but if it is true then it is crazy....

NOTE: I'm not saying I follow or believe what he says :)

Yes, thats definitely too much. Did you do it on raw vegan diet? We can see every day what damage eating 120-200g animal protein can cause. I guess you used protein supplements. I haven't heard of a comprehensive study though about excess plant based proteins causing similar diseases.

Anyway, it is impossible to eat 1.2 - 2.0g of protein per pound of body weight on this diet. That would be minimum 150g protein in my case which is about 120 bananas or 10kg romaine lettuce, lol.

Thanks Nate, this spreadsheet is really great. 

Regarding the raw-food-health article, the WHO or USDA recommended protein intake for my weight would be 48g.  Let's see if I calculate with the recommendation for athletes, than it would be 96g. I don't even look at the body builder numbers. I have a strong feeling that keeping the protein as low as 5% at 3000kcal will not help me too much to gain weight.

Fava beans? Never heard of it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was not available in the Netherlands. It sounds interesting, but I think I will not go to the bean/legumes direction.

If most greens are around 25% proteins why not.

But there is a lot off confusion on the net, no one seems to make the difference between proteins and amino-acids, is the 10% recommended is proteins and amino together or only proteins.

 Brian Clement say that his diet is the higest protein on earth and at the same time he say that its like 90-5-5

I'm confuse

Proteins are made of amino acids. So 10% protein is 10% amino acids. At least it sounds logical to me at the moment :)

The question is probably the amount of essential amino acids in the protein. So if half of the protein is non essential, then 10% protein is not the same as 10% (essential) amino acid.

I don't know too many greens with 25% protein (not counting peas and beans). Those leafy greens highest in protein are also high in oxalate (kale, spinach), and as PK would probably say, better not to eat them. Romain lettuce has 17% but you have to eat say 8kg of it with 15 bananas to get 3000kcal and 10% protein. I think it is not possible for an average person, it is just too much fiber.

Most mainstream diet and nutrition experts do agree that oxalic content of foods should not be a concern to healthy individuals. The nutritional benefits of eating oxalate-containing foods such as spinach outweigh the minute risk of forming kidney stones. Dietitians and nutritionists generally do not steer people away from dark, leafy greens because they contain oxalic acid.

Some raw food diet experts take the oxalate debate one step further by suggesting that oxalic acid is actually beneficial when consumed from raw, organic greens. They claim that it is the cooking of foods that contain oxalic acid which lead to problems in humans.

That's good to hear. Actually I like spinach very much, much better than romaine. Especially if it is young and easy to chew. I will reconsider this.

Thanks for the links and video Jon, they are great. Quite a lot of reading, but I will take it step-by-step :)

However, what we mean by "excess protein" is confusing. For example Doug is talking about percentages and I agree you don't need 20-30% *excess* protein. But if you look at the absolute values, 5% protein can mean 40g or 80g depending on how much calories you take. So, is 80g excess protein? Should then I stick to 40g instead because protein does not matter?

I try to put my original question in a more compact way. Have a look at these examples:

1. 3000kcal 9/5/5: 700g carbs, 40g protein

2. 6000kcal 9/5/5: 1400g carbs, 80g protein

Do you say that it is the +700g carbs that becomes muscle tissue rather than the 40g "excess" protein? Or both are equally need?

My questions are: will the following combination work, is there such a menu, is it cheaper and is it less in volume?

3000kcal 8/1/1: 620g carbs, 80g protein

I think you need X amount of carbs to build in Y amount of protein. But what is the optimal X:Y ratio? I don't want to eat excess grams of carbs just to convert it to heat. That costs money! And I could put on some clothes if I was cold.

I believe I get it. I would not care about it, if I had

  • unlimited money and
  • unlimited stomach capacity

If I had to double my calorie intake, I would have to buy twice as much of food. As a result I would have to spend somewhere around 800-1000 euro a month! That would be ridiculously much. Of course I could eat bananas only, but that would be miserable. I just learned that orangutans eat 300 different kinds of fruits and greens, so I don't want to go with the lot but miserable way. And of course, it looks like so far I cannot eat more than 3-4kg. So I try to find a sort of optimal ratio between carbs and proteins.

Using your car analogy, I don't want to fill a 50 liter fuel tank with 70 liters of gasoline because 20 liters would go to the ground and I payed for 70.



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