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Is it lack of calories/sleep/water or 9/5/5 that cuts your sex drive?

I've been eating 955 for a while, I do have some fat like avocado's once in a while, or the white meat from a fresh coconut, but pretty much 95% of the time I'm just eating 955. I notice I almost never have a sex drive anymore. I do extremely intense workouts and think I generally get enough sleep most of the time, so my body is working really well, but my sex drive (the 'drive' when you 'gotta have it') is just gone since going hard core 811.

Funny when I do have overt fats I can feel the 'urge' a lot more to have sex. Anyone else experiencing these things? I find it actually a big benefit as I don't have my sex drive, driving me to make decisions anymore... my wife might not agree though...!

i tell my wife...that in nature animals reproduce once a year - at most! lots of animals go years without reproducing. I tell her that the media and these shit women's magazines only talk about sex and push everyone to think that if you're not having sex 10 times a day your life sucks or something... it's all part of the insanity of how other people live and eat each day...the diet is so so so so huge in effectng EVERYTHING of your existance....

Now sex and 'love' are different things! if you don't want to kiss/hug/touch then that is another problem (which I tell my wife) ... 'cuddling' drive I think actually can go 'up' when eating a clean 811 diet.

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Maca is supposed to increase semen and sperm count and sex drive or reduce it if it is needed to.
hey Fezz,

I understand you want kids, but think about forcing yourself to have that child. The energy isn't strong or enjoyable while you force yourself to have sex, which will mean the energy you are creating will be dull and not too positive....

I personally believe that sex should be passionate for the reason of making a child. The energy that connects between you and your lover will be that child. Just my opinion..
Why would you want to force yourself to have sex. No child should be conceived this way. Sex should be fun.

If you are struggling to get pregnant after a year, and have a low libido, you should also consider the fact that your reduced libido is not necessarily because of a healthy reduction in sexual appetite, but because of some other issue, such as low testosterone levels, low zinc levels, low Essential fatty acid levels. Im not saying it is this, but theyre important differentials to consider.

Many people forget that if youre not consuming overt fats, you have to make sure youre getting enough EFA's by eating enough greens and total calories. This may be a link, given that your libido increases when you have fats.

Take care

Adam x
"if youre not consuming overt fats, you have to make sure youre getting enough EFA's by eating enough greens and total calories."

What if you just take hunger or tiredness as a sign to eat?
I wouldnt see hunger or tiredness as reliable indicators that your body is asking for more EFA's. This would depend on caloric intake. Granted, the body does have biofeedback mechanisms/receptors for individual macronutrients, eg. protein, fat and carbs, which induce a sense of satiety when met, and leaves a sense of something lacking when not met. So its possible that one might use hunger as a form of feedback. But since the body will generally sense satiety most providing its total caloric intake needs have been met, this may prove unreliable.

As RGG says, calories and greens are important to make sure youre getting enough EFA's. Remember, fats arent bad, they are essential. Its only excess fat that can cause problems. You cant just generalise that its a good idea to have a really low fat intake, and then assume that the EFA's will magically take care of themselves without a sufficient intake. Your body has EFA requirements, just like it has calorie/fuel requirements. They must be met, or there will be a price to pay. The price will be your health in one form or other.

Take care

Adam x
Would the body store these EFAs? or is it saturated fat only.. you get where I'm going, i'm fat.

Thanks, Adam

The body would utilise the EFA's but not store them as fat. EFA's are absolutely essential for a number of things in the body, such as cellular integrity, hormone functioning and neurotransmitter functioning. Its no coincidence that the term Essential Fatty Acids contain the word essential. Its not just because they arent manufactured by the body and need to be consumed. Its because they are literally essential.

Fat storage as adipose tissue is relatively simple...more calories consumed at a given time than can be used by the body. Main solution...only eat as many calories as your body needs, throughout the day, and at a given meal, avoid refined carbs eg. juices, and exercise at least once a day. In any case, you would be very hard pressed getting fat from EFA's in fruits and greens. :o)

Take care

Adam x
Well Adam,
According to DG . We can get plenty of efa's from 811 diet.

I didnt dispute that. I agree we can get plenty of EFA's from an 811 diet with or without the consumption of overt fats. My point is that EFA's will not take care of themselves. If you make certain food choices regularly, eg. fruits low in omega 3 and/or 6 predominating in the diet, and consume minimal greens, its very easily possible to regularly undereat on EFA's and develop some form of deficiency.

Take care

Adam x
Ok, yea I see your point adam>variety is good! Thanks
off topic Adam,

it's great to see your posts again!
Cheers guys :o)



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