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Is it lack of calories/sleep/water or 9/5/5 that cuts your sex drive?

I've been eating 955 for a while, I do have some fat like avocado's once in a while, or the white meat from a fresh coconut, but pretty much 95% of the time I'm just eating 955. I notice I almost never have a sex drive anymore. I do extremely intense workouts and think I generally get enough sleep most of the time, so my body is working really well, but my sex drive (the 'drive' when you 'gotta have it') is just gone since going hard core 811.

Funny when I do have overt fats I can feel the 'urge' a lot more to have sex. Anyone else experiencing these things? I find it actually a big benefit as I don't have my sex drive, driving me to make decisions anymore... my wife might not agree though...!

i tell my wife...that in nature animals reproduce once a year - at most! lots of animals go years without reproducing. I tell her that the media and these shit women's magazines only talk about sex and push everyone to think that if you're not having sex 10 times a day your life sucks or something... it's all part of the insanity of how other people live and eat each day...the diet is so so so so huge in effectng EVERYTHING of your existance....

Now sex and 'love' are different things! if you don't want to kiss/hug/touch then that is another problem (which I tell my wife) ... 'cuddling' drive I think actually can go 'up' when eating a clean 811 diet.

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I don't expect you're household is short of bananas for you wife.
omg! LOL, rontflmfao!
lol, good one.
And Cucumbers with some Vaseline
well, to be honest I was only 955 once and I can't remember, BUT, definitely sex drive decreases drastically with lower fat...add nuts and you're back up there again. To me, reducing my sex drive is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE blessing.
I'm experiencing the same. Good riddance to it I say! Life is so much easier without it screwing up my decisions. I'm single though, so it's easy for me to say at the moment.
Yes, Stephen this is how I feel too. It does however get complex when you have a partner to please as well, unless they are in the same place. I guess for us women it's easy to still "please" our partner, as in we don't really have to get anything up to do it, so even if you're not really wanting it, as long as you're not NOT wanting it, you can make it work.

Also, I suggest just getting all cuddly and touchy feely...maybe sex isn't about the sex drive anymore, and it's about making love, starting with touching and licking and then who knows what will happen. Just do it from a place of playful showing love.
Hi Steve, yeah, wasn't necessarily talking abotu you or Michael, just in general :)
Eva, you obviously didn't read my message right. I never said it is sex without really wanting it or doing you a favour. In fact, my message clearly says NOT that.

Now I really don't see anything wrong with being there for your partner. Sometimes you just don't feel the urge for sex but your partner wants it, so what is wrong with allowing yourself to get turned on and playful and get engaged with it even though you didn't feel the urge for it in the first place? Yeah it may take a little bit of effort from you and your partner, but what the heck is wrong with doing that because your partner so badly wants it? I personally don't think anything is wrong with it, and I don't 'see anything wrong with doing my partner a favour as long as I am enjoying it as well, even if I didn't originally "want" it. It's fricken ridiculous that people have such an abhorance to being available like that. If I really really wanted it, I'd want my man to be open to sex or atleast oral sex! Heck, we're there for each other unless we're tired or sick, or just plain don't want to!! But what the heck is wrong with trying to want to if your partner does??

And yes, I AM HERE TO PLEASE MY PARTNER (if I had one right now), and he is here to please me. I think that you can tolarate other people's ways of being without calling them "the worst approach" etc. Thank you!
hey Eva, thanks...no, of course it isn't "use"...to me that would be if I was just allowing myself to be used and I don't want it, I don't feel like it. This is quite the same as rape, but allowed rape. I would never condone this for anyone, it is very dangerous for both partners.

Thanks for clarifiying.
However, even if I'm not "in the mood" to partake in intercourse... I can still be "in the mood" to provide pleasure.

This may or may not be isolated to a "woman" thing... I'm not sure?

I think you're right Cass, a man or woman can do this, and it would almost always be good.

i was shocked by the thought of being there for use. and i do know women who are actually thinking sex is a kind of service they need to pay to their men. i do call that a very bad approach.

Eva .. not as heard of but some men do this too sex as a service and at times in bad approach.

Behaviors ect maybe more common in one gender, yet basically it can and does go both ways.



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