30 Bananas a Day!

Is it healthy to starve so you can maintain a 6 pak as a female?

Alright Guys, about to hit the grocery store within the next couple of days to get my raw food life started! I need tips, experiences you guys had first starting out and what you learned, food ideas, suggestions, ANYTHING! What to expect, etc etc


Also, where can I figure out the appropriate amount of cals to take in to avoid weight gain? I have worked HARD for these abs and would like to keep them! Haha no but seriously...

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hey courney!
welcome to 30BAD and the LFRV lifestyle. Definitely check out some of the groups for beginners, and definitely read the 80-10-10 Diet. As for just starting out, stick with fruit you like, and eat tons of it... At first your stomach needs a little time to adjust to the increased volume of food, but it gets way easier after a couple days. Download the CRON-o-meter which will track your calories, macronutrient ratios and vit/min content... its super easy and a huge help. As far as how many calories, general consensus is multiplying your weight times 10 then doubling it for your minimum calories for the day and adding on more coinciding with your level of activity for the day. Do not be afraid of putting on any weight or of the carbs. Just treat these first 2 weeks as an experiment, committ 100%... then see how you feel after. Not being fully committed will get you nowhere fast. I started by going to "banana island" and absolutely loved it. Do expect some salt withdrawl, it happens, and its pretty rough, but it's just your bodies way of telling you that you need more calories. What really helps is just searching around this site for any questions that may arise, or looking at other websites/ videos on Youtube... 80-10-10'ers are definitely the healthiest, happiest, most active, vibrant people around!
thanks so much! so i won't lose any muscle mass/tone doing this and eating THIS many carbs? haha i'm trying to trust you guys on this!
Courtney, you are going to lose a bunch of stored toxins in your body and a bunch of stored water. Some of this water is making you look somewhat puffy around the muscles. You ARE going to get leaner AND be able to eat more calories. The stuff you are eating now is not the same calories as fruit & veggie calories. That other stuff clogs your body and you do not use it as efficiently as the fruit cals. GET THE BOOK
What was your experience like? When I've tried, I've been MISERABLE all day, felt huge and bloated AND unable to hit the gym because I can't move a muscle without, well, you know, very unlady like things happening. but I think that had much to do with improper food combinations. Should I be eating 3 meals a day, of mono fruits? and not counting calories? I just can't even comprehend how this wouldn't put weight on me! Hahah again Im NOT saying you guys aren't right - I'm just scared. Crazy, I know
It is VERY difficult to put on weight from just eating fruit if you are sticking to the lifestyle principles 811 teaches, Dr D recommends daily sweat-raising activity and he does it himself. This is part of a healthy lifestyle, not exercising isn't... which I think many people expect they can do when they come to 811. So if we actually stick to what 811 teaches then it will be near impossible to put on any significant amount of weight BUT if we don't exercise (which isn't 811) we MAY gain a small amount but it's nothing significant, this is never cause to restrict calories. I've been there people, it doesn't work long term, you will just gain it back.

Most people's ideal body weight is governed by societies expectations unfortunately so the level is usually unrealistic. If a 6-pack is your goal then maintaining it will be tough but it can be done if you are doing enough exercise and eating enough calories to maintain that level of exercise or else you will just burn out. Never NEVER restrict your calories on this lifestyle or it will lead to cooked food - this is coming from someone who has been on this lifestyle for years successfully and is lean from eating as much calories as desired (that's generally over 3000 a day). The great thing is when we eat as much as we can and NEVER restrict - the result is an unending enthusiasm to exercise, suddenly we have the energy to exercise and as a result burn fat.

There is also the factor that we need to be patient as our bodies are 'balancing out' after years of abuse and calorie restriction which may initially lead to some weight gain but the last thing we want to do is to confuse our bodies once again with MORE calorie restriction! Again there is no long term LFRV's with a weight problem and if we want to become one of the lean long termers we need to make sure we are eating enough calories or else 'hello to cooked food again' and 'hello to fat and fluid'
This shot is taken last night at the END of the days eating. I generally exercise every second day so I would be a lot leaner with daily exercise which is what 811 teaches.

I appreciate your honest, thoughtful response, Freelee. And you are lookin super sexy and fit. Kudos!
Thanks so much friends :-) I appreciate you saying!
DAYUM, Freelee... lol You look amazing!
You are my inspiration. Thank you for posting this. Last night I read that comment you replyed to and it made me feel strange. I ALWAYS eat more calories than what is needed for my height/weight/age, and I've not gained fat weight from that. If anything, I've gained muscle, that's for sure. And that is also because I both exercise, and my weight was below what my body needed when I first started on this path.
And Freelee, you look amasing in that picture. What an inspiring example we are setting for the world with this lifestyle! I'm so proud of us and the path we're creating.
Thank you, thank you so much for your courage, enthusiasm and proactivity in spreading the word.
Love, CB.
So you were considered underweight and still didn't gain any from this?
I'm eating more than ever, and my BMI went from about 22 to about 16. So I'm not underweight, but I've always been small, and I lost lots (25lbs) of weight eating as much as I want (a ton!) everyday. Everyone is like "how do you eat so much?" lol
Thank you so much CBraunmuller, this means a lot to me X



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