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I've heard so much about durian over the past 3 years that I feel like I'm really missing out on something special. There is an Asian market not too far from me that sells durians, but they only sell frozen ones and I don't want my first experience with any fruit, much less durian to be from a frozen one.

I've also searched for durians on-line off and on for the past few years and the only sites I've ever found that can sell them to me only sell frozen ones as well. (I've heard too many complaints from people about frozen durian not tasting anywhere near as good as fresh durian, and I of course know the difference between eating raw blueberries and frozen blueberries.)

Plus one of the workers at the Asian market that I live by told me that the durians aren't organic and that he's almost positive that no durians that are shipped to the U.S. are organic because by law they have to be sprayed with various chemicals. He also tried to tell me me that because of the smell you probably couldn't send one through the mail without problems.

So if I live in the U.S. and I want to try real durian would I have no choice but to leave the country?

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Hmm... My boyfriend said he found some crazy expensive thing online that will over-night durian from thailand or something. I'm not sure of the site, though (I'm no help!).
As I understand it, durian is not fresh for very long once it falls off the tree. It might be very difficult to locate it here. NY or San Francisco would probably be your best bets.
Yikes!!! Thanks though.
50$ each?!

maybe I should just start a "durian fund" aka "give your nickles and dimes to Peach so she can fly to Thailand and sink her teeth into some durian"
I live on the west coast of the US, and we have several asian markets that have fresh durian on occassion (most of the year just frozen) but it's crazy expensive, like $7-8/lb, and whole fruits are going to be at least 5lbs each. The first time I tried frozen durian I thought it was disgusting (out of a plastic packet), but the second time I got a previously frozen whole fruit and I enjoyed it quite a bit more. I still have yet to try fresh, but I think you can get a feel for whether you like it or not from trying frozen, not to mention much cheaper.
You can always ask, but I would assume that it's previously frozen. Two markets that I go to carry the same brand of imported durian, one leaves it in the freezer, one puts it out with the other fresh produce (and I've verified that it is previously frozen).
I too paid $70-$80 each in Toronto...one was amazingly sweet and aromatic, the other one was tough, did not smell much, I could not eat it, threw it out. Ouch!

Lesson learned, if it does not smell from the outside, don't buy it. Right?
Well, I was told by an anonymous shopper where they sell durian in TBay and she said there is not much difference from the fresh compared to frozen. It's not like blueberries or strawberries at all. They freeze well, and only keep unthawed for about 4 days before a radical change occurs. However, they sometimes come frozen in an unripened state and don't ripen once picked. Those unripe ones have little taste and are definitely not the same as a perfectly ripe one. But what are you to do when you are so far removed from them. Just bring it back for a full refund from the place you buy your frozen durian from. It's hit and miss I suppose.
If you want to spend 70-80 dollars each for fresh durian, you might as well save up and enjoy a vacation and go to the durian festivals instead where I hear that they have competitions to gorge on durian. I also hear tale that DR is the champ. You just might enjoy it more that way and who knows, maybe you'll get a good belly laugh at DR stuffing his face.
I think you are right, John, I'll save my money and do the trip. I would LOVE to see DR stuffing his face with a fresh, ripe durian!

Yes, my question was whether they ripen after being picked, and you answered it, thanks.
Just wanted to let the 9bad people whether I have just come to be content with my posts of the past or if I will always be searching for the right thing to do. I shall say I will avoid eating frozen durian ever again and any food that has been previously frozen for that matter. I just have come to this conclusion a couple of days ago and now here is my view. The fact is that as a human I am prone to make mistakes. I am not sorry for ever eaten frozen durians, I still want durian, but since I can't get one fresh at a reasonable price I opt for 9bad and a variety of other fruits, especially the young coconut. Enjoy the fresh fruits of the land and live your life. The change has finally come under the pressure of my thumb that keeps going numb in the cold.
I'm seen them unfrozen 2x in asian stores (in TX) but never thought they could have been previously frozen...hmm...



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