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I wrote a post about eating sweet potatoes and gaining 4-5 pounds 


I want to (again) emphasize that due to my job, i usually bulk most of my calories at night, since i barely eat more than 600 cals during the day


i ate about 4-5 pounds of sweet potatoes for dinner and i am a small 25year old 5ft 94lbs girl:)

so my beautiful experience is: i ate all that during  several weeks, and my weight did go up about 4-5lbs...

Now, last few days, i did raw... just to give my body a break!

2 days later... down 4-5lbs.... THAT SIMPLE!

So if you eat rawtill4 and feel like you are bloating ( for me, natural sodium in sweetpo and starchy late night dinners where doing it) ... just...give yourself a tasty rest! go raw and then jump back again!

What do you think? has this happened to you? Its just my experience and my humble advice! 

un beso a todos desde argentina! 

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Have you always been this thin and ate this much?

I've always been a "petite", and i used to do a lot of sports when i was in my teens ( so i had more muscle) and then I took up ballet and contemporary dance... after that i did couple of years of yoga and after that i found pilates ( which is a mixture of both yoga and ballet moves).. but sincerely, since last year i have been pretty much not active at ALL! 

Also, i used to be a little bit heavier in my teens, when i hadnt really transitioned to being vegetarian... when i turned 19 (after my dog died) i finally took vegetarianism, BUT i always had VERY BAD allergies (my skin was all red, with acne and itchy 90% of the time) PLUS i always had digestive issues ( throwing up for "apparently" no reason), really bad headaches and i used to be weeks in the hospital due to "false appendicitis alarms".....

ACTUALLY, what was going on was that i was lactose intolerant and had a dairy allergy! and  I also i have mild Celiac disease 

So, THAT IS HOW i became vegan, as i didnt usually eat eggs anyway! :D

BEFORE being vegan i used to be 5ft weighing 101... and i was a little bit chubby but normal ( as i repeat, i am very small framed!)  

Being vegan made me lose 9 lb that never came back, most of it was water and i feel amazing, i found my true size and energy levels match! 

Being raw till 4 makes me maintain my weight, eating 3 times what my boyfriend eats!!

Hope i answered your question Oriana! I would looooove to hear about youuuu!!

Well, I have been struggling with ED most of my life.  I found a fruit diet many years ago and knew that is was my salvation.  Even though I tried dieting, etc. I always found that I craved fruit and had to eat it or I couldn't function.  I always thought there was something wrong with me because nobody wanted to eat fruit like I did.  I am a marathon runner. I am 5'3" and 107 pounds.  I love to eat A LOT.  My training is about 7 miles a day and 20 on the weekends as I teach 1st grade and have 4 children of my own. That's me!

Wow Oriana! Thats amazing!

So impressive that you are a marathon runner PLUS 4 kids PLUS TEACHING! 

I kinda figured you had an ED, cause i have a very close friend of mine who is in treatment for anorexia/bulimia ( i actually dont know exactly which one...so lets just say ED), so believe me this is an issue I hold very close to my heart...

I did lose actually a LOT of weight due to my celiac/lactose and dairy allergies, about 22lb!

But that was when i was not diagnosed with it, so everything i would eat to gain weight, wasnt really absorbed by my body! Being vegan actually saved my life... i was skin and bones for about 2 years of my life. 

So, actually the short story of my life is that i DID lose weight. BUT i actually GAINED WEIGHT eating this way! 

But let me be clear...  before having my celiac/dairy terrible breakdown, i used to be 103.. due to all my intoxications PLUS my body failing to absorb nutrients.. i fell to a VERY SCARY 74lbs! Being vegan helped me gain up t0 88lbs... and actually... if i dont make an effort....REAL EFFORT... my body tends to stay at 88lb! 

So thats WHY im saying i really have to eat to reach 94lbs!

So on this way of eating does everything abnormally just go through you system or do you go to the bathroom like everyone else? With celiac do you have the runs all of the time.  Have you seen Esperanza  who also had celiac and was near death who is 80/10/10 now?

Oh, no! I'm actually 1 week old in 30bananasaday! So i actually dont know anyone!
I would like to get in contact with her!

With celiac desease, the thing is that your small intestine gets damaged by gluten ( protein found in a lot of cereals and common everyday products)... you get intense pain in your stomach, headaches, some get skin rashes ( i get them sometimes...) and yes, basically sometimes...what you eat comes out almost intact..if you know what i mean... its no fun at all... i have deficiencies because of this... and i need to take vitamin D and calcium, as i "flush it" away otherwise...

Even so, what really makes my health tremble are dairy producs... thats what i OUGHT to stay away... ive been hospitalized 2 times last year because of it. My body cant stand anything dairy.
I get diarrhea, fever PLUS cant stop vomiting! Typical symptoms of a very strong intoxication.

But to be fair, I loooooove cows and i protest against the meat and dairy slave industry! So thats my body and mind right on the same track, ha!

Can you post how much you eat on a day that is more than your boyfriend? You are my size so I am curious.

generally speaking...

i eat fruit for breakfast (grapefruit, apples, pears, tangerine, plums)

a big salad  for lunch: i tend to change my salads every week, add new stuff, change other ingredients: there is always greens, tomato, lemon, summer squash, carrots and spices... then in season time i add cauliflower, broccoli,  brussels Sprouts , egg plant, red cabbage, some leeks and onion etc

and 4-5lb sweet potatoes for dinner...plain simple!

although now im changing to winter squash with potatoes most of the time!

hope it helped! 



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