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Is everybody's goal here to earn enough money to get a piece of land in a tropical place to grow their mini-fruit farm and then not have a job?

If not, why not?

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Sounds Wonderful, and love to live close to a rainforest with wild fruits too, but i would love to have a work that is meaningful and something i love to do too, like making music, doing healing (i am already a certificated White Time Healer) and water-color-painting, but so wonderful if everyone did not have to worry at all about money anymore! Isn't the money-system another very negative energy only for government to have mind-control on us?

The only modern thing i need is to have some sort of alternative energy for air-condition and an internet maybe?

But what a great dream with all the fruit-trees, paradise definitely, really beautiful thinking of all the fruit flowers too, and can you imagine the smells, why has not this been done already, maybe it finally is one of the reasons many of us fruit-lovers are here on earth now.-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2uXeq0UrWw
I've got a job, and it's to give people a reason to still talk about me when I'm gone. It's to do my part to change society for what I perceive to be for the better. But I'm definitely up for some tropical land as well, but I don't fall under the "no job" category. I'll always have a job, if you know what I mean. But FIRST, I need to get my Phd.
Definitely my dream. I have some money, the motivation, but am lacking knowledge of the perfect country/location. I'm definitely a dreamer personality, but I'm done dreaming and want to do this by 2011. Before my lfrv conversion I never thought such an existence possible, so I didn't take it too seriously. But now ... where oh where?

Ecuador is calling out to my soul, but also Hawaii, the Philippines and Thailand.

I would still work as I love having a purpose. Possibly setup a raw vegan internet cafe, maybe an eco-retreat, or teach some of the locals how to program (or some of you guys) and write code while the fruit grows.
Why Ecuador?
Why not? :)
I just don't the reasons for any country not just Ecuador; I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of various places; I don't know which place to choose.
I understand :)
I've never been, but it's ...
politically stable
a major provider of banana's to N. America
beautiful beaches and mountains
not as expensive as costa rica
not as impoverished as peru

Philippines, Thailand and coastal Asia (China, Korea, India, Pakistan) already having MAJOR flooding problems, and I expect them to get worse in next few months.  Choose highlands of Thailand if you expect to relocate there.  Namaste, Mark


Floods submerge most of Philippine capital
#weatherchanges #earthchanges #naturaldisaster

Thousands stranded/Evacuated as Massive Floods Wreak Havoc in the Philippines (Aug 7, 2012)
#weatherchanges #earthchanges #naturaldisaster

Devastating India Flash floods leave 95 dead, millions homeless (Aug 6, 2012)
#weatherchanges #earthchanges #naturaldisaster

169 killed/400 missing/212,200 people left homeless as Torrential Rain & Floods hit North Korea
 #weatherchanges #earthchanges #naturaldisaster


Beijing Rainstorm Death Toll Reaches Thousands Instead of Officially Reported 37 (July 26, 2012)
#weatherchanges #earthchanges  #naturaldisaster

Well when i was a vegan the first time, i felt like I was being trapped and claustropobia struck as I was pinned inside these concrete walls - all I wanted to do was to escape to the forest and the seaside so as I could embrace nature - but nature is a cruel mistress, and it would be devolving a long way!.. - but life was simpler back then and we were better off - if only they had known how well they were off- and they had stayed in tribes etcetera...

Still I look foward to having a long life and dying in my sleep - good things that will happen with the lfrv diet I know....
YES!!! with an EarthShip and a job helping others!



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