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Is everybody's goal here to earn enough money to get a piece of land in a tropical place to grow their mini-fruit farm and then not have a job?

If not, why not?

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awesome Stephane, great to hear, can you give others a hint on how to do it?
Live your dream, don't dream your life.
The younger the better, and never feel scared about lacking money at some point.
If you decide to take off young, you don't need much money, but you'll need hard work to get your place to a point where life comes closer to your paradise. Because if you start young, you most likely start with little money, and will get a piece of land virgin, or abandoned for some time, and that for sure needs lots of work.
It's better to start young I think to enjoy it longer.
Myself, I worked to get enough money to buy some land, not virgin, but not maintained for several years, but still with fruit trees on it producing. But just a small shack, no house, no electricity, just stream water etc. But I work everyday, either to maintain the place, work the garden, and build the house. There is always something to do.
Once you know what life can be dreams, you can get yourself to put some hard work like you never thought you could.
Of course, if you have tons of money, you may not need to put much hard work to get your dream alive. But I think that in that case, most people lack the accomplishment feeling from working hard, and soon or later will fall off the wagon ;-) If one wants to live his/her dream, one has to do it fully, not half way.
I'm not saying you don't need money at all. Money can help you get started, help you get a piece of land in a part of the world better than another. But money shouldn't stop anyone, because often it's not the first jump that scares people, but the future after the jump, the "how to sustain on the long term?" thing I get all the time. Just because people nowadays have a hard to understand the idea of lowering your needs/expenses/comfort level to your real needs and to real happiness.
I didn't do it with no money, but I know people living this way with less to start with, others with more. But I know more people with more money than me who always tell me they couldn't do it, even if they know they can afford it financially, but can't off the modern society idea that you always need more, more money, more stuff, more everything.
The only thing I need more are trees. Even if I plant about 100 trees a year for the last years, I always need more, and always find room for them. And guess what, trees are free (once you know how to graft, get rootstock and so on).
gosh this is a very inspiring motivational post Stephane! Thank you I hope everyone reads this and/or you repost it somewhere :) I like your philosophy on money.
Thanks guys, you made my day!
excellent post
i moved to Hawaii 8 years ago , no money just green thumbs callused hand and pockets full of organic heirloom seeds.
still creating paradise on Hawaiian kingdom lease land along the river and it gets better every day
no bills , no money , plenty food
hard to believe i am in USA. where i live.
if this is your dream and have no cash, and no like work stupid job to pay more bills then,

I recommend to start work trading on a permaculture farm in an area you desire to live then let your path open up for you
there is so much food here i feed people where ever i go, it is worth more than cash to the good people
May I ask how much did it cost you to buy the land in Spain?

Congrats you made it! I totally agree! That's my plan!

If you look for some inspirational readings, I recommend the book Driving over lemons, by Chris Stewart. I put a thread on the book club about it.
i want to build edible forest one day..amazing idea,then when i will have family,all generations can live from that...
but i dont think that i would stay there all year,work is important,building new things,new projects,etc..
But if i would make there some retreat,then i have even work there,that would be great...now is the time to make enought money:)
I probably won't be travelling the world too soon so I'm currently growing food in my house and back garden and if I end up somewhere long enough I'll grow a few trees and plants there perhaps. It's nice to be self sufficient but at the same time I don't really believe in saying "This is MY land and these are MY trees and MY food" or having control over nature too much. There are plenty of natural trees out there growing fruit for anyone to enjoy and shouldn't be owned by anyone. Also having your own farm or whatever would tie you down a little. Maybe one day. I see why people want it.

Liam :)
I want that, just a minor adjusment;
I would prefer to work a little too, I love my work. I would like to live on a community which had a retreat/ workshop space too and run workshops, do healing etc. Thats my goal : )

There would certainly be work to be done, even just living off the land. I think you meant 'work' which is societies word for 'something you hate but have to do to pay the bills!'
>>I think you meant 'work' which is societies word for 'something you hate but have to do to pay the bills!'

yes that's what i mean.



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