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I want to put a challenge out there. Something I've realised is that lfrv promotes a very lean, low muscle type build. I think most people loose a lot of muscle when on this diet. Is there anyone out there that can post a ripped/muscly type physique - not skinny muscle, that has been following lfrv exclusively. I appreciate there are vegan bodybuilders out there, but no lfrv's that I've seen could can attain that build.


Prove me wrong people!



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Can we be as "muscular" as professional body builders? I think so
Could we be as "big" as them? No. Probably not

I'm not saying you are but I don't know why you're concerned about this anyway. It's cool to be interested of course but are you intending to become a body builder?

I think we have other priorities on this lifestyle
Not personally interested in bodybuilding (at this stage of my life), but then again, never say never right. Life's too short to not experience all (ok, most of) the phenomenal things out there.

I like the defined, muscular look that can be achieved through hard work, and the bodybuilders, or at least muscled athletic build (eg. an athletic sprinters body) impresses me. Not a fan of steroids or anything of that sort.

Freelee what about natural competitive bodybuilders? They achieve some fantastic results, without artificial enhancers.
It seems to me like 811 is best designed for endurance athletes rather than those looking for strength/explosive power gains.
Carl Lewis was an 811 cooked vegan when he ran his 100m world record of 9.86 in 1991.

Carl worked with Dr McDougall. So if a doped up world record holder can do it on a cooked 811 diet, then someone on the same drugs/training/genetics could do it on fruit for sure.

'natural bodybuilders?' Heck, all the olympians are natural I thought? :)

If its a big comp with some money and fame, drugs are just part of the game. Heck people drink coffee to use a typewriter, athletes use drugs to go to work too. Its just how it is, sad as it may sound.

Its like expecting Australian organic mango farmers to have fruit on the shelves in August..you just cant do that naturally but chemically, for sure. Just go visit the local fruit shop.


and don't forget constipated.


Take Care,
Heh! My body had never even heard of muscle till I started 811 :-o
Like the others have mentioned, 811 is for all around health. Having a "ripped/muscly type physique" is not the same thing as being healthy. Therefore, not to sound rude, your question is a bit irrelevant.
If attaining a certain type of aesthetic is more of a priority than your health, then do what it takes for that (in the bodybuilding world, that means train hard, eat lots of protein, take supplements, etc.) If attaining superb health is your top priority, then do 811. But my point is you must pick and choose what's important to you, and don't confuse aesthetics with health, as many often do.
DR, carl lewis had a mad body, and it seems that it was attained primarily through non steroid means. I think some diets r better suited 4 some ppl, others 4 others - clearly cooked vegan worked 4 him, bigtime! I think its a bit of an unfair allegation 2 suggest all successful athletes are drug users or unhealthy but i concede a lot are, Spesh those who don't have the benefit of rationality...
Surely any competitive athlete goes into competition with atleast a load of caffeine in their system. That's their priority. To win. Like Jenni was saying. It's whats important to them. So they do all they can
Its been my experience training/racing with olympic, world champion, tour de france, elite athletes that 100% of em are on drugs of some kind. Doesnt make em bad people though.

Some guys I race with have a few puffs of ventolin before a race or hill climb and that gives em the next level for sure. Its not illegal and is totally condoned.
Drug free LFRV body at 57. Dr Doug Graham.

This is 6 pak seb. I took this photo when were in Thailand after an all day fruit eating feast. You wont see ab shots like that on crew that eat all they care for everyday, unless they are LFRV crew. :) Seb trains hard and eats hard. I met him in Sebastapol and he was eating a tray of mangoes. Only 811 crew do that sort of stuff! :)

... don't mind the gnarly robot claw



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