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I want to put a challenge out there. Something I've realised is that lfrv promotes a very lean, low muscle type build. I think most people loose a lot of muscle when on this diet. Is there anyone out there that can post a ripped/muscly type physique - not skinny muscle, that has been following lfrv exclusively. I appreciate there are vegan bodybuilders out there, but no lfrv's that I've seen could can attain that build.


Prove me wrong people!



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Here's one: http://naturesfitnessmodel.com/ check the bottom at the "photo stream".
I'm not totally sure if he's lowfat but he got the body Jo are looking for.

The body I would like to have, and working for, is the Otter/swimmer mode:

Then again, I think rawlee got an ripped/athletic body.
nature's fitness model's got a phenomenal body!!
Don't think he's lfrv.

Loving being proved wrong - very motivational! - thanks and keep them coming. The more inspiration the merrier ;)
As much as I dislike linking to certain places - Here's a thread that may interest you, read through the thread and check out the buff LFRV's.

All these guys are 100% LFRV's.


This is from my discussion on GITMR...(in reference to males building massive muscle on LFRV)...

I've been around enough bodybuilders and bodybuilding competitions to know that NO ONE gets massive gains on ANY diet without the training (& drugs) !!! My ex was doing some serious training, health-compromising drugs, and eating a lot of food to get to the size he is - 233lbs. He was in the gym all the time. I agree I haven't seen any low fat raw vegans getting massive muscle gain on a raw diet because they just don't do the training and are not inspired to get "massive gains" like my ex below but in saying that I haven't seen ANYONE getting massive gains without artificial assistance...LFRV's will never get as big as guys like my ex because they aren't using artificial means to get there... My ex was obsessed with looking huge all the time, this was his priority (not health) so he did what it took to make it happen and a lot of that involved taking steroids. Most guys who go low fat raw vegan aren't willing to sacrifice their health for MASSIVE muscle gains.

It's also important to objectively differentiate between what tissue people are actually building. Is it muscle they are gaining or fat and fluid? Also exactly what drugs and supplements are they taking? Most raw vegans (esp LFRV's) are not prepared to take drugs but still get unfairly compared in size to guys taking drugs?? WT?
That really isn't being objective at all. Everyone knows drugs enhances performance at all levels or else it wouldn't be rife throughout today's elite athletes. The drugs enable bodybuilders to train at unnatural intensity levels.

LFRV's generally abstain from salt so there's a good few kg's of water weight gone right there. They have less toxins circulating in the bodies (mainly from the cleaner diet they eat) so less water is required to dilute the pollution - so we can't forget about those kgs that add to size. Also creatine is a big fluid retainer which is a "must have" for the muscle-focused gym goers. LFRV's generally have a lower body fat level hence less fat rippled throughout their muscle tissue which always makes muscles look more inflated.

I worked in Australia's biggest gym for over 5years and actually one of the world's busiest gyms with over 10,000 members, I knew all the "muscle heads" (endearing term). There wasn't one who was clean of performance enhancing drugs. My ex took about 20 tablets a day relating to his muscle building efforts - some including... Anabolic window, L-Glutamine, Xtend, Arimidrol, Creatine, D-fine8...unfair advantage? Ofcourse.

My guess is if we put low fat raw vegans on similar drugs they would get similar but cleaner results, minus the puff and fat....although I'm yet to find one who is comfortable with destroying their health in this way.
I dont know anyone in the LFRV scene that hits the gym real hard except for Giacomo Marchese. (below) All my buff mates in Adelaide that hit the gym hard, do roids, protein powders, creatine, salt and some do skin thinning agents. This all creates an unatural standard. Doesnt make em bad people but its important to compare apples with apples vs apples with bananas. If our goal is to get massive and super ripped, then drugs are 100% essential for that process. Can you prove me wrong Jo ? :)

I reckon Giacomo is about as big as a 'natural' bodybuilder could get. Lets remember that 100% of the mainstream magazine bodybuilder guys and gals are pumping hardcore steroids and stimulants to train hardcore. Thats why they 'shrink' when they go clean. The average person eating a SAD diet is consuming a lot of hormones both naturally occuring and added so that is going to be of assistance to an athlete but be a hinderance later on with health.

Considering it's all muscle. Very good.
I think Harley looks quite big in this video. Especially considering he doesn't weight train a great deal as far as I'm aware

If I dropped 10kg via even more cardio training, Id ride and run a lot faster. But thats not my longterm goal.
i've had quite an easy time gaining muscle and strength.. this was in april, and i've only gotten stronger and leaner since then:

Want big muscles? Lift really heavy things.

Most 811 people seem to be are cardio buffs which makes sense given that it's all carbs. Many may be drawn to it because of that.
DR the dude in that pic is ginormous - impressive. I'm suggesting that following an 811 diet 2 the tee however wouldn't produce a bod that massive. Although il would allow 4 a host of other benefits. I guess ultimately it depends what am individual is after with their diet/ lifestyle. A competitive body builder wouldn't fare 2 well on 811 agree?
Considering that a competitive body builder needs to take steroids and a cocktail of many other drugs to stand a chance in most competitions, the answer is NO.
"A competitive body builder wouldn't fare 2 well on 811 agree?"
- ofcourse because to be competitive in the mainstream arena you've got to take steroids, did you see my post above? We can't make comparisons to drug takers.



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