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ive become rather conflicted between lifestyles like raw 801010, and the starch solution. cooked food doesnt necessarily make me feel physically horrible, but lately emotionaly because ive read so many conflicting views about cooked food. for me theres so much convenience in pasteurized juices and potatoes. it seems like rawtill4 is the happy medium. but i still want to know other peoples thoughts and experience on it.

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In terms of weight loss, raw is the way to go.

For health, the situation is not so clear. There are some foods, like tomatoes that are actually more nutritious if cooked. I try to grow as much of my food as possible and it is necessary to cook these vegetables. Also most of my vegetables have insects on them and I'm not sure how safe it would be to eat them raw.

Cooking with water is not evil. Frying with oil is definitely a sin. Cook with a microwave, you will go to hell.

i love this.

well said!

No. It really depends on the type of food you cook. I find some foods are way better if you steam them instead of cooking them and vice versa.

There is an argument that goes something like . . . Nature herself does not cook food for any of the creatures that eat food.  Nature really only " ripens " it.  That is how something like 99.9 % of all of the food consumed in Nature is consumed.  ( by all creatures ) So . . . ?

Could it be that that is how Man and Woman has gotten off the track of Nature and now has all of these " modern " problems ?  Nature, quite possibly, is set up for us to flourish and enjoy good health and happiness, as well as a powerful and blissful spiritual connection etc.., but somehow now by cooking the foods, which Nature has already provided for us as " ripened ", this is now like the #1 Natural Law that Man and Woman is breaking ?  And because of this we are suffering ?

It is something of a known phenomenon that when people with health problems eat " all raw " they very often heal quickly, however, if they eat only half-raw and otherwise still vegan and quite good they seem to only stimulate very very little of the same healing effect from their diet.  This is very strange but it seem to support the " Raw is Natural " argument outlined above.

I don't know.  It is an interesting argument, to come down on cooked food as " evil ".  

However, I have thought too that Nature seems to not mind at all that we use fire for heat and warmth. And then, is Mother Nature really then so cruel as to have it be the set-up that if I take the same fire used for heat and use it to cook my food . . . that the food then will often become extremely tasty and digestible and soothing . . . and . . . also then make me sick ?? !!  Is Nature really THAT cruel ? - to have set things up for us to fail in her designs so easily like that ?

There is also an evolutionary argument that says if Homo Sapiens Sapiens hadn't ever started using fire to cook foods we may not even be here as a species, we would've gone the way of the Neanderthals. ?  Or if we would've survived we would've not reproduced and dominated our environment to the extent whereby today we are the dominant animal species on the planet.

Add to these arguments, the fact that socially, virtually 99.8 % of humans now DO eat cooked food as a matter of course, and have created a whole social and convenience " economy " around cooked food that is very very very hard to go against by eating " all raw ".

However, though, another argument against the cooked food " economy " is that crazily !, the cooked food producers STILL often use the brightness and color of raw foods to market the cooked food ! Ever notice that ? !  It is very often the image of the luscious colorful fruits and veggies in their precooked state that are used in the advertisements for restaurants and food related travel.  Why is that ?  Why are we more visually attracted to the color and appearance of " fresh " uncooked food ? 

Anyway - I haven't commented in a while . . . so . . . I am rambling on . . . best . . . 

I myself am on a 100% raw kick at the moment.  I am benefitting quite a lot.  I am also sleeping an awful lot as my body seems to be healing.  However, I'll also admit that in the 20 some years I have know about these types of diets, it has been extremely hard for me to " maintain " on 100% raw for consistently long periods.  I also must admit to simply " liking " a lot of cook foods.

There is also another argument . . . that if you were to put a raw apple in the ground, it would sprout and grow into a new apple tree with many hundreds of times more fruit - and so - in that is the miracle of Nature.  But if you put a cooked apple into the ground, it simply rots.

This is the " death comes from death, and life from life " argument that supposedly even Jesus used.

Yeh, absolutely. Stick a lettuce base in water, even though its been cut days ago, and it still grows. Even lettuce cut from the soil, kept chilled in plastic, is still alive. Exactly the same as fruit. It's life, and then I eat chips and curry sauce tonight, even though this thread is on my mind? Just so damn tasty!

Ya man - It is mind blowing how much life force is in a raw potato even.  If you just keep a raw potato in the dark, it'll still send out shoots looking for light.

Also, there are science experiments where you can make like a " battery " out of a raw potato, and it'll power little electric lights and motors.

And yes, like you say, lettuce will just keep growing and sending down roots if you cut and then replant.

I think fire for heat/ warmth is a result of eating cooked food. I notice when raw I am more impervious to both cool and warm climates.

I have found ancient Roman and Chinese accounts... both making mention of "barbarians" who didn't cook their food and were "wild" / free living in the forests etc... much closer / harmony with Nature... the Romans thought it uncultured ha... the Chinese noted however that people eating cooked food were basically like domesticated animals/ easier to control/ subdue / bring into their system / taxation etc ...bread and circuses, panem et circenses


Really ?  Interesting.  I know a lot of yogis in India are famed for just living in the jungle or forrest etc. also, and yes, I believe a lot of them just eat raw wild foods.

Do you mind passing on these ancient Chinese and Roman sources ?  Personally I benefit from reading stuff like that way more than about how " raw foods will help you lose 7 pounds in the next 6 days ! " and all that.

Best -

Two millennia before the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss wrote The Raw and the Cooked, the Chinese differentiated "raw" and "cooked" categories of barbarian peoples who lived in China. The shufan 熟番 "cooked [food eating] barbarians" are sometimes interpreted as Sinicized, and the shengfan 生番 "raw [food eating] barbarians" as not Sinicized.[60] The Liji gives this description.

The people of those five regions – the Middle states, and the [Rong], [Yi] (and other wild tribes around them) – had all their several natures, which they could not be made to alter. The tribes on the east were called [Yi]. They had their hair unbound, and tattooed their bodies. Some of them ate their food without its being cooked with fire. Those on the south were called Man. They tattooed their foreheads, and had their feet turned toward each other. Some of them ate their food without its being cooked with fire. Those on the west were called [Rong]. They had their hair unbound, and wore skins. Some of them did not eat grain-food. Those on the north were called [Di]. They wore skins of animals and birds, and dwelt in caves. Some of them did not eat grain-food.[61]

Dikötter explains the close association between nature and nurture. "The shengfan, literally 'raw barbarians', were considered savage and resisting. The shufan, or 'cooked barbarians', were tame and submissive. The consumption of raw food was regarded as an infallible sign of savagery that affected the physiological state of the barbarian."[62]


There was better reference than this, can't find now sorry...

The consumption of vegetables, honey, bread, wine and oil were considered as indicators of civilisation as opposed to the Barbarian food culture of raw and uncooked food commonly found in Northern Europe. http://www.nenuthebaker.com/about-us/the-story-of-bread/malta-timel...



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