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ive become rather conflicted between lifestyles like raw 801010, and the starch solution. cooked food doesnt necessarily make me feel physically horrible, but lately emotionaly because ive read so many conflicting views about cooked food. for me theres so much convenience in pasteurized juices and potatoes. it seems like rawtill4 is the happy medium. but i still want to know other peoples thoughts and experience on it.

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I do think that as long as the cooked food is hclf it isn´t evil ... it´s just that raw food and fruit is better because the nutrients and vitamins weren´t reduced or destroyed by getting cooked or steamed or baked and stuff but potatos or rice or corn pasta isn´t something evil or bad 

I´d just try to get the majority of my calories from raw fruits and veggies and include some cooked food in the evening. it is totally fine and you shouldn´t fear any food as long as it is hclf and vegan. so go and have your potatos they are damn good for you and comforting as well :)

If you have time and money to invest in your health 100%, a high raw diet is the way to go because it's a lot harder to gain weight and its very easy to read your body's reaction (ie when you've had enough food/don't want any more and are satisfied) plus its also quite easy to read your body's reaction after you've eaten the food. I often feel more energetic on fully raw. If you're having trouble with weight gain on raw till 4 w/calorie cramming, I'd recommend raw 80 10 10. However on 811 it is more essential that you eat plenty of fruit throughout the day and lots of green veggies. I still eat some warm cooked food maybe 1-2x a week at night in the winter because I get cold and I never deny myself a vegetable if it has to be cooked(eg broccoli for me is repulsive if I eat it raw, I find if I roast it with no oil & some herbs it becomes so much nicer for me and I still get more nutrients than I did vs not eating it at all). 

For me cooked is evil, ha! Still some battle with it... the difference between cooked and raw is great... having a cooked meal after being raw near instant drop in energy, clarity etc

yeah, i take a day here and there fully raw, and then the next time i eat a cooked meal, it just feels so heavy inside and i often feel disgusting. 

though if i include very little non raw items in my diet, so a day 80%raw, i also feel okay with that. 

cooked food is just so convenient : /

I recall a story of an ancient Greek or Roman man who would throw apples seeds along the roads so people always had something to eat while traveling ... can't find at the moment. There is a story of Johnny Appleseed who did similar in the USA... maybe the same person, hah who knows. 

I propose we remove all the roads and create beautiful nature walkways and bike-paths with an abundance of fruit trees parallel.

I never understand it when people say that: 

1. Cooked foods are more convenient.

Cooking takes time, more time than not cooking, so how is that more convenient? Are they referring to the availability of prepared foods, like pasteurized juices, versus making your own?

2. Raw vegan is expensive.

 How so? If we're talking about organic fruits and vegetables that you would eat raw or cooked, then how does eating them raw make them more expensive? Rice and potatoes (cooked) are about the same price as legumes and sweet potatoes (raw) as an example. If we're not talking organic then that's a skewed comparison since most raw vegans eat mostly organic I believe. 

No, cooked food isn't evil but I prefer raw.



I believe they are referring to the availability of cooked food vs. quality fruit. You can find rice, beans, potatoes, corn almost anywhere but it can be difficult to get quality tasting fruit at times.


In my experience I can find deals on fruits which do trump the price of rice, potatoes, beans, etc but on average these deals are far and few in-between while the price of rice, potatoes, and beans almost never fluctuates.

Of course this all goes out the window if you grow your own food :)

yeah..pasteurized juices= convenient
cooked foods just tend to be more calorie dense and faster most of the time
plus i live in germany...potatoes are way more sustainable than most fruits here

"yeah..pasteurized juices= convenient" = EVIL. There you go, the 'convenience' gets you, just what the corporations want. Just like it's easier and less hassle popping a pill to get slim or stave of terrible illness, rather than eating well and exercising.

Shortcuts generally are poor long term. Juice is a shortcut, which seems to be bad for my tummy so I avoid anything more than a little glass, now and again.

Cooked food for me is an addiction. As soon as you go back, like any addict, you can't break away (I am still addicted :(  ...).

Something that takes you further from optimum, further from mother nature I guess could be considered less than great, and if we use loaded words such as Evil, maybe it sends us a clearer message.  I am thinking I might start to call cooked food evil, as it distracts us from lovely fruit.

Whereas juicy ripe fruit and salad gets a 'hell yeh' everytime.

why is it so:/ why are potatoes more addictive than apples. whyyyy

ive broken and set myself free from every addiction. but it seems cooked food is not one of them...YET.

whyyyyyyy... I know right. It's just so god damn tasty and satisfying. I definitely more excited and turned on when eating luscious fruit, but I can turn to cooked food and find it delivers a whole different sensation, the warmth, the weight of it.

I guess this is the pleasure trap.

Do you want to be raw?

yes and no, thats why i posted this : D ....trying to get different angles. wanting to know the motivations behind raw foodists, along with those who find cooked food can be just as nourishing...is it worth going one way or the other..ectect




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