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I never noticed that avocado made my stomach feel funny until my brother said that's the reason why he avoids them.

Now I notice it every time I eat them as a salad dressing and I'm wondering if it's an allergy or if other people have this same problem. It doesn't hurt, but my stomach starts making noises during the digestion and that doesn't happen with any other fruit. It also makes me feel extremely full, but not really in a satisfied, "clean" way as I do after eating other fruits and veggies. 

I'm thinking of cutting them out entirely now.

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I've kind of had the same ordeal. I eat them almost every night, and I always feel pretty sluggish afterwards. But I have difficulty eating a giant bowl of salad without something tasty and creamy on it, because I don't exactly have  fresh and optimal veggies. I also have a pretty low weight, and I'm almost seventeen and without any sign of a period yet to come or much in the breast area--so I figured that I'd better at least get a minimum amount of daily fat.

I too had this happen.
I have a chart of digestion times for each fruit and veggie and it says that avocados are a starch and an overtly fat/oil and can take anywhere from 2 -4 hours to digest. So make sure you give yourself ample time to digest, like don't workout and don't lay down until that time is up just to see if that helps. Try to eat them as a mono-meal to find out if you are sensitive to it.
If you really want to find out, take your blood pressure and pulse before and after ingesting- if it changes, then you are probably sensitive to it.
80/10/10 book says limit avocados to like a serving size of 2/3 of an avocado once every two days or cut it out and use hemp seeds for dressing instead, they also have a long digestion time, but you might not be as sensitive.



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