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Is as low fat (super low) as possible better for weight loss?

So I've now managed to lower my daily fat intake from around 20g down to 6-7g. Would you guys say that is more optimal? How many g's fat do you eat per day, and what have you been more successful with?

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6-7g is what I eat most of the time

So what have your results been?

If you have fat to lose really low fat is a fast way to lose it.  But if you're already relatively thin you'll want to make sure you're getting enough essential fats. I usually get between 10-40g of fat a day, and I feel fine in that range.  Women usually will need a little more.

If your diet is too low in fat, you risk gall bladder problems. If you're not getting enough fat in your diet, your gall bladder will become lazy and sludge and stones will back up into the ducts, GB, liver, etc. Happened to me after 6 months of HCRV. I had to have emergency surgery. :-(

Don't count grams of fat just eat low fat foods like potatoes, dates, rice and not oil, soy, nuts, seeds etc. 

The fat you eat is the fat you wear. 



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